I Love My Life

Chapter 4 Justin

Ella POV

Hey, everybody, Im Mazes adopted sister Ella and I just got back from a mini-vacation. I felt like this vacation was long overdue, because for the past 2 years I been stuck with my sister and her friends. Its been really stressful taking care of them plus going to college, and running my own business. Yes, I own my own business that I build by myself with the money I saved from working with my mother. My parents always encourage Maze and me to try to become independently stable at a young age. That being said at 16-years old I bought this run-down coffee shop when I was still living in New York with my parents. After 1 year of owning the shop, it became very successful to the point I decided to expand. This was when I turned 17 years old and was already planning to move to Los Angles for college. I decided to expand at the perfect time because Maze and I decided to buy a house in Los Angles together. We both had a different motive for wanting to own a house in Los Angles at the time. I wanted to get a house in L. A because I was moving to L.A for school later that year. I find out a couple of months later when Maze and I were in L.A for the summer getting everything for our house that she had trick our parents. She persuaded them into letting her move to L. A with me because she was so-called tired of New York. I was so mad that she didn ask me if I was okay with it then she had the nerves to include her friends in on her little plan. Now you can see why I have been so stressed out and I been thinking about selling one of my 4 shops. After going on vacation and talking with my girl Lucy I decided that Im a boss ass bitch and I got this. Now every since Maze and her friends started working on their club they been leaving me alone for the most part. I still have to make sure they are going to school and watching over them, but since I been on vacation I haven had the time. Now that Im back I have to make sure these little **s are doing what they supposed to be doing.

Right now Im in my room I just got out of the shower. I took a nap a couple of hours ago but didn want to oversleep because Maze ass going to start tripping. I was lotioning up my legs with coconut oil when I saw I was getting an incoming call from Justin. I always thought of Justin and Lauren as my bother and sister because I have known them like my hold life. Thats really why I wasn tripping about being their legal guardian while they lived with Maze and me in L.A. ”Hello, Justin why are you calling me, ” I asked while walking into my walk-in closet.

”Dang, what I do to you? I was just wondering if you made it home yet. ” I rolled my eyes like he could see me and said ” If you were here you would have known. Now, where are you, Justin. ”

I could hear moving on the line and what sounds like a female voice that sounds familiar. I scratch my nose and was about to ask who that was when he said that he was with his girlfriend. Now that I remember Maze did say he was at his girlfriends house earlier hell I thought she was playing because I don remember Justin having a girlfriend I always thought he was a player, to be honest. Has that much change in the 3 weeks I been gone.

” Justin since when do you have a girlfriend? You bet not be playing with me I got other stuff to do now. ” I told him in a serious tone so he knows Im not playing with him.

”Come on Ella Im being serious I been dating this girl for a while now. ” I guess he telling the truth but I still have my doubts because why keep her a secret.

”Why haven you ever mention this so-called girlfriend earlier and how long yall been together. ” Knowing Justin he was probably having a hard time right now because he been with so many girls.

”We have been together for 4 months and the reason why I never said anything was because things are complicated. ”

”Well, the cats already out of the bag because Maze and Lauren know you got a girlfriend. They said something about it early but I thought they were playing. Maze even said she was supposed to be coming tonight? ”

” Yeah she is coming I kinda figure they were going to find out about her eventually. Thats why Im calling though I plan on introducing them to her tonight. Is Maze you know in a good mood tonight? ”

”I don know hell I think she is I could have sworn I heard Lauren yelling while I was taking a nap earlier. Don see why you worried about Maze she can give two **s who you date as long as your happy. Well if one of those **s were me then I would be scared shitless. ”

” Dang her and Lolo back at it again they never learn do they, and your right I know Maze loves me but if I tried getting with you she would kill me. Ella, Im not ready to die anytime soon, so sorry you can any of this. ”

”No, they don I give it a week until they are at each other throats. Also, ** you boy nobody wants you besides sorry your not my type anyway. ”

”Whatever Im everybodys type, and thats about how long it took last time but thats not why I call. I just wanted to let you know that some shit might go down tonight, and I wanted to give you a heads up. ”

” Justin I would ask what you
e talking about but something deep down in my soul is telling me I don want to know. Plus its almost time for the party and Im trying to be done early so Maze won be rushing me. ”

” But Ella- Oh no whatever you got going on is between you and what Im guessing my sister I want no parts of it Bye Bye. ” I hung up in his face before he could respond. You see what Im talking about its always something. I just got back from a relaxing vacation and Im not finna deal with any of this drama. Justins show is bold tonight because I don think my sister going to be happy with her best friend causing drama on such an important night. I guess will just have to see what happens tonight whatever it is I have a feeling its going to be entertaining.


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