“Then why…why did you become such a bad girl, miss? You are a good girl, aren’t you?”

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“Rere, talk to me.
What is going on? Why are you inside of this doll…?”

The nanny, who thought everything would go according to her, gradually become aggressive.
Her hand had already penetrated among the dolls.

“Miss, you have to listen to me.”
“Why are you making a fuss about me! I’m just here because I want to.”

Contrary to my expectation that she would tell the truth about the nanny, Rebecca did not say that she was a big shot.

She just rolled her big eyes.
Only then did I know how the child has been only been taken care of by the nanny.
It was the reason why the nanny could be so confident.

‘The child could never speak ill of her.
She is the woman that she trusts more than her own daddy.
She kept saying nasty things while looking at the nanny’s eyes…because she was afraid that her nanny would abandon her.’

The assumption that I made earlier turned into certainty.

To prove it, the Duke kept asking questions, but the child just got angry.

“It’s annoying! Get out of here!”
“Rere, then what should daddy do? Are you having a hard time with her?”

At that time, the child’s eyes swept past me quickly.

She’s a little annoying, but I’ll just leave it.”
“I’m not saying that I like her! It’s just…I want to watch her.”

I was surprised by her unexpected remark.
It was only natural that everyone turned their gaze at me.

The nanny let out a rumble as if she was going to collapse right away.

Did you really want to keep her next to you?”
“Why do you keep asking! I said I will do that!”

Only then did the Duke rise from his seat after barely calming down his angry tone.
His face was loosened.

With his hand swept over his disheveled hair, he looked at the nanny behind him with a look of annoyance.

“…I don’t think it was a big deal, nanny.
Unlike what you had explained…”
“No, it’s a big deal.
I’m sure that woman…”
“Don’t call her ‘that woman’.
She is the child’s mother and the madam of the dukedom both inside and outside.
Watch your language.”

Only then did the nanny bite her lips.

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“… I understand.”
“I won’t let you get away if you make another ruckus like this.
No matter how much I trust you as a nanny, you are only a nanny.
I hope you never burst into my door again.”

Even if I didn’t see her eyes fall on the ground, her thoughts were obvious.

“And you, too.
Be cautious.
I’ll let it slide this time, but I won’t tolerate it if my child shows a different attitude from before.”
“Of course.”

I wish you would just kick me out instead of tolerating me.

I beckoned him, who seemed to be in a terrible mood, to return to his office right away and smiled.

After looking at me for a long time with a displeased face, he finally went out and the room became quiet once again.

Contrary to my expectation that she would make a fuss right away, the nanny wouldn’t move from her spot like a rock.

“Nanny, you can get out if you want.”
“Are you kicking me out? My master didn’t say anything about it.”
“No, I meant you could go outside if you’re uncomfortable.”

The nanny’s eyes darkened.

“…Are you proud of yourself because my master let you slide today?”

She was busy twisting every word of mine and speaking sarcastically like a paparazzi.

“Of course I should be proud.”

There was a tea set placed in front of me after I had finished my meal.

Drinking tea itself wasn’t my style, but I deliberately smelled the tea and made more exaggerated gestures.

“It smells good.”
“The miss hasn’t eaten yet, but you’re drinking tea alone?”
“I didn’t know that the nanny cares about Rebecca that much.”

The nanny stood stiffly because she was anxious about losing her position.

“Let me say one more thing.
I feel like the nanny couldn’t take good care of her, so I won’t allow her to have personal meetings with the nanny for the time being, except when I’m with her.”
Are you saying that a nanny shouldn’t take care of the miss at night?”
“That’s right.
Don’t worry.
Rebecca is surrounded by so many excellent personal maids on her side.
If it doesn’t work, I think I can stay, too.”

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Unlike the sullen nanny, the atmosphere in the room was calm.

“You can choose whether you want to go out or stay inside.
But I’m going to stay here.”

A long time had passed and the nanny remained silent.
Rather, I could only hear Rebecca’s muffled breath inside the rabbit doll.

‘So you don’t want to go out.’

The nanny’s eyes glared at me to the point where I thought her eyes might fall out.
The more she did, the more exaggeration I put on my actions by drinking tea and reading books.

Eventually, Rebecca came out with a wry look before evening came.

