I Hate The Word Love

Plan A Dinner Date

”Hey! Why
e you crying? You already left your miserable life. Not anyone had courage to do what you did, ” Raven comforted Zendaya.

”But why do I feel that my life still sucks? ” Zendaya said while a couple of tears fell from her eyes to her hands.

”Maybe you
e exhausted because of what Jason did thats why you
e feeling this way, ” Raven said while side hugging Zendaya.

Raven realized her words weren enough to cheer up Zendaya.

”Ah! Ah! Okay! Stop with the long face, what about a strong, nice coffee by my hands, hmm? ” Raven said while shaking Zendaya to divert her mind from sad thoughts.

Zendaya slightly smiled while nodding slowly as she agreed to Raven.

On the other hand, Jason and Bill came to the club Jason owned after leaving the restaurant. Bill also invited the other group members for a hangout. After some time others came to the club. They drank some shots together and asked Jason but he denied by hand. Everyone gasped because Jason never did that before. While everyone is enjoying their night Jason stands in the corner, smiling while thinking of something. Meanwhile Bill saw him and smirked as he knew the reason for Jasons smile. He came to Jason and found him lost in his thoughts.

”Looks like someone already fell in love.. ” Bill teased with a smirk, caught Jason off guard.

”L… love! What
e you talking about? ” Jason said like he was caught red handed.

”Smiling in the corner while lost in someones thoughts.. they all are signs of someone in love ” Bill teased him again.

Jason looked at him with his sharp gaze and sarcastically said ”You think.. ”

”You know that feelings of love aren even the last thing I want to have with someone. I hate this word more than anything… ” Jason coldly said and left.

”Hey! Where are you going? We just came…. Jason… Ja…! ” Rumana said loudly to stop Jason but he didn even bother to listen to her while Bill shaked his head while smiling.

”Someone already changed your opinion about love, my dear friend, ” Bill said to himself.

Jason came to his house after a long drive while denying what Bill said in his mind. Thats when someone called his name.

He looked towards the voice and rolled his eyes after seeing the person who called his name. He was about to leave when the person who called him shouted ”STOP! Right there….! ”

”And why do you think that I will listen to you, Mr. Musk… ” Jason said arrogantly.

”How many times have I told you not to call me by my name, call me Dad? ” Mr. Musk angrily said.

”And how many times have I told you that you
e not my dad? ” Jason said and left for his room.

”Where are you leaving? COME HERE…!! I am talking to you, you ungrateful brat, ” Mr. Musk shouted in anger but Jason didn even look at him and went to his room, closing the door with a loud bang.

Jason released his anger on the chair and things in his rooms and went for shower then went to bed.

With Daniel Zendayas step father, he crazily searches for Zendaya while using his power and money. Daniel came from a wealthy family and also took Zendayas mom all assets which made him more rich. He also has connections with mafias, business men, politicians, police officers and other powerful people because of his family background. He used his connections so that he could find Zendaya.

At night, when he was waiting crazily for his men to give him any information about Zendaya he got a call from one of his men. He picked up the call in anger.

”Two f#cking days, and still you didn found any single information about her, YOU SON OF A B#TCH!! ” Daniel shouted in anger.

”S… sorry sir! B… but she didn leave any single info about where she left. Looks like she planned all this very carefully and smartly, and didn make any mistake, ” Daniels man said when Daniel cut him off.

”You b#stard! I didn give you a salary so that you compliment her smartness in front of me. Do you have a dead wish? ” Daniel shouted.

”NO…! No… No sir! Im sorry! I called you because I found the restaurant where she worked two days before but they didn give us any information about her because its their rules that they only gave information about workers to their family, ” His man said.

”Finally! Gave some good news. Don worry, send me the address and rest Ill do by myself, ” Daniel said and cut the call.

”Zenda baby! I told you.. Ill find you soon from anywhere ” Daniel said with a devilish smirk.

The next morning, Raven woke up and tried to wake Zendaya.

”Zenda! Wake up! We
e late because you didn wake me up on time. Zenda!! ” Raven said while shaking Zendaya and then went to get ready for campus.

She got ready and came to see Zendaya but was shocked because she hadn woken up yet.

”Whats wrong with you today? First you didn wake up on time as usual and now after knowing we
e getting late you still didn wake up… ” Raven nagged at her but then went towards Zendaya and worriedly asked ”Are you okay? ”

Raven touched Zendayas forehead ”Oh gosh! You
e burning with fever. ”

”Im okay! Maybe pain in my legs caused a fever. I don think I can go with you today ” Zendaya said in a croaky voice.

