”People say falling in love with someone is the most precious feeling anyone ever had. I neither fell in love in these 19 years of my life nor I want to. Because I found this stupid, true love is a myth. We just attract the one we want, no one will waste their lives for just a person. Its only happened in stories, romance novels and in movies. Where everything stopped when we found love, a romantic music started in our ears and everything felt beautiful because of that particular person. In this world we have to think practical because living in stories and movies can help you to face reality. Expect that the Prince Charming comes to you and treats you like Cinderella. Its just fictional/ imagination. In this world we can even have true love from our parents so why expect love from strangers. In my school I believed that true love exists but when I saw the love of my parents, they loved each other and we were a happy family but when I turned 14 I realized they both were cheating on each other because of their lust. They acted like they were both deeply in love with each other in front of each other and the world but reality was opposite of what they acted. They both couldn fulfill each others desire in bed, thats why they started to find their peoples who fulfill their lust. Love is just a lust of the body, love is bound in beauty, wealth and lust. But still I had a little hope of love and I liked a guy in my school very much. He proposed to me and I accepted because why not? I liked him for a long time but after a month I found that It was just love for one month and he got bored of this and cheated on me with my best friend. Then I realized that love doesn exist in this world. Now its on you what you want to do—thats all I want to say ” a girl named Zendaya gave a speech on love in front of her friend Raven who just experienced heartbreak and looked at Zendaya with an open mouth.

Raven and Zendaya are colleagues because they work at the same restaurant for three years. Ravens boyfriend cheated her because of her poverty and made fun of her in front of his rich girlfriend. She came to Zendaya and told her everything and then she got a speech from Zendaya about love.

”Oh God! How could someone think that much negative about love? Just because you experienced a horrible past doesn mean love is a myth or lust etc etc ” Raven said while hitting gently at Zendayas forehead.

”But that is the truth. You still believe in true love when your boyfriend just left you because of your poverty, unbelievable! ” Zendaya said with a sarcastic smile while wearing her apron.

”Just because I met the wrong guy it doesn mean that true love never exists in this world. Look at my parents, whenever I saw their love I believed in love more ” Raven said while standing behind Zendaya and helped her to tie the string of her apron.

”Huh! Whatever, I didn believe in the love—novels and movies showed, thats it ” Zendaya said as she tied the string of Ravens apron tightly.

”Ouch! Want to kill because of suffocation, huh? Don release your parents or step fathers anger on me ” Raven said while losing the string of her apron.

”Sorry! And if your defense in the case of love ends, so should we start our job for which we paid every month ” Zendaya said when she saw the first customer of the day.

”Yes, whatever ” Raven rolled her eyes and took her notebook to note the order.

She comes out from the counter and about to go to take orders when she stops and leaning towards Zendaya.

”Now what? ” Zendaya asked with a blank face.

”I will pray that you fall in true love soon and then I will ask the same question about love because I know you still have little faith in love ” Raven said teasingly and winked at Zendaya.

”You…! ” Zendaya leaned towards her to hit her but Raven quickly went to take an order.

After the busy day they both changed and were ready to go home, waiting for the cab they booked because they lived near each others house and always came and left together from the restaurant. Finally the cab arrived and they sat in the cab.

”By the way, tomorrow is our first day of college. Did you prepare everything? ” Zendaya asked.

”Yes! Everything ” Raven excitedly

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