I took a deep breath as I felt soft, gentle hands brushing on my hair. I met the womans gaze in the mirror and I could see how she smiled on my back. ”Its been days since your accident, Your Highness, and I am glad that your health is starting to go well. ”

”Yeah, ” I nodded. ”I mean, yes. And I am grateful to all of you for taking good care of me ever since the day I got caught in that accident until now. I thank you. ”

I could definitely see the shocked expression written on the servants face as soon as I said those words. ”Y-Your Highness… you
e… I… its our duty to take care of you, Your Highness. ”


”Ill get your dress now, Your Highness. The Grand Prince instructed us that after you dress up, well take you to the dining hall to join him for breakfast. ”

”Okay. Thank you, ” I nodded in response.

Once again, I saw how surprised the servant was the moment I said those words. I could tell that she wanted to say anything but she disregarded the thought. She gave me a smile and nodded. ”I will get your clothes now, Your Highness. ”

I bobbed my head, allowing her to walk away somewhere inside my room—or more like, Princess Ariahs room. As the silence engulfed the whole room, I couldn help but ponder about what happened to me these past few days.

Sure, the moment I got caught up in the accident, I already realized that it was fatal thus it could lead me to my death. Yet, I didn expect that Ill wake up only to be reincarnated in another universe—in the universe of the novel that I was reading and got reincarnated as a villainous side character.

I really did expect that I was just dreaming all along, that I would wake up seeing myself laying in a hospital bed or not being able to wake up at all. But these past few days, I could still see myself in the same room—Ariahs room.

All of this is not a freaking dream.

I looked at myself in the mirror once again. I saw myself not bearing my own face anymore. I am inside someones body, bearing someones face.

I gently cupped the face that I am bearing, careful and gentle. I could feel and tell that amidst the wound that Ive got on my forehead, Ariahs face looked so smooth and beautiful. She has a porcelain white skin fitting for a princess to have. I also envy the fact that she didn have any pimples, breakouts, and all than my past self could have. Her hair is also lovely. Along with the soft curls of her brunette hair is its also in volume and silky smooth and I bet that she didn even get a problem with split ends even though this timeline didn have the same hair treatment in my past lifes world—in short, modern shampoo and conditioner and I don know if they also have a salon here, I don even manage to get out of here. Her lips are lovely—its soft and its not too plum and not too thin. It was enough to say that its really, really beautiful and fit for her face.

”You are so lovely, indeed… ”

But what I like most about her face is her eyes. Her lovely amber-colored eyes with such smooth, looking lashes. For some unknown reason, I am so mesmerized by her eyes. While I am looking at it, I could tell her emotions deep inside by just looking at her eyes.

And right now, I could still see the pain and confusion in her eyes—even though I am the one who already bearing this face and body.

I couldn help but wonder if she was really happy getting married to the Grand Prince. I mean, as far as I could remember reading the novel, she was so in love with the Grand Prince that she was so happy over the fact that she got married to him…

”Princess Ariah… ” I couldn help but mutter while staring at my reflection—her face in the mirror. ”Are you really happy loving such a cruel man? Are you really happy with this life? ”

A knock on the door caught my attention and I saw the servant who took care of me come in. She was already holding such a lovely dress as she came into my room.

”I am so sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, Your Highness, ” she said as shes already beside me, placing my dress in the holder—if thats what they call it here. We usually call it sampayan but I think theirs are much fancier than I have in my past life.

”No, not really. You don have to worry about it, ” I said, standing up. She nodded and she was about to remove the robe that I am wearing when I stopped her hand. ”I-uh-I could dress myself up. Thank you. Ill just… ” I grabbed the dress—which is not really a dress for me but an actual gown—from the holder and I walked slowly towards the bathroom. ”Ill just change with this real quick. ”

”But Your Highness— ”

I immediately entered the bathroom when I heard the servant saying. ”Very well, Your Highness. I will wait for you here if you need help. ”

Its not really that hard for me to wear the dress—or more like a ball gown—since I usually wear gowns when we
e doing our theatrical play in college back when I am still alive and I usually ended up in the role of being a princess or a queen. My blockmates usually say ”it fits me, the role ”.

