”I can see that it was fate led you here. ”, he said with an air of confidence in his words.

”Ive been living in this forest for so many years and you are the first cultivator Ive met. ”

”Since we have met, I will help you. ”, Li Yuan said and pointed at a sign that was hanging above the door of the wooden hut.

Hearing his words, Xiao Yan relaxed.

No matter what, there is no reason for an expert to lie to a powerless cultivator like him.

Looking at the sign, the words ”Heavens Secret Pavilion ” were written.

What was weird however, was that the words were written in a language that Xiao Yan couldn recognize, but the meaning of the words was passed directly to his mind.

This should be the language of the ancients., Xiao Yan excitedly thought.

The people in this world spoke a language that Li Yuan couldn recognize.

Although the system had engraved the knowledge regarding the language in his mind allowing him to speak it fluently, the habits of his past life still remained.

So, when he wrote the sign, he forgot to translate it in this worlds language.

Having not yet realized his mistake, he saw that Xiao Yan became excited.

”This is the Heavens Secret Pavilion and Im its owner. ”

”You can ask any questions in your mind and Ill deduce the answer the answer for you. ”

”Of course, you have to carry the cause and effect of Heaven that comes with that. ”

”This means that although you get an answer, you have to pay an equal price in return. ”

”Otherwise you will face the Heavens wrath. ”, Li Yuan explained the meaning of the Heavens Secret Pavilion.

Li Yuan didn entirely lie to Xiao Yan.

It was true that the system had told him that deducing secrets and predicting the future will anger the Will of Heaven.

Of course, this only applied to him and not his customers, as he was the only one commiting the taboo.

Luckily, the wooden hut had the function of isolating the Will of Heaven and that it wouldn be able peep inside its range.

The reason that he said so was not to scare Xiao Yan, but to have a reason to sell the information.

Otherwise, how could he reasonably explain why he needed resources?

Don forget, he was pretending to be a hidden expert.

Listening to Li Yuans words, Xiao Yan quickly understood the meaning of his words.

But why did the senior seem like a swindler?

”You should ask him if he knows where the Imperial Frostfire Flame is. ”, the sound of his masters voice ringed in his ears.

If Xiao Yan could think of it, his master could also understand that they were being cheated.

However, that didn change the fact that this young-looking man should be a hidden expert.

Even if they knew they were being cheated, they had to live first and then complain.

”Senior, can you deduce where the Imperial Frostfire Flame is? ”, Xiao Yan asked politely.

Li Yuan had already expected such a question.

If you didn collect flames with the name Xiao Yan and your experiences, are you really a protagonist?

System, deduce the location of the Imperial Frostfire Flame.

[Deduction requires 100.000.000 HS.]

Even if Li Yuan wanted to proceed, he wouldn be able to, as his HS was 0.

”Your answer is kind of tricky to answer to, as it involves one of the Heavenly Flames. ”, Li Yuan said.

”For information like that, the price you have to pay is higher than usual. ”

”The price is low-grade spirit stones, and thats only because it is near this forest. ”, he made his offer.

The currency that cultivators used in this world were spirit stones.

The spirit stones were divided into low-grade, medium-grade and high-grade.

1000 low-grade spirit stones were equal to a medium-grade spirit stone and 1000 medium-grade spirit stones were equal to a high-grade one.

In the system, each low-grade spirit stone was equal to 1 HS.

This price was not something that a Foundation Building cultivator could afford, even if he had a powerful master, causing Xiao Yan to became embarrassed.

Even if you want to rob me, you should at least make it sound plausible right?, he complained inwardly.

”Then, senior, do you know if there is a opportunity that can help me break through the Foundation Building Middle stage? ”, he changed his question, implying that he couldn pay so much money as he was just a Foundation Building cultivator.

System, deduce if there is a opportunity that is suitable for him to advance.

[There are 1436 such chances.]

[Origin Energy. Requires HS.]

[Flaming God Fruit. Requires HS.]

[Quasi-Emperors corpse. Requires … HS]

Scrolling through all the chances, Li Yuan was amazed by how many HS each of them costed.

Reaching the bottom, he finally found a suitable one.

[Residence of a dead Core Formation cultivator. Requires 1.000 HS.]

Pinching his fingers as if he was calculating, Li Yuan replied.

”There is a dead Core Formation cultivators abode around here. ”

”Its going to cost you 10.000 low-grade spirit stones. ”, Li Yuan lowered the bonus he would get from 100 to 10 times.

It wasn that he suddenly felt bad about cheating Xiao Yan, but he was scared that he wouldn be able to pay any more.

This was the first person that he met in the past year, if he got mad and didn buy anything wouldn he be stuck here forever?

This price was much more acceptable to Xiao Yan.

”Can I pay my ransom ehm.. for the information in other items senior? ”, Xiao Yan asked.

Li Yuan pretended to not hear his slip and nodded calmly.

Instantly, Xiao Yan took some cultivation techniques and pills out.

He had found the cultivation techniques in his clan, while the pills were concocted by himself.

[You can trade the items for 13.000 HS. Do you want to proceed?]

A prompt appeared in Li Yuans vision and he immediately clicked yes.

At the same time, he bought the information regarding the residence of the dead Core Formation cultivator.

[Residence of a dead Core Formation cultivator.]

[The cultivator died while fighting a Core Formation Tiger Demon.]

[Contains 2 Foundation Building pills, 100 low-grade spirit stones, a low-grade Spirit artifact…]


[Ways to get there:…]

Li Yuan found that not only did he get the location of the residency, but also information about how to get there, what items it contained and even how the cultivator died.

Paying 10 HS to the system, a map materialized in front of him, clearly showing the residencys location and the path to get there safely.

”This is the location and ways to get there. ”, he threw the map to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan quickly reacted and caught it in the air, while slightly surprised.

He didn expect to get anything.

”Thank you senior. ”, he cupped his hands respectfully and said.

He still didn know if the senior was cheating him however, so he didn hesitate to thank him and leave quickly.

Seeing Xiao Yan flying away, Li Yuan gave a satisfied nod.

This was his first customer and after seeing that the intel he gave him is true, he would surely return.

Don look at Xiao Yans innocent appearance, Li Yuan knew that this guy was filthy rich.

Not even counting the cultivation techniques and his Heavenly Flames, the items that his master had were worth hundreds of thousands of spirit stones.

It wasn that he was righteous and didn want to rob him, but right after he checked Xiao Yans information, he also noticed the soul that he had on him.

If he went all out, Xiao Yans master had the strength of a cultivator in the Saint realm.

Unfortunately, while he was seemingly invincible in the huts range, in reality, he only had the strength of a Saint cultivator.

It was just an added perk of the hut that caused the demons to be afraid of it, making an illusion that he was invincible.

Thats why he didn dare to rob him, but only forcefully made him buy the information.

”Youve been observing for so long, aren you going to show yourselves? ”, he asked.

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