It was the early morning.
The sunlight outside the window shone down on the soft bed in the middle of the bedroom through the loose curtains.
Ye Xuan on the bed rubbed his eyes that were being stabbed by the light, and after fumbling for a long time on the pillow, he found his mobile phone and turned on the screen to take a look.
— August 22, 2020.

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Ye Xuan squinted and looked at the numbers on his phone for a long time.
He found out that no matter how he looked at the date, it didn’t change.
He threw the phone aside in annoyance.

He looked at the white ceiling and thought: When would this nightmare of going back to the past end?

Three days ago, Ye Xuan was eating a hot pot made of mutant beef for his birthday in the core area of ​​the B city base.
He was thinking about spawning some fruit as an after-meal snack when a big whirlpool suddenly appeared in the room.  Before he could defend himself, his whole body was directly swallowed by the whirlpool, and when he opened his eyes again, he had returned to ten years ago, that is, a month before the world ended.

According to what Ye Xuan knew, the apocalypse came because of a virus from outer space that human beings had never seen before.
Humans gave it a code name called A virus.
The A virus quietly arrived on the earth on the day of the vernal equinox five months ago, and it only took a few seconds to infect all the creatures on the earth, including humans, animals, and plants.

After a six-month latent period, the A virus broke out completely on September 23, which was the day of the autumnal equinox.
At the same time, life forms all over the world entered a seven-day dormancy state.
Doomsday had begun.

The environment of the earth became extreme.
The weather during half of the year was a hot summer and the other half of the time was a cold winter.
Spring and autumn were almost reduced to only a few days in the year.

As far as biology was concerned, human beings were the first to be affected by the A virus, and about three-quarters of the human beings did not survive.
They were transformed by the virus into zombies with no intelligence, no consciousness and only a crazy pursuit of raw meat.
About one percent of the lower one-quarter of the human race became psychic.
Speed, strength, space, spirit, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and many other strange abilities also appeared one after another.

A few months later, animals began to mutate similar to humans.
They were divided into ordinary animals that did not change, mutant beasts with a little intelligence (To Ye Xuan, the most important thing was to be edible), and disgusting zombie animals.
 After a period of time, the same changes occurred in plants.
After undergoing mutations and zombification, originally harmless plants completely became killers hidden in the dark.

With the occurrence of these changes, human beings on earth had officially begun a long journey of survival in the apocalypse.

Ye Xuan was among the luckiest group of people.
Not only did he not become a zombie, but he even became an ability user.

The group of ability users who awakened in the beginning of the apocalypse were much stronger than the ability users who awakened later, and Ye Xuan, as one of the rare element ability users, was even more lucky.
Before he was forced to be reborn, his life was already quite comfortable compared to other ability users.
Apart from being forced to go out to do quests every few months, he only needed to spawn a batch of vegetables or purify a batch of crystal cores every morning to get a lot of contribution points.
He spent his days as a totally happy salted fish either laying at home and playing games, or walking around the base.

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But now it was meaningless to talk about how comfortable his life would be ten years later.
He was reborn, and he was reborn to ten years ago before the end of the world came.
Talking about how good his future was would have no effect except to stress his heart.

After returning to the time before the apocalypse, other people would probably think about telling everyone the news of the apocalypse and prepare a lot of materials.
They might also organize forces to resist the zombies and get rid of those who betrayed them in the apocalypse in advance.
All in all, going back before the end of the world was a great opportunity for many people to live a good life, to be king and to reach the pinnacle of life.

But Ye Xuan just wanted to return quickly.
Whoever wanted this opportunity could come for it.

Ending the apocalypse early? The A virus that led to the end of the world had long been quietly rooted in the bodies of earth creatures, and no hospital or research department had discovered this for five months.
According to the post-apocalyptic news, those scientists hadn’t noticed it at all before the end of the world, and even the infection time of the A virus was only discovered a few years later.
As for solving the A virus, that was a matter of no consequence at all.
 Letting Ye Xuan, a pure layman, do this kind of thing to save mankind was impossible, so it was better to forget it.

Giving an early warning? Although the main cause of the apocalypse was the virus, natural disasters had occurred in many places around the world in the half month or so before the end of the world.
Many people had said on the Internet that the end of the world was coming, and even convinced many people to save food and water at home.
All Ye Xuan could do was to talk a little more about the situation of the apocalypse without implicating himself.
As to whether anyone believed it, it was entirely up to them.

Saving his family and friends? Ye Xuan’s parents both died in an accident two years ago.
After that, he didn’t interact much with people.
He only traded stocks at home every day and lived on the inheritance of his parents.
He really had nothing to risk.

Collecting supplies to dominate? Ye Xuan, who had previously been involved in base affairs and found out within two days that he was really not suited for it, crossed out this option as soon as it came up.
Not to mention that, no matter how many times he could be reborn, he would not be able to become a hegemon.

Ye Xuan got a little annoyed.
He had survived the early apocalyptic period when natural disasters were occurring, his abilities were weak, and the social order was chaotic.
He passed through the mid-apocalyptic period when there were various forces fighting amongst themselves and zombies besieging the city outside.
Now that society was stable in the post-apocalyptic period, and life was good, he was reborn? Did God force him to suffer again because of how unpleasant he was?

But the matter of rebirth was not based on Ye Xuan’s will.
He couldn’t change the fact that the whirlpool had dragged him in and sent him to the time before end of the world, and he couldn’t change the fact that it was ten years in the past.

So Ye Xuan laid on the bed for ten minutes, and after realizing the cruel fact that it was still before the apocalypse today, he resigned himself to getting up and started the countdown to the end of the new day.

As he heated the food he had ordered yesterday in the microwave, he thought since the matter of rebirth couldn’t be changed, he would consider it a blessing of an additional ten years of life.
He couldn’t just die just because he didn’t want to accept the reality, right?

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After eating a simple breakfast, Ye Xuan took out a piece of raw meat from the refrigerator, and released a green vine with a faint smell of blood from the red mark on the palm of his left hand.

The rootless vines were floating in the air strangely but it made people think that it should be like this.

The vines, which had not been out for a long time, rubbed against Ye Xuan intimately, and then wrapped around the piece of raw meat on the plate.

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