”Then Ill also not go and we will go to see a doctor. Cmon! Try to get up, ” Raven worriedly said while helping Zendaya to sit.

”No..! Ill take medicine. You can go and note down notes for me. Im okay…! ” Zendaya said while sitting.

”Are you sure? ” Raven asked, still didn want to leave Zendaya alone.

”Yes, now go. Ill eat something, take medicine and rest, ” Zendaya weakly said while slightly smiling.

Raven left for campus and Zendaya laid on bed to sleep again.

Raven came to campus when someone shouted her name. She turned around and saw Crane waving his hand. She waved to her also and waited for him to join her.

”Hi! ” Crane said while Mark joined them.

”Hi to both of you, ” Raven said.

”Zendaya already left for class, huh? ” Crane asked.

”No..! She didn come today, ” Raven said with a sad voice.

”Why? ” Mark asked in disbelief.

”She is sick, ” Raven answered.

”Suddenly?? ” Crane instantly asked and Raven and Mark looked at him which made him nervous.

”I.. I meant she was fine yesterday ” Crane quickly said, trying not to be too obvious.

Raven let out a sigh ”Its a long story..!! ” Raven said undertone.

”Huh? ” Both Mark and Crane asked at the same time.

”Don know! I also found it in the morning when she hadn woken up. When I checked her, her forehead was burning. Probably she caught a cold, I think, ” Raven hid the main reason for Zendayas sickness.

Bell rang and they all went to their class. Jason and his group already sat on their respective seats, when Raven entered into the classroom with Mark and Crane Jason saw them but his eyes were busy finding someone among them.

”Who are you looking for?? ” A voice made Jason flinch a bit.

”No.. no one, Rumana! ” Jason replied.

”Really? You were looking at the door as you were waiting for someone to come, thats why I thought… you.. ” Raven said.

”Couldn I look at the door? Should Ive to take your permission for this? ” Jason annoyingly said.

”Hey! Calm down! ” Bill jumped in the conversation to cool down the environment but somehow he knew why Jason behaved like that.

Rumana scoffed ”I… I was just asking. You
e overreacting, Jason. ”

Jason rolled his eyes which made Rumana more pissed off.

”Hey! Raven! ” Bill said loudly and Raven hummed.

”You came alone today, where is your best friend? ” Bill asked on Jasons behalf.

Raven looked at Jason in anger and said ”Some jerks made her stand for four hours that caused pain in her legs and made her sick. ”

Jason felt guilty but Mark and Crane looked at Raven with questionable eyes.

”Who? ” Crane asked and Raven realized she spit everything.

”N.. no one! ” Raven said while smiling nervously.

”You think Ill buy this, huh? ” Crane said.

”Yesterday at a restaurant, two rude customers made her stand for four hours straight, ” Raven answered but didn disclose the customers name.

”Oh! Poor Zendaya, ” Rumana made a joke and laughed.

Raven clenched his fist and angrily glared at Rumana.

Jason was about to explode at Rumana but Bill stopped him and took him outside the classroom.

”What happened to both of them? ” Rumana said to the rest of their group members.

Outside the classroom, Bill took Jason towards the hallway.

”Why are you behaving like this? Are you feeling guilty because Zendaya is sick or hurt or in pain because of you? ” Bill asked.

”I also don know what I feel. I only know that I don feel good after hearing she is sick because of what I had done with her. It makes my heart clench ” Jason said while ruffling his fingers in his hairs frustratingly.

”Im just fed up with you. I don even know what you want. You have a girlfriend but still you valued Zendayas presence more. You wanted to tease her but when she hurt it made you hurt. You felt angry when someone said bad things about her or made jokes about her like what Rumana did ” Bill said which made Jason question himself.

Bill sighed ”Look! You are in love with Zendaya and thats a fact, period! ” Bill said straightly without tossing around his words.

”How can I… I… ” Jason found himself lost in words.

”Believe me or not its up to you but you surely do have feelings for her, ” Bill said and entered the classroom.

Jason is looking at Bills disappearing figure and is thinking about what Bill said earlier.

”Me and Zendaya…!? Love? But I hate love, weddings and all sweet couple shit.. ” Jason thought.

There is a war going on in Jasons mind about what he feels about Zendaya..

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