I getting prettier?”

“Yup! You’ve gotten a little more attractive.
My mom is pretty!”

“Will you be calling me mom now?”

Big Bunny! Stop fussing over it! I like Big Bunny more than my mom!”

Rere, who puffed her cheeks, made eye contact with me for a long time.
Due to that, the child’s pajamas became damp from the water dripping off my hair.

“But, Rere, if you continue to stay in this position, you’ll get even more wet.
But now that it has come to this, let’s wash up together!”

“Uhm, do I need to wash up, too?”

“Let’s wash up and get ready for the party together.”

“Your matching dresses are ready!”

Only then did Rere nod with an expression full of excitement.

“I’m going to wash up!”

But, Rere.
I think I’ll have to go first to meet the guests.
In the meantime, you should wash up and get ready, okay?”

“Okay! However, you must wear a different dress! Our matching dresses are only for our eyes to see.


The day before the party, I was informed by the Duke that before the party began, the nanny and the maids had to tend to me earlier than Rere since I had to greet the guests.
Hence, two maids were glued to me now.

“Your hair is so pretty, madam.”

“Is that so?”

“It looks magical.
Come to think of it, I’ve never seen your hair color before.”

It was May.
I thought she really quit her job because I haven’t seen her for a while.
But at some point, May gradually started to fulfill her duties as a maid once again.
Perhaps it’s because she failed to get the court maid position.
I didn’t feel like asking her to confirm my assumption, though.

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“Is that so?’

“Yes! I thought it was amazing the moment I saw it.
Brilliant silver hair is rare after all!”

At that moment, I recalled the appearances of Leona’s family.
She was the only one with such perfect silver hair.
Her father’s hair was more white than silver.
It was a little strange.

Because of that sudden realization, I touched my hair.
Perhaps because I was taken care of well in this mansion, my hair was so shiny.

“Silver hair, huh…”

“But I’ve seen someone with a similar hair color before! At the Imperial Palace!”

“The Imperial Palace?”

“Yes! It was a woman who seemed to be a noble, but she had a similar hair color to yours, madam!”

“…I see.
I presume it’s because silver hair is rare.”

“That makes sense.
And maybe because I was so nervous…”

May mumbled.

“By the way, May.”


“Did you go to the Imperial Palace?”

“As I’ve mentioned before, I tried to apply as a court maid…but I got eliminated.
I made it through the final selection, but as soon as they found out I wasn’t the princess’ personal maid, I got eliminated.”

May grumbled.

“When they heard you weren’t the princess’ personal maid, you got eliminated?”

“Yes, that’s absurd, isn’t it?”

That’s even weirder.
It was just a complaint, but I could feel that something was off.

She got rejected not because she was underqualified to become the princess’ personal maid, but because she wasn’t one to begin with.
It seemed as though they are trying to dig out information about Rere.

Why? Why the hell are you curious about Rere?

‘Is it because she’s already nominated to be the crown princess?’

But at that time…

“Are you not ready yet?”

While I was lost in thought, someone stepped inside the room.
It was the same man who always barged in without knocking.


It was the duke.

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“I don’t think you’re ready yet.”

I just need to wear a dress, and then I’ll be ready.”

“Then do it quickly.”

He was always stern, even when he clearly saw that I was already preparing myself in a swift manner.
Because he didn’t care about how others felt.
Because of his words, the maids began to dress me up as fast as they could.


“Do you not like the dress?”

“No, that’s not it.
I’ll wear the matching dress I have with Rere after meeting the guests, so please prepare the simple one for now.”

Nevertheless, the simple dress they prepared was quite flashy.
It was a white dress that matched well with her silver hair.
It wouldn’t be weird to go to a wedding hall wearing this dress.

“It’s too much.”


“…Don’t you have a simpler dress?”


May was so bright at times like this.
May smiled broadly as usual, but I ended up wearing a matching necklace and ring with the white dress.

“She’s ready, master.”

“…I see.
Let’s go.”

For a moment, it seemed as though he lost his composure, but he didn’t say anything about my appearance.

While I was walking side by side with him, my heart was pounding.
Not because of him, but because I was nervous to meet the guests.
What kind of people are they? Well, of course they’ll respond to me sharply.


After a long walk, he stopped his stride.

“What’s wrong?”

“…I have something to discuss.”

“With me?”

“Yes, we are to discuss it together.
Someone advised me to do this.”

“…Is it Luca again?”

He flinched when I said that.

“Anyway, I got a notice from the palace.”

“What is it about?”

“They want Rere to be the Crown Princess.”

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