Smarth was packing his stuff when his mother entered his room, she sat on the bed and started helping him with the packing, after finishing his packing she looked at him and said, ”You
e looking sad what happened? ” Smarth just heaved a sigh and said, ”nothing mom, its just Im gonna miss you. ” she hugged him and said, ”then don go, son. ” Smarth just smiled faintly and said, ”You know that I can stay mom, all preparation has been made, I have to go, this is a golden chance for me. I can stay. ” His mother kissed his head and said, ”then don be sad. Finish your packing and come downstairs for dinner. ” with that she left his room.

Smarth Lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling blankly, he was having a second thought about his decision to leave the country, he was perplexed. ”I just hope that I haven made a wrong decision to leave everything behind and start a new chapter. ”

Mahir was sitting in front of Mahi and trying to console her, she screamed and told him to get out of her room, but she was not in a mood to listen to any of his explanations, When Mahir left her room she closed the door with a loud thud. She took out all gifts given by Smarth and packed them into a bag. She took the bag and put it into a storage room, then she came back to her room and took her phone from the nightstand and called her best friend and told her to meet in the city bar, she just wanted to drown herself in the liquor.

Mahi got up with a severe headache and found Mahir sitting on his bed, she looked at him and without saying anything got up from the bed, Mahir held her hand and turned her towards him. Smarth is leaving today, are you coming with me to the airport? Mahi jerked her hand out of his grip and said, I have to go to university, Im not coming, with that she left her room and went to the bathroom. Mahir sighed and took out his phone and dialled a number.

Smarth picked up his phone and asked, ”How is she doing? Is she coming to the airport? ”

Mahir said, ”No, she is not coming. She has some work in the university. ”

Smarth just smiled and said, ”I know she will not come, she is very stubborn. Just take care of her, you know how sensitive she is. ”

Mahi went to university and called her friends and told them to meet her in the cafeteria. Nancy and Shipra went to meet her in the cafeteria. Mahi was sitting in the corner they both walked toward her and sat in front of her. ”Why have you called us here, and what happened you are looking really bad? ” Nancy asked her. I just wanted to spend some time with you guys, Nancy scoffed in disbelief. ”why are you behaving like this, Smarth is going today you should go to see him off, Mahi lets go to the airport ”. They both said. ”I don want to go you both can leave if you want to, but Im not interested to see him, ” Mahi said while sipping her coffee. ”Grow up Mahi, don be stubborn, don do anything that you gonna regret in the future, ” Shipra tried to make her understand. ”I told you that Im not leaving, you both can leave if you want to go. He is not my friend anymore, and please don take his name in front of me, Im happy to be alone. ” they both scoffed at her statement.

Smarth was standing in the airport, he hugged his parents and told them to take care of their health then he looked towards Mahir and hugged him, He looked at him and said, ”I guess pumpkin is still mad at me, I didn get chance to see her for the last time, take care of her and of yourself and tell her that Im just a phone call away from her, just call me whenever she misses me, Ill call you as I got my new number and Ill call her also. ”

”Take care of yourself and don worry about her, she will come around whenever her anger has vanished, ” Mahir said and patted his back. Smarth took his luggage and one more time looked at the entrance of the airport but Mahi was nowhere to be found. He just heaved a sigh and started to walk towards the boarding area.

Mahi came out from the hideout and looked at the leaving back of Smarth, tears were streaming down her cheeks, she looked at him and said to herself, ”Goodbye, my soulmate. ” with that she also left the airport.

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