“I’m hungry.”
“Are you going to eat?”
No matter what you say, I’m going to eat.”
“Go ahead.
Bring food for the two of us.”
“Why don’t you leave!”
“Are you eating three meals a day? Are you sick? That was my duty to take care of you as your mom.
That’s why I’m here.”
“…You’re not even my mom, you’re just pretending to be my mom! Don’t make me laugh.”

Rebecca, who was sitting in the farthest seat from me, stomped her feet and began to hit the table with the utensils.

As if it was a familiar sight, the maids quickened their pace and eventually placed the food in front of Rebecca.

Perhaps she was afraid that I would take away her food, Rebecca hurriedly lifted the spoon and began emptying the plates.

“You can eat slowly.
I’m not going to take it away.”
“….You’re not taking it away? But you acted like you were going to do so!”
“I was just trying to teach you basic manners.
One should never steal food from someone who starts eating properly.”

Only then did Rebecca drink water and eat slowly.
Even so, I was not in a comfortable state because the child was busy glaring at me.

‘Eating etiquette is the basic of the basics.
I have to teach you that, but now is not a good time to do it.’

When I was about to get out to let her have a comfortable meal, Rebecca, who had a few spoons of soup, bread, fruit, and drink, jumped out of her seat.

“I’m going to play.”
“Are you done eating?”
Are you even interfering with my meals now?”

I saw the leftover food on the table.
She didn’t eat any vegetables and didn’t even touch the deliciously cooked steak.

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“Is this how the child eats?”

I raised my chin to point it at Rebecca, who was sitting on the floor.

The maid next to her quickly bowed her head.

“Miss Rebecca doesn’t usually eat well.
Especially this kind of dish…”

They said that Rebecca couldn’t digest food like meat.

“She doesn’t look that small though.”

As if it caught her attention, Rebecca’s head turned a little bit towards me.

“Am I not small?”
“Did you say you were five-year-old?”
“Yes! I’m five.”
Not so small for a five-year-old.”

At my words, Rebecca smiled brightly.

“So I’m not small.”

I was surprised by her innocent voice that I heard for the first time.

‘Did no one ever tell you because you have nobody you can compare yourself to? Even so, the nanny should have told you.’

At that time, the nanny intercepted with her sharp voice.

“Why don’t you stop saying nonsense to the miss?”
“Nonsense? You surely know that the child is taller than her peers, right?”
“She’s not big.
How can you say that when you know nothing?”

Did you say I know nothing?

Having lived in an orphanage, I have seen children at that age more than anyone else.
Therefore, I know for sure that the child is taller than her age.
Even Leona, who lived in this world and faced numerous people, was well-versed in this basic information.

But for lying in front of me…

“Nanny, you don’t seem to know because you’ve been in this house for too long.”
“….Are you disregarding me now?”
“You disregarded me first.
I’m just returning the favor.”

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Upon hearing my words, the nanny’s mouth began to quiver.

Her eyes shook to the left and right as if she wanted to reprimand me right away.

“You are so impudent for someone who came here for the money.
If I were you, I’d be so embarrassed to appear before Miss Rebecca.
The people before you didn’t come to ‘receive money’ and sell their body like a prostitute.”
“Someone who is a nanny doesn’t filter out her words in front of a child?”
“It’s not wrong, is it?”
But what is the difference between me playing the role of her mother for money and you playing the role of her nanny for money?”

I don’t know where her confidence came from, but she tried to raise her voice but shut her mouth immediately.

“Tell me, what’s so different?”
“There’s a saying.
The dog smeared with shit is scolding the dog smeared with bran.
It’s so~ funny that you said that to me.”
“We’re not the same!”
“There’s no idiot who thinks it’s not the same.
If you’re going to be so loud in front of the child, just get out.
I’m kicking you out this time.”

Some people need to get scolded harshly so they can finally wake up.

Just like the nanny.

Eventually, I finally started my late meal after she became quiet.
It was a cold soup and steak, but the food tasted very good.

Thanks to it, I finished my meal quickly.

‘If I can eat this delicious meal every day, I’ll visit this room more often even if I don’t like it.’

If I come often, Rebecca will hate me more.

Eventually, the duke will kick me out, right?

The wind breezed mildly.

“Well, nanny, let’s go out.”
“Do you mean it? Are you sure you don’t want to stay up here all night?”
“Of course, so let’s get out.”
“Ha? But the miss can’t sleep without me!”
“Well, I don’t think so.”

Perhaps it was a hard day.
Rebecca was sleeping soundly in her maid’s arms.

“Ha….I’m afraid she’ll look for me when she wakes up!”

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