Just as he finished the question, two people showed themselves.

One of them was a middle aged man with dark hair, while the other was a young brunette woman with an indifferent expression on her face.

If it weren for the strong aura that they unconsciously radiated, people would think that they were a father and daughter that happened to pass by.

Of course, Li Yuan wasn fooled by their appearance.

[Name: Gu Linger]

[Cultivation Realm: Foundation Building Peak Stage]

[Current Situation: She has been silently following her childhood sweetheart, making sure that there is no danger in his way….]

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[Name: Liu Feng]

[Cultivation Realm: Saint Early Stage]

[Current Situation: He is protecting the young lady of his clan. Secretly, he is tired of saving Xiao Yan from danger….]

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”To what do I owe your visit? ”, Li Yuan asked, as he continued drinking his tea.

”Senior, aren you embarrassed to bully a Foundation Building cultivator? ”, Gu Linger asked in a cold voice.

Even if the person in front of her was a strong cultivator, she didn believe that Liu Feng wouldn be able to defeat him.

Moreover, she was the young lady of the Gu clan, who would dare attack her?

”I didn bully anyone. ”

”I just guided that little friend. ”

”It was fate that led him here, not me. ”, Li Yuan shook his head and denied that he had extorted Xiao Yan.

Who was he? The owner of the Heavens Secret Pavilion.

Admittedly, he was also its only member, but every business had to start from somewhere, right?

”If you think that Im cheating him out of his money, you can also ask a question and see if I can answer it. ”

”If Im lying, Ill pay both you and him back. ”, he didn miss the opportunity to do a sale speech.

Gu Linger gnashed her teeth and was about to attack him, but Liu Feng held her back and shook his head.

He was a Saint realm cultivator and he still couldn see the cultivation of the young man in front of him.

Of course, he didn think that he was a Great Saint, but he should be at least as strong as him.

If they really fought, he wouldn be able to protect the young lady.

Seeing Liu Feng shaking his head, Gu Linger wasn stupid and understood what he was implying.

”Then, Senior, Im wondering if there exists an opportunity that can help me advance to the Core Formation realm in this forest. ”, she politely asked, ready to poke a hole in his lies.

Even her father, who was a Great Saint, couldn withstand the Heavens backlash and deduce the Heavens secrets.

In fact, there was an legend about an ancient sect that cultivated a technique that allowed them to deduce the Heavens secrets.

However, one day, something changed in the way of Heaven and every single sect member received unimaginable backlash, annihilatting the entire sect overnight.

Since then, deducing and predicting the future has become a taboo and everyone who tried would surely die.

System, deduce an opportunity that is suitable for her to advance.

[There are 803 such chances.]

[Origin Energy. Requires HS.]

[Ice Phoenix Blood. Requires HS.]

Scrolling to the bottom once again, Li Yuan found a cheap opportunity.

[Two Demon Cores. Requires 10.000 HS.]

”Its going to cost you 100 mid-grade spirit stones. ”

Getting 10 times more spirit stones than the initial price should be a respectable income, Li Yuan thought and praised himself for his wit.

If his customers heard his thoughts, they would sure try to murder him.

e stealing 9/10 of our money just to use a system, okay?

For Gu Linger and her background, 100 mid-grade spirit stones were nothing and she didn even need to use other items.

”Here. ”, she said as she threw the spirit stones.

[Two Demon Cores.]

[The cultivator died fighting a Core Formation Tiger Demon.]

[In a fight between two Core Formation demons, they killed each other, leaving behind their Demon Cores. If you are at the peak of Foundation Building you can try to absorb the spiritual energy within them. In about 20 minutes, a rabbit Demon will find their cores and…]


[Ways to get there:…]

Spending the HS to materialize another map, Li Yuan gave it to Gu Linger.

”You have about 20 minutes to find two Demon cores.

”After 20 minutes pass, you are at your own risk. ”, Li Yuan did some after-sale service.

Anyway, they were going to be his customers and he didn care about their previous attitude as long as they made him money.

Liu Feng and Gu Linger didn reply, but flew away, leaving Li Yuan alone.

”Its really hard to do business in this world. ”, he shook his head and cleaned up the table and his chair.

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