I was sitting in the bar drinking my beer when Mahir approached me, ”Hey buddy why are you drinking alone, you should wait for me at least, ” Mahir complained, dragged a chair, and sat on it ordering his drink. ”Where is your date buddy, ” Smarth asked him teasingly. Mahir made an annoying face and said, ”Don ask about her, this is the dumbest thing I have ever done. ”

I chuckled at his reply, while Mahir glared at him, ”What? why are you looking at me like that? its really funny to see two nerds on a date together. ” I said while controlling my laugh. We both were enjoying our drinks while talking about random stuff when I notice Mahi coming inside the hall, she was wearing a black v neck dress that comes up to her thighs with black heels, her lips were painted red, her doe eyes, black long hairs, white milky skin and the most important her smile, she was looking breathtaking. She went to her boyfriend and back hugged him, he turned around and gave her a tight hug and kissed her cheek, she smiled and then let him go, she was standing there with him, his arm was snaked around her waist and he was busy talking to other boys whereas Mahi was looking uncomfortably with the stare of those guys. I was angry, I knew that she didn like this type of dress but for her boyfriend she wore it. she changed herself for him no matter how uncomfortable she felt.

I don know why I always felt a sting in my heart whenever I saw them together, its not like this is the first time they are together, they are together for the past five years, but still, Im not able to bear her closeness with any other guy rather than me. Mahi saw me and waved her hand, she excused herself from him and ran towards us, she grabbed my glass and glopped it down in one go, ”Why are you two alone here without any date. ” she asked me while fixing her dress. I was feeling irritated at first by seeing them together and now to see how uneasy was she while wearing this dress, ”Why did you wear this dress if you were not comfortable wearing it, ” I asked her coldly. ”Parth liked these types of dresses thats why, ” she replied without looking at me.

I just scoffed at her statement, she went to her friends while I just went out to get some fresh air, I was feeling irritated by her statement. I didn know why I feel devasted whenever I saw her with him, Parth Oswal the heartthrob of the college every girl drool over him but I didn understand why Mahi fell in love with such a jerk. Sometimes I think why Im not the one whom she loves and relies on. its so frustrating and annoying at some times.

It was eleven past thirty when I went inside the party hall and found Mahi completely drunk, her head was low and she was not in her senses then I saw Mahir trying to wake her up but she was not paying any attention to his begging. I looked around and found Parth flirting with some girls at the corner of the hall. He was not paying any attention to her. I was burning in rage, I just wanted to punch him in his face but I couldn do this as it will hurt Mahi.

I walked towards her and picked her up in my arms, Mahir looked at me with a delighted look on his face. I dashed out of the hall and walked toward my car. I opened the car and settled Mahi on the passenger seat, I walked towards the other side of the car and started the engine, I drove off.

Mahis eyes were closed and she was mumbling something, I stopped the car and moved towards her trying to listen to what she was mumbling, she held me by my neck and looked deep into my eyes, and said sadly, ”Why can you love me? Am I that ugly? you know your smile makes my heart flutter and I do love you Parth ” my heart broke into peaces I just looked at her with sad eyes while she doze off,

I caressed her face and said sadly ” why can you love me the way I love you, you
e making it hard for me to control myself, Im leaving you love, and now I realize this is the best decision for both of us, always remember that Ill be with you always and forever and my love for you will never fade, it will only grow stronger with the time ”. We reached her house and Mahir walked towards our car and pulled Mahi out of the car. ”Thank you, buddy, I don know how I gonna handle her without you, ” Mahir spoke and took her inside the house.

I drove off to my house and went straight to my room. I changed my clothes and lay on the bed, I closed my eyes, every memory of Mahi flashed in front of my eyes. I have known her since our childhood, we went to the same school and were classmates, Mahir and I were friends from the beginning and Mahi was just his sister to me. but later on, we also become friends. I didn know why I feel bad whenever she was with any other guy especially that jerk Parth.

I never paid attention to other girls as I was focused on my studies but something about Mahi distract me, she was my escape from all my worries. We used to talk for hours. But suddenly she started to change, I agreed that I love her but I could not tell her about my true feelings as I didn want to lose her as a friend.

I loved everything about her, especially her smile that drove me crazy, her light brown eyes, everything about her mesmerized me. I was broken from my childhood as things were hard for me, the only motive of my life was to earn money and to prove that Im capable of achieving everything, but at some point of time I just wanted to be with her, I wanted to forget everything for being with her but I didn understand why this was so hard.

I got a call from Switzerland yesterday night that I got a scholarship to the most prestigious university and Im leaving in a few days but my heart didn want to leave my angel here. I don know how she gonna survive here without me.

I tried to close my eyes and wanted to sleep but I don know why Im feeling so restless. I opened my phone gallery and unlock the private gallery section to see pictures of my angel. I felt calm by just looking at her face, my angel, my Mahi. I loved her, I love her and Ill love her till eternity and nothing can change it not even her.

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