I Love My Life

Chapter 3 Ella

Maze POV

Tonight is the grand open of my club that my father bought for me on my 15 birthday 2 months ago. Right now Im relaxing in my bedroom watching t.v since I don have anything else to do. My mother and father left for a business trip overseas a month ago, and my sister Ella is on vacation with her best friend Lucy. She is supposed to be coming back today because my parents say they don want me at the house by myself. This is funny because technically my sister and I own this house. My parents let me move to Los Angles when I was 13 years old because I was tired of living in New York. To be honest, moving was the best thing I could have done, and Im glad that my 2 best friends decide to come along. Their parents were okay with it as long as there was someone to look after us, or even check up on us once in a while. My parents decided to give that responsibility to my sister which I was totally okay with.

”Maze your ass here!! ” my best friend Lolo ( aka Lauren nickname) yelled from downstairs.

”Yes, bitch Im in my room where the ** else would I be bitch ” I yelled from my room.

”One who the ** you calling a bitch, and two who the ** you yelling at ” Lolo yelled as she busted through my door like she the **ing police.

”I thought you were somewhere getting your little dick sucked, ” she said jumping her ugly ass in my bed.

”You so **ing stupid and you know damn well my shit ain little, ” I said smirking.

”Why you had to go there out of all places, ” she said blushing.

”Shouldn be running your mouth, but anyway you ready for tonight. ”

”Hell yeah, we about to turn the ** up, ” she said jumping off my bed dancing. ”Plus our boy Justin gonna be there with his new girlfriend he been hiding from us. ”

”Oh yeah, I forgot his ass been hiding that girl from us for about what 4 months now but ain got lie almost caught him sneaking her out his room one night, but it so damn dark ain see her ass, ” I said looking at my phone for any miss calls or texts.

”Damn Ella just call my ass 3 times ” I yelled looking at my phone.

Lauren bitch ass over here laughing like shit funny she and I both know how crazy my damn sister is. Her ass can be really nice sometimes but at the end of the day, that bitch can be hell of violent and crazy. I know what your thinking that she is my sister and I shouldn be talking about her like that but that bitch is that crazy.

”Yo ass laughing but if she comes here yelling at me I am gone tell her how your ass skip school for a whole week to take some girl on a stupid ass road trip, ” I said trying to call Ella but she ain picking up the damn phone now.

”Bitch please you out of all people shouldn be snitching. Wait to she find out how your dumb ass flunking not 1 but 2 classes, ” she said laughing.

”Damn you right but right now I need you to try to call Ella she not answering my calls she must be mad cause I didn answer my phone, ” I told ask/told Lolo.

”Fuck alright, ” she said.

I looked over her shoulder to see if she was calling her and tell me why the ** this bitch had my sisters name saved under Babymama.

”Bitch is there something your Steve Urkel ass want to tell me, ” I said looking at her ass mad as **. Everybody who knows me knows I don **ing play about my damn sister adapted or not.No body will ever be good for her in my eyes, to be honest, I kinda got a secret crush on her but thats a story for another time. This bitch out of all people should know how I feel about shit like this she might be my best friend that doesn mean I won slap the shit out of her.

”Calm down Maze you remember that game of truth or dare we played a month ago with Justin. ”

”Yeah, but what the ** that got to do with this, ” I said trying to calm down.

” Man you really are stupid, ” she said

”Justin dared me to save her name as that remember, ” Lolo said in a really bitch face.

”Fuck damn baby Im sorry, ” I said in my daddys voice feeling stupid as **.

”Stop all that shit you know we don do that shit no more, ” she said dialing Ellas number.

Ain say anything because she was right it been almost a good 6 months since she let me in the pussy. Im being honest Lolo and I started **ing around a year after I meet her. I was in my first year of middle school. She was in the 7th grade and I was in the sixth grade we were each other first. Lolo is really the first and only girl I slept with, because of my condition.

”Hello Ella, ” Lolo said on the phone.

”Ask her why she call me and why she ain answering her damn phone ” I whisper to her. At least I thought I did tell I heard her ass yelling through the phone.

”Tell my dumb ass sister she needs to start answering her damn phone ” Ella yells through the phone like we death.

”NOW COME OPEN THE DAMN DOOR ” Ella finished hanging up in our face.

”Why the ** she yelling at us, ” I said to Lolo as we were leaving my room going downstairs to the door.

”I don know don her ass have keys to the door, ” Lolo said as we were in front of the door getting ready to open it.

”Surprise bitches sissy is back did you guys missed me. ” Ella bipolar ass said coming through the door with a man carrying her lounged upstairs.

”Hi, sis yeah we miss you sorry that I miss your call early, ”I said.

”Whats up Ella we miss you glad your back ” Lolo said while Im watching her every move.

”Whats up with my sister she acting wired, ” Ella said.

”Nothing she salty cause I have your name saved as baby mama, which was a part of a prank by the way, ” Lolo said with a smirk on her face.

”Oh you
e so cute when you
e jealous. ” my sister said winking at me.

”Okay wired enough of all that its already 6:00 oclock we should start getting ready for tonight, ” Lolo said smiling like a kid with candy.

”Yeah you right Ella you should have enough time to take a nap, and we ain leaving until around 9:30, ” I said looking at my watch.

”Okay by the way where is Justin I haven seen him this hold time, ” Ella said looking around for him.

”He is with his girlfriend but they will meet us at the grand opening tonight, ” I said getting really walk upstairs to shower.


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