And who would think that Ill end up being one?

As the servant fixed my hair with some jewelry and the other servant put a diamond necklace paired up with diamond earrings, the door suddenly opened again. The servants immediately faced it and bowed their heads.

”Your Highness. ”

I turned my head and saw Grand Prince Elijah walking towards me. I couldn read his expression at that moment and as he signaled the servants to leave us for a moment, I just couldn help but feel a bit nervous and anxious at the same time. Who wouldn ? He looked like he was about to eat me alive or something by the way he looked at me.

Good riddance, what is it this time?

As much as I wanted to roll my eyes and not let him talk to me, I pulled my dresss skirt a bit up and bow to him as a greeting. ”Good morning, Your Highness. What brings you here at this hour? ”

Its been a week since I woke up inside Princess Ariahs body and I definitely memorized Grand Prince Elijahs routine, aside from the fact that I read all of it in the novel. He may visit me to check up on me but not this early.

”I heard from the servants that you seemed well already so I have to see it myself, ” he said, not removing his gaze on me.

While I am still recovering from my injuries, he was always in and out of his residential palace to go somewhere—more like, to take care of his businesses in and out of the nation but I could definitely tell that between those days, he also visited Princess Arabella. After all, the latter is much more important to him than his own wife.

I mentally shook my head. Poor Ariah, now I understand why she really hated her own sister to bits. This bastard made her question herself her value as a wife to the point that she didn even realize that this man didn just love her, but hell be the reason for her death.

The thought made me feel shivers down my spine, not going to lie.

I stared at Prince Elijah. If I didn know anything about him, I will surely get fooled by his face that looked like God really spent his precious time to carve him. It felt like he was sent from heaven up above for being this gorgeous. People can really get fooled by him acting so nice and goody-two-shoes right in front of everyone.

But hah! Not me! He couldn fool me like that. He may be a great imposter but I am a great actor.

I pulled a very convincing sweet smile on him as I slightly bowed my head. ”My fast recovery is nothing without your guidance and care, Your Highness. All thanks to you. ”

He stared at me and I could tell from the way he looked at me that I caught him off guard. He flaunted a tiny smile on his face and nodded. ”As your husband, it is my duty to take good care of you, my wife. ”

I am really trying my best not to make a face as soon as I heard those words from him. But hell, I just pulled the sweetest smile I could manage to pull at that moment just to look so convincing that I am indeed grateful for him.

Neknek mo! Just say you wanted Princess Ariah to die just to easily get rid of your problem and ease everything up so you can definitely do your schemes. Then, after easily getting rid of Ariah like that, youll get Princess Arabellas sympathy because you
e Princess Ariahs grieving husband and you know that Princess Arabella will be sad about it that you can really get her sympathy like that. While you
e at it, youll be busy getting rid of your own brother and after doing so, youll finally have a chance at Princess Arabella and you can finally get married to her in no time and become the king of these two nations.

Don me, Prince Elijah. I could read you like that because you
e the villain. The main villain of this novel.

”Thats why I thank the heavens for giving me such a loving husband like you, Your Highness, ” I said, smiling at him.

I may be upset over the fact that I got reincarnated as the villains wife but if theres a reason why I got reborn as Princess Ariah, that means, I could definitely change my fate here. I could do anything to save both Princess Ariah, Princess Arabella, and the king from Prince Elijahs villainous plans. I will not be going to die twice because of Prince Elijah. I will take advantage of this amnesia to be on Prince Elijahs good side and once I gained his trust, I will proceed to Plan B—to save Princess Arabella and her husband and keep myself alive no matter what it takes.

”I am glad, Your Highness, ” he said and gestured his hand for me to hold. ”You must be hungry, I let the servants prepare those foods that suit your liking. Ill take you to the dining hall. ”

I looked at his hand then settled my gaze on him once again.

Behind that loving gaze that he was giving me as a loving husband is a man that will kill me once the war will break out a few months from now and hell be the one leading that war, leaving his wife with nothing but this place and her body burning in flames.

I don want to die twice. Not in this lifetime. I will survive. I will stay alive and get rid of this man by myself.

With a smile, I held his hand. ”I would like to be with you, Your Highness. ”

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