”C… Crane! What if he saw everything? ” Zendaya said in mind.

”What happened, Zendaya? ” Crane said when didn get any answer from her.

She turned back ”Crane! N… nothing! ” She nervously smiles.

Zendaya saw Cranes confused look and understood that he wasn convinced with her answer.

”B… by the way! Did you finish your work? ” She changed the topic.

”Yes, why? ” Crane asked.

”N… nothing special. Im about to go to the classroom so I thought why not we both go together ” Zendaya said and Crane nodded.

Both enter the classroom together and everyone looks at them and starts gossiping ”Aren they both look good together? ”

”No he is mine… ” another girl said.

Between all the gossips 3 pairs of eyes looking at them confusingly.

”Why did they end up together? ” Jason thought and didn like it all.

Both went to their seats ”How come you both came here together? ” Raven asked while suspiciously looking at Zendaya and Crane sat down.

”I saw him on my way, thats it ” Zendaya said while pressuring the two last words intentionally for Raven.

Raven gave an evil smile and thats when the professor entered. Zendaya sits while side eyeing Jason who is already looking at her. She felt his gaze and hurriedly looked at the professor as nothing happened. All day they both were staring and ignoring each others gaze. Jason didn bully her but it looks like she wants to be bullied.

At home, Raven and Zendaya are both doing their things because they have to go to the restaurant for work.

”Don know why but it feels like something is missing today ” Zendaya said while going downstairs.

”No… I don feel anything missing ” Raven said while following Zendaya downstairs.

Raven came close to Zendaya and teasingly said ”Or maybe you felt missing because Jason didn bully you today, right?

Zendaya sighed ”Here we go again… ” and she smirked.

”I think its better for you to leave because if I catch you— youll be doomed ” Zendaya said with a poker face.

”Fine… Fine. Im not going to say anything ” Raven said while surrendering herself.

”Now lets go or we will be late for the restaurant ” Zendaya uttered.

They arrived at the restaurant and got busy with their work. Zendaya was from time to time thinking about her interaction with Jason on campus. Thats when two people entered and the restaurant owner named Philip ran towards them.

”Hi, dude! Come, sit ” Philip said and called his wife Lara who worked as manager.

”Honey! Look who came today Jason… Jason Musk! ” he said and Zendaya looked up as fast as possible when she heard the familiar name.

Raven comes beside her and whispers ”Jason and our boss— they both looked close. Maybe they are friends. ”

”Yes! ” Zendaya whispers back while busy looking at Jason.

”Jason, Bill…! Didn you both take too much time to meet us, huh?? ” Lara said.

”Sorry sis! We got stuck in some work but look I came especially with Bill today ” Jason said and hugged her.

”Sister! ” Raven murmured audibly enough for Zendaya.

Jason and Bill sat in the VIP section. Thats when Jason looked up and saw Zendaya and Raven. As soon as he looked at them Raven waved at him excitedly and he waved back with a smile and then smirked at Zendaya.

”He waved back, Zenda! ” Raven happily said.

”Who cares! ” Zendaya said and rolled her eyes which made Jason chuckle.

”Would you like to eat or drink? ” Philip asked.

”Drink is better ” Jason said and then pointed towards Zendaya who is working peacefully ”but make sure that girl will serve us today ” Jason said while the other looked at where he pointed his finger.

”Why that girl? Do you know her? ” Lara asked.

”Nothing special ” Jason said and Lara left.

”Zendaya. Whats she doing here? ” Bill asked.

”Ohh! She and her friend recently joined. Both are very hardworking ” Philip answered.

”I never thought, coming here gonna be so fun ” Jason whispered to Bill and he smiled while shaking his head in disbelief.

”Why are you after her? ” Bill asked with a smile.

”Teasing her is so much fun, ” Jason said with an evil smile while throwing himself back on the couch.

On the other hand, Raven acted like a spy but Zendaya stopped her.

”Zendaya! Took this order to the VIP section. They are our special guests, I don want to hear any complaints. Make sure to treat them nice, especially Jason. He is the real owner of this place ” Lara explained.

”Maam, will you do me a favor and send Raven to serve them? ” Zendaya sweetly said.

”No, we can . You are good at handling VIP customers ” Philip came to them and said.

Zendaya internally cursed herself and did as her boss said. She went to the VIP section and without glancing at Jason she served them.

”Hey baby! ” Jason said while tilting his head to see Zendayas face but got no answer which made him annoyed.

”Hi babe! Don you know how to behave with your boss? ” Jason annoyingly said.

Zendaya is looking at them and punching them in her thoughts.

”Why are you showing him your attitude? He is the boss here— do as he said or else you want me to complain to Philip ” Bill warned Zendaya.

”Hi sir! ” Zendaya forcedly said.

”Stand there and don leave before I give you permission ” Jason said in arrogance.

”You like challenges, right? Now I teach you a lesson ” Jason thought while smirking at her.

Jason made her stand for four hours and now she felt pain in her legs. She moves her legs to relieve pain.

”Don move! ” Jason ordered.

”He didn order anything and also he didn drink, then why he made me stand for f#Cking four hours? Why doesn he leave? I know he is doing all this to mess with me ” Zendaya lost in her thoughts.

”I think its enough Jason. Lets leave ” Bill said in a low voice only audible for Jason.

”No! Her punishment isn over yet ” Jason answered back.

”Then how long do you want us to wait there doing nothing? Its boring and I don want to do this anymore. Its your restaurant. You can come here anytime, any day and punish her. Its enough for today ” Bill advised and Jason nodded.

Jason got up and went to Lara while Bill followed him. They bid their goodbyes and both of them left leaving Zendaya standing in the VIP section.

”Now where the hell is he gone? ” Zendaya thought when Lara entered.

”Why are you standing there? ” Lara asked.

”Jas… Mr.Jason…! ” Zendaya said but Lara interrupted her ”They left 20 minutes ago ” Zendayas mouth opened wide.

”What? Left… they…! ” Zendaya said, she doesn know what to say.

”Nevermind. Ill take my leave, my working hours finished ” Zendaya said and left to change her clothes.

She went to her house alone because Raven already left. On her way home she kept mumbling to herself.

”He played dirty and didn mind telling me that he was going to leave. Ah!! My legs hurt and are sore. Why I feel, its only beginning of my torture? ” Zendaya said to herself.

After reached home as soon as she opened the door Raven attacked her with her stupid questions.

”Thank God you came. I was so curious about what you were doing with— the Jason Musk ” Raven said.

Zendaya sighed and directly went into her room— threw herself on bed and started massaging her legs.

”What happened? What he said? What were you doing there that long? ” Raven asked so many questions but stopped when saw tears in Zendayas eyes.

”I think my fate wants me to suffer… ” Zendaya said in tears.

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