’s from the stork….huh?”

“What’s a stork?”

“Oh no.
B-but, what do you mean by hugging each other while sleeping?”

“What do you think! Rere is so smart, right? Ha.
Being too smart is troublesome.
I’ve read a lot of books with Big Bunny, and I think I’ve become too smart.
Is there a man who can be a match to me now?”

I automatically smiled watching Rere shrug her shoulders boastfully.

“That’s right! Since when did my Rere become this smart? Talking about where babies come from, it’s true that we get it by hugging our loved ones tightly.
How did you know that?”

“I read it in books! That’s why…I hope Daddy and Big Bunny will hug each other quickly.
If I have a younger brother, I promise to love him.”

With a gloomy face, Rere fiddled with my long hair.

“Mom only needs Rere.
Rere is the only one in Mom’s life.”

“That’s also good….but still…”

“Why do you want a younger brother?”

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Rere spread her ten fingers excitedly.

“Because it’s cute! lovely! squishy! and what else is there…..ah! I can play with him all day, and I won’t be bored anymore! Uh..what else..”

At times like this, her mind was so pure like a little angel.

How lonely must she have been? So I hugged Rere even more tightly.

“So you were lonely.”

“No! I wasn’t lonely! It’s just….”

“I can’t give you a little brother right away, but I just want you to know that I love you more than anyone else! I will play with you so you won’t ever be lonely!”

“Yippie! This is why I love Big Bunny!”

“Do you confess that you love me now?”

“Who said I love you! Oh, I mean…ahh whatever!”

As if she had nothing to say this time, Rere only waved her hand.

“Don’t you love me, though?”

“N-Not exactly love, but… I think I love you a little bit.”

“Is that so? But my love for Rere is greater than the sky!”

“Then…Rere’s love for Mom is as big as my palm!”

Rere pouted her lips as if she didn’t want to lose.

“Great! Then I need to work hard so that Rere’s heart will grow as big as the sky!”

“Yeah! You really need to work hard! By the way, what are we going to do today?”

“ How about hide-and-seek?”

Rere’s eyes gleamed at my words.

“What’s that?”

“Some people will hide, and one person will look for them!”

Rere seemed to have separation anxiety due to what happened to her all this time.
So I needed to let her know that even if I was away for a while, I would always return to her.
I would never throw her away and leave her alone.

So I came up with this game.
It was a simple game where the tagger just needed to find someone who was hiding, and it was a pretty good game to relieve the child’s separation anxiety.

Because I could unconsciously instill the idea that I will always find Rere and return to her side while we were playing this.

“It sounds fun! Can I hide anywhere?”

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“Let’s play inside the room.
Let’s invite the nanny and the maids to play with us.
Shall we ask Luca to join us too?”

“Yeah! Sounds great!”

“Luca, do you want to play with us?”

“Of course.”

As soon as he answered, Rere jumped down from my arms.


Rere, jumping up and down excitedly, ran to her room.
As soon as she arrived at her room, Rere changed to light clothes that didn’t make any sound as much as possible.

“Rere is ready! Big Bunny, are you ready?”

“Yes! Then close the door so no one can leave.
I’ll be the first tagger, so people in the room including Rere must hide.
The first person to be caught must be the next tagger, okay?”



“That sounds fun, Ms.

“I’m looking forward to it!”

The nanny, Luca, May and Rere exclaimed one by one.
The four looked very enthusiastic.

I smiled at the sight of them being enthusiastic to join in children’s play.
Then I turned around to face the bedroom door.

“I will count until ten.
Hurry up and hide.”

There were already sounds of footsteps moving rapidly as if the game already started.

“Hide well.
I might see your hair.
One, two, three….ten! I’m going to find you now!”

As soon as I counted to ten, I turned my body around.

I looked around the quiet room slowly.

“Where are you?”

I already knew where to look right away.
I crept up to Rere, who was hiding behind the window curtain.

That was usually the first place children hide when they play hide-and-seek.

“Rere! I found you!”

I hugged the tiny body behind the curtain right away.

“Ahh! How??! How did you find me?”

Because Mom loves Rere so much that Mom could easily find Rere!”

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