Mahir entered Mahis room and found her looking nowhere and in deep thoughts, Mahir sat in front of her and held her hand tightly in his, he was trying to give some warmth to the girl who was most important to him, he took a deep breath and looked at her with a lot of love and care in his eyes, ”Are you fine? ” these are the first words that escape his lips, Mahi looked at him, tears were brimming in her eyes, ”Im sorry for not listing to you. Im sorry for hurting you. Im sorry for letting you down ” she said sadly while a tear slipped down her cheek.

Mahir wiped the tear with his thumb and looked at her with a lot of love, ”Why are you sorry? That bastard should be sorry for breaking your heart and trust. Ill break his hands with whom he touched you. How dare he hit my sister, Ill make him regret this don worry and don cry, tears don suit you. You
e my savage sisters just forget about that asshole and move on, he doesn deserve your tears nor your love, ” there was concern completely visible in his voice.

Mahi looked at his brother and wiped her tears, ”I know, thanks bro, I love you the most, and thanks for standing by my side, ” she said warmly and hugged him tightly. Mahir patted her head and said dramatically, ”Leave me, you wanna kill me by crushing my bones you evil little brat. ”Mahi pulled away and spanked him hard on his arm, ”You crackhead leave my room before I actually kill you ”Mahi said with a smile on her lips. Mahir got up from the bed and said mockingly, ”Like Im afraid of a pumpkin ” and ran out of the room. Mahi was feeling a little better she decided that she would not waste her time thinking about a jerk like Parth. After that, she got up and went to the washroom for getting ready.

Smarth was sitting in his room and was reading some documents as he had to go to the S Country, he was checking the email sent by the university, his father entered the room and sat in front of him and handed him a cup of coffee, Smarth looked at him ”Thanks dad, ” he said beamingly. ”All set, and have you told your friends about your departure? ”, he asked warmly. Smarth went into deep thoughts as all of a sudden Mahis face come in front of her eyes, there was love and sadness in his eyes, ”Not yet dad, but Ill tell them very soon. ” he replied flatly and continued sipping his coffee. His father was very sad to see his only son in such a sorrowful position, but he knew very well that this was the right decision and it was better for everyone.

Mahi called her friends and told them about the submission of forms to the university, and they agreed to meet at the university, Mahi took her bag and went downstairs, she went to the dining room and looked at her parents who were having breakfast, she walked towards them with a smile on her lips and kissed them both on their cheeks. ”good morning, mom and dad. ” she said and sat on her chair and started having her breakfast. ”Good morning princess, ” they replied. ”Where are you going princess? ” her father asked her. ”Im going for submitting my form, ” she replied and got up from her seat. ”Im in a rush, I have to go, see you in the evening, love you, mom dad, ” she said hastily running towards the exit.

Nancy and Shipra were sitting in the garden on the university campus, Mahi waved towards them and signaled them to come towards her, they both walked towards her and they all went inside the campus, Mahi submitted her form and fulfilled all the formalities and they walked out of the campus. They all went to the cafe nearby, after having coffee, they were about to leave when someone approached Mahi. Mahi frowned and got up from her seat, she was about to leave when Parth held her hand tightly and said, ”Where are you going, love? Why are you in hurry? ” he said with a smirk.

Natasha who was standing beside him rolled her eyes and looked at her annoyingly, ”What a shameless bitch? You have no conscious, Mahi, get lost. ” she said annoyingly. Parth just looked at her with disgust. Tears brimmed in her eyes, Nancy and Shipra who was standing beside Mahi pulled her behind them and barked at them ”What a jerk? Parth if next time we will see you around Mahi we will beat you to death ” with that they left the cafe.

Mahi was not paying heed to any of the conversations between them nor did she notice when they dragged her out of the cafe. Mahi looked at her friends and said, ”Lets grab a drink, I wanna forget about that jerk ” with that they all went to the bar. , Mahi was gulping down drinks one after another, and she was tipsy, all of a sudden she started crying miserably, ”Why did he leave me? None loves me. I want to die. ” she started screaming. Nancy and Shipra got tense after seeing her condition, they were not able to understand what they should do. Nancy took Mahis phone and dialed a number.

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