”Nah! I-I don love her. Yes! I don love her. I hurt her, thats why Im feeling sad…! Im just feeling guilty, nothing else.. Am I? ” Jason tried to deny his feelings to feel better but failed miserably.

He went back to the classroom.

Whole day on campus Jason tried hard to be normal but he can fool Bill. Bill came close to Jason. Thats when Crane shouted Ravens name who was about to leave the campus- made Bill and Jason look towards them.

”Yes, Crane, ” Raven uttered.

”Umm… Can I come with you to visit Zendaya? ” Crane hesitatingly says.

”Me too, ” Mark came towards them.

”Sure! ” Raven smiled and they all left the campus.

”Crane! Annoying brat! As if Zendaya will become well after seeing him, ” Jason scoffed.

”And what if she will.. ” Bill rested his hand on Jasons shoulder.

Jason jerked Bills hand from his shoulder while giving him an annoying look.

”Dude! You tried hard to behave normally but you know you can fool me. I know you since we
e in diapers ” Bill smiled.

”What do you want? ” Jason being annoyed by Bill.

”What do I want..? Umm… just want you to accept your feelings thats all ” Bill ruffled Jasons hair to annoy him more.

Jason sighed and left for his home- didn bother to say goodbye to anyone.

With Daniel, he arrived at the restaurant Zendaya worked at before ran away. He went inside as the worker greeted him.

”I want to meet your boss, ” Daniel showed him his dark aura.

The worker timidly nodded and showed him the way, Daniel followed him. The worker stopped in front of a specific person.

”Hes my boss, ” The worker turned towards Daniel.

”Boss! Boss..! ” The worker called his boss.

”Hmm, yes! ” A man in his 50s responded to the worker.

”This man is looking for you, ” The worker pointed at Daniel and left to do his work.

”Yes! How can I help you? ”

”I came here to ask something about your ex-employee, her name is Zendaya. My man came yesterday to ask you about her but you denied, ” Daniel showed him a picture of Zendaya.

”Again! I clearly told your man that we can leak information about our workers to anyone unless their parents. ”

”Thats why Im here. She is my daughter, ” Daniel tried to calm himself.

”Daughter? But she said her parents died already, ” the man looked at Daniel in disbelief.

”Yes, she said the truth but Im her step father. I came with documents in case you don believe me, ” Daniel showed him documents.

The owner of the restaurant looks at the documents to ensure that Daniel is Zendayas step father.

”Its clear that you
e her step-father but still I can tell you about her, ” the owner handed documents to Daniel back.

”But why? ” Daniel lost his patience but then felt the doubtful gaze of the owner so he controlled himself.

”I meant to say that why still can you tell me about her? You said your policy only allowed parents and Im her step-father, ” Daniel looked at him with worried eyes.

He has to act like he is worried about her daughter so he can lose his character of a good father in front of the owner.

”Because Zendaya strictly told us to not give a single information about her to anyone. Thats why I can help you, ” the owner looked down.

”Look! She is suffering from depression after her mothers death. She ran away from home and Im worried if she is doing well or not. If you know anything about her whereabouts then please tell me, Im begging you, ” Daniel acted like a worried father to win the restaurant owners trust.

”She told me to transfer her to our new branch and I did as she said. I just learned from you that she ran away. ”

”And where did you open your new branch? ” Daniel asked.

The restaurant owner took out a card from his coats pocket and gave it to Daniel.

”You will find the address in this card. ”

”Thank you! You owe me a big time, ” Daniel took a card from him.

”You will be in my palm again, my doll! ” Daniel smirked at his devilish thought.

He left the restaurant and sent his man to find out the location of the restaurants new branch.

Raven with Mark and Crane arrived at home.

”Im home..!! ” Raven shouted.

”You both sit. Ill bring water, ” Raven went to the kitchen.

”Raven, you come early. Did you bunk any class, huh? ” a hoarse voice came from the stairs.

Crane and Mark looked towards the sound while waiting for the voice owner to show his appearance. After a couple of seconds, the person finally visible to their eyes, looked miserable.

”Crane…! Mark..! ”

”Hi, Zendaya! ” Crane and Mark stood up.

Meanwhile, Raven came with snacks and drinks for Crane and Mark.

”Hey, why did you come downstairs? I told you to rest, ” Raven demanded an answer from Zendaya.

”I rested a lot and now Im feeling much better, ” Zendaya smiled.

”How come you three ended up together? ” She raised her eyebrows at Raven.

”Oh! They wanted to see you, ” Raven smiled.

”Thats sweet of you both, ” She smiled and told them to sit back.

”Raven told us that two rude customers made you stand for four hours straight, ” Crane worriedly looked at Zendaya.

”Yes, they did. ”

”Then why don you complain to your boss, Zendaya? ” Mark surprisingly asked.

”Yes, Mark is right. If you
e scared then tell me about them Ill take care of them, ” Crane smirked.

”No, no one will have to do anything. They were just rich, spoiled brats, ” Zendaya nervously smiled.

”But still how could they do this to you and your boss let them? ” Crane asked.

”Im fine. If they do this again in future then Ill surely take both of your help, now calm down both of you, ” Zendaya controlled the situation.

”If you say so, ” Mark smiled.

Zendaya excused and took Raven to the kitchen.

”What? ” Raven asked.

”Why did you spill this in front of them? I told you not to, ” Zendaya angrily looked at her.

”At first I didn but then Bill asked about you and I couldn take it anymore and angrily spilled in front of them. ”

”Don tell me you spilled who did this to me? ” Zendaya looked at Raven with wide eyes.

”No, Im not that stupid. I just told them that there were two rude customers who did this to you. ”

Zendaya took a breath of relief ”Thank God! ”

”Wait but why did Bill ask about me? ” Zendaya looked confused.

”How would I know? I found it strange too. But I must tell you that when I told them you
e sick because of the two customers Jason looked worried. ”

”Worried or guilty? ” Zendaya scoffed.

”May be guilty, who knows whats going on in his mind? ” Raven shrugged his shoulders.

”Now, lets go! They must be waiting for us, ” Raven left from the kitchen.

”Jason looked worried… ” Zendaya unknowingly smiled but then stopped after realizing.

”Why am I smiling? ” Zendaya shrugged her thoughts and came back to Crane and Mark.

They talked about random things while enjoying snacks. After 30 minutes they both get up to leave.

”Are you free tomorrow, Raven? Wanna go to dinner with me tomorrow? ” Mark flirtatiously looked at Raven.

”Yes, sure! ” Raven agreed as soon as Mark asked.

”Why don you both also join us for dinner? ” Mark asked while looking at Crane and Zendaya.

”I don want to be a third wheeler, ” Zendaya teased Raven.

”No, you will not, ” Raven huffed.

”Sounds great to me, ” Crane smiled at Zendaya.

”Okay, Im in, ” Zendaya smiled back at Crane.

”So, its decided that we are going for dinner tomorrow, ” Mark confirmed.

They both bid their goodbyes and left. As soon as they left Raven checked Zendayas head.

”I told you my fever is gone. ”

”Fine! ” Raven sighed.

After a couple of minutes, their doorbell rings and Raven goes to open the door. When she opened the door her eyes widened because of shock.

”Raven, who is at the door? ” Zendaya shouted.

”J… Jason..!?? ” Raven looked at the person in disbelief.

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