I Hate The Word Love

Unknown Feelings

Zendaya ignored Jason and he smirked at the thought of bullying her. Jason leaned towards Zendayas side ”Wow! You like me that much, first kissed me and now exchanged your seat to sit beside me ” Jason whispered which annoyed Zendaya.

”Stop it Jason, don bully her—we are in class ” Crane said.

”As I care, Mr.Perfect ” Jason said in arrogance.

”But you have to care before I report about this to your dad ” Crane warned him, more like threatened him.

”Ugh! Fine! ” Jason sighed and stopped bullying Zendaya.

Zendaya looked at Crane demanding an answer.

”My dad is best friend of his dad and he hates me because his dad always wanted a son like me. He is kinda scared of him ” Crane explained ”Ohh! Thats why ” Zendaya said.

Meanwhile, the professor enters and starts teaching.

In a break time, Raven and Zendaya came towards their lockers when Zendaya stopped after seeing her locker. She is fuming in anger and leaves from there in anger—didn notice she hit Cranes shoulder. Crane confusingly came towards Raven and asked ”Whats with her? Why did she seem angry? ”

”Someone wrote SLUT in her locker with spray ” Raven replied while trying to wipe the locker.

”Who did this? No one knows her ” Mark said.

”Probably one of the students who was drooling over Jason and maybe his gang did to bully her, ” Crane concluded.

Mark helped Raven to wipe the paint with paint removal.

”Where did Zendaya go? ” Crane asked.

”Shoot! No…! What if she went to confront Jason? I have to go ” Raven said and got up while panicking, she rushed towards Zendaya.

On the other side, Zendaya arrived in the canteen. She starts searching for the one with spray on their fingers. She checked everyones hand which annoyed everyone but she didn care. After some time she saw Rumana and went towards her. Rumana is sitting with Jasons gang when Zendaya stops behind her back. Everyone looked up at Zendaya. Jason smirked, found it like an opportunity to tease her and about to say when Zendaya tapped on Rumanas shoulder. She looked back and got up with an evil smirk.

Before anyone utters a word Zendaya throws a hard slap on Rumanas cheek. The sound of slap echoed in the whole canteen—everyone gasped at Zendayas action. Rumana covered her burning cheek and looked at Zendaya in anger. Meanwhile Crane, Mark and Raven also arrived at the spot.

”What happened? ” Raven asked when saw everyone standing in shock.

”Why is your mouth open? ” Mark asked one of the students while closing his mouth.

”Zendaya slapped Rumana very hard, Jasons girlfriend ” student replied and Raven gasped.

”What? She slapped her but why? ” Raven asked.

”No one knows, ” Student replied.

”How dare you? ” Rumana said and raised her hand to slap Zendaya but she grabbed Rumanas hand tightly.

Rumana struggled to free her hand but Zendaya tightened her grip.

”Why did you slap her? ” Jason asked.

”What happened, Zenda? Why did you do that? ” Raven asked.

”Don try to be innocent as you don know anything she did, huh? ” Zendaya said while looking at Jason in anger.

”No, I don . What are you trying to say? ” Jason confusingly asked.

”She wrote SLUT on my locker with spray paint. Let me clear you one thing I f#Cking hates this word ” Zendaya shouted.

Jason looked at Rumana ”Why do you blame her? Any proof that she was the one who wrote, huh? ” Bill asked.

”Paint in her fingers ” Zendaya said while grabbing her hand and showing her fingers.

”Yes! I did it because you are a slut ” Rumana said.

Zendaya moved forward to beat her when Jason grabbed her ”Calm down! Both of you. Rumana gets lost from here or else no one will save you from her ” Jason warned Rumana and took uncontrollable Zendaya aside. Rumana left while fuming in anger. Jason grabbed Zendayas both hands from her back.

”You need to calm down, ” Jason said.

”Why did you take me here? Let me go ” Zendaya struggled to free her hands.

Jason puts his chin on Zendayas shoulder, his warm breath touches Zendayas neck and she feels something different for the first time. This feeling is something else like her body becomes weak in Jasons hands. Soon she calmed down.

”Whats happening? Why couldn I do anything? ” Zendaya asked herself and then shrugged off her thoughts when Raven shouted her name.

Zendaya hit Jasons chest with an elbow ”Don touch me, ” she warned.

”Ouch! Why did you hit me? ” Jason asked while hissing in pain.

”Who gave you the right to touch me, huh? ” Zendaya outrageously asked.

”I did this to prevent you from beating the shit out of my girlfriend ” Jason said and Zendaya laughed and made Jason whipped for her.

”So pretty smile, and enchanted smile. Seeing her smile makes me smile. I want to be the reason for her smile. Huh? Wait… what? ” Jason complimented Zendayas smile in his mind and then slapped his thoughts.

He left from there with a poker face because he is still processing what he thought earlier. Zendaya looked at him with confused eyes.

”Huh, whats wrong with him? Why do I care? A spoiled son of his parents ” Zendaya said in her mind and went towards Raven.

”Here you are…! Try to control yourself. Ignore them ” Raven said.

”I don know why I couldn control myself, ” Zendaya said in a low voice.

”Alright, lets go or we will be late for our classes ” Crane said and everyone nodded.

After college Raven and Zendaya were about to go to their house when someone called Zendaya. She saw the caller ID and her hand started shaking in fear. She took deep breaths to calm herself down.

”Who is calling you? ” Raven asked.

”D… dad, ” Zendaya replied.

”Why didn you change your number? We changed our houses and also the restaurant where we worked before, so why don you change your number yet, huh? What if he tracked you? ” Raven asked in fear.

”I am about to…! ” Zendaya said and then broke her phone with Ravens heel shoes.

”I was scared, ” Raven said.

”Not more than me…! ” Zendaya sighed a breath of relief.

Suddenly Mark called Ravens name which made both of them flinch in fear.

”What? ” Mark asked.

”N… nothing! ” Raven said.

Crane also joined them. But there is someone staring at them.

”Why did you insult me for that b*tch? ” Rumana shouted at him but he lost in his own world.

Bill hits his head which makes him come back in his senses ”Were you daydreaming? ” Bill asked.

”W… what? ” Jason asked.

”Ugh! Stop question answers. You did wrong thats why. How would you feel if I let her do what she wants then you might be in the hospital ” Jason explained and others laughed.

”When will Crane and Mark become close to them? As I know they both never had any friends ” Jason asked out of curiosity.

”Who cares! ” Bill replied with no interest.

”You were so wild a back ago ” Mark said to Zendaya.

”Luckily she is saved. If Jason didn stop her then you don know what she would do with her ” Raven said with a smirk.

”What do you mean? Did she do anything like this before? ” Mark asked.

”Yes! A long story—maybe next time I will tell you if I remember ” Raven said and left curious Mark.

Zendaya is just looking at Crane who looks cute while smiling at the conversation.

”He doesn say too much— quiet person with cute smile ” Zendaya unknowingly smiles while looking at Crane and Raven notices her.

Raven hits her and whispers ”Want to eat him, huh? ”

”Yes! ” Zendaya unknowingly answers.

”W… what? ” Raven choked on her words.

”N… nothing! ” Zendaya panicked.

Raven gave her a teasing smile and Zendaya gave her a deathly glare.

”Okay! See you tomorrow ” Crane said and left, Mark followed him after waving his hand as a goodbye.

”We also have to go to work. If you are done waving your hand to the air, shall we leave? ” Zendaya said to annoy Raven who acted like a mad person.

Raven smiles and scratches her nape in embarrassment. They were about to go when Jason stopped them.

”You can go ” Jason said while sliding his finger on Ravens cheek and she blushed. Then he pointed at Zendaya and was still looking at Raven ”I want some private time with her ” he said and winked Raven.

”Anything for you…! ” Raven delightfully said and turned to Zendaya ”I will be waiting for you outside ” she said and teasingly winked at Zendaya.

”Raven… Ra…! ” Zendaya tried to stop her but Raven didn listen to her.

Zendaya also tried to leave when Jason spread his hand to stop her.

”I think you never heard me clearly, I said I wanna talk to you ” Jason confidently said.

”And I think you never understand my actions, I don want to talk to you ” Zendaya boldly said.

”Hmm, interesting but you don know, I can make you listen to me ” Jason said with an evil smirk.

Jason gives Zendaya too much attention that he never gave anyone before….

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