I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Chapter 110 - I Was The Villains Younger Sister (1)

Chapter 109 – Ianas Release (4)

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All I did was stay in my cell and if I had the chance to go out I only went to the dining room to eat, but rarely took a walk in the living room. Moreover, I didnt come in contact with Ricdorian or even went to his cell to see him.

And as I did not go to Ricdorians cell, I naturally didnt even go to Lenags office.

Well, my previous visits to Lenags office was because of the agreement that I would spend as much time with him as I did whenever I met with Ricdorian. There was no particular reason though for my visits, in truth I just wanted to.

There was an axiom that I used to hear from the elders, they said that sometimes a person becomes emotional for no reason…and I think it is not true.

Well, for me, as long as I was released from prison, I thought I might not have to be close to the main characters of this novel anymore. But I realized even if I tried to move away for some reason there would be instances that even if I dont want to, they could easily come back into my life.

There are times Jair occasionally contacts me but I have decided to ignore him.

Then there was this one time, the guards worried that I would be depressed, hence they asked me if I wanted to see Ricdorian, but I smiled and refused.

Sometimes Lenag would tell the guards to tell me to come and see him but I refused and I didnt go. In strange moments, he was a man of good manners, I observed that but even his goodwill I did not heed.

He hadnt forced me to keep him company and for that I was grateful.

In my remaining time, I also made certain that I said my goodbyes to those prisoners I became close with such as Baron Palladis and Sally, whom I havent bid goodbye to before because I havent had enough time to see them.

“Oh, Iana. We shouldnt forget about our relationship even when were outside. Do you get it?” Baron said.

“Of course.” I reassured him.

The ties, which were clumped up by Barons fraud experiences will probably never be cut off, and Sally snorted while answering in a playful tone.

“Bye bye, Iana. Im sure, east, ah, Einte, Im going there. Im going there. “

“Yes, come and see me. Youll be welcome anytime.” I said, smiling at her.

I patted Sally one last time and left.

After that, I didnt even go back to the living room, so the remaining time I naturally spent in silence. I was reading or meditating in my room. I dont hate spending time alone, so it wasnt that bad.

And surprisingly, I was never bored, even right now, I was holding a letter from my brother that filled the rest of my time and it would be enough company until I was released from prison.

[…Im sorry.] I dont know why he is apologizing. He didnt hurt me and it wasnt even his fault. The Emperors whimpering was at fault this time.

“Its all right.” I muttered to myself after reading that.

[I should have done something about the Emperor.] My brother replied back.

Sometimes I would burst into laughter due to his excessive comforting.

What are you even capable of doing to the Emperor? I thought he was such a bluffing brother.

[…the day is so long without you. Should I wait a little longer? I think Im just waiting all the time and I do nothing more. But even so, it is alright for me to wait, because its you whom I am waiting for.]

And sometimes I would be a little childish.

On such days, I just stared at his elegant handwriting without much thought.

How well did the siblings get along? Maybe he was more affectionate than others I knew. I dont know if that trait of his was common or rare and if it truly exists in this world…

Was it normal for siblings to be this closed?

Hmmm. Let me see. Theres Sally. His brother committed a crime and sent Sally over instead…well. Prisoner companions are unlikely to be the usual examples.

I gave up on comparing and finding the reason why these siblings seemed to be in a good relationship.

And finally the day of my release came.

“Oh, the day has finally come.” Fortunately, on the second day of release, there was no guard who visited me. Instead, a janitor with a bright face was the one who informed me that I could finally really get out of prison today.

He seemed to be so concerned about me though, I had been stuck in a cell for a while, and it looks like he had become attached to my being here. Hes a good person, after all.

Not long after, I asked the guard, who seemed to have just come back to his station and was conducting the checkout procedure, if I could take a walk around even for a short while. My request was easily granted because the checkout procedure had already been almost completed on paper.

I took a familiar path after saying my thanks.

There was a senior guard stationed near my direction, but thankfully he moved out of the way and allowed me to pass.

“I heard you were going to be released. Congratulations to you.” He greeted me.

“Yes, thank you. Take care of yourself.” I replied.

When I smiled, the superior guard shyly smiled back. I wanted to release my hard face and show my real expression. But at the end, I went straight down the stairs.

Perhaps because its the last sound I will hear here, thats why it sounds both pleasant and sad to my ears. After a short while, I was face to face with a familiar underground bar.

Clank. Clank.

Even though I hadnt heard it for three months, I could hear a familiar sound of iron chains banging the floor. Soon, I stood outside the bars and went in the innermost corner. If the length of the chain I remember was right then…

“Ricdorian.” I spoke softly as I heard him move.

Rattle. Rattle. Rattle.

Yes. Here he could reach the bars, as well. As expected, he responded to my voice. I let out a small laugh as I saw his hands holding onto the bars.

“Im sorry I couldnt go in today.” I told him.

I sighed to myself as I couldnt see him and therefore I couldnt figure out what kind of expression he has now. To be honest, I was somewhat thankful that the light was so weak in here that I couldnt see him well.

“Arff, arff, arff! .” Ricdorian responded.

And at this moment, I was deeply moved by the fact that he was nothing but a beast.

“I dont know if I should say that this is good timing.” I said.

“Grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr!”

“Yes, its me. How are you?” I asked and squatted down.

This distance between us now was probably the same as that of our first meeting in this place.

“I really came to say my last greeting today.” I informed him.

Even when he was a beast, he was still aware of what was happening. Perhaps thats why his whining voice grew sad.

I was told by the senior guard that Ricdorian knows I stayed in prison for three more months without being released.

The guard told me that and I have this urge to ask him right now,How did you feel about me not coming?

But I decided that I was not going to ask him that. It would just make it harder for me to leave this place.

“Someday, whatever happens, eat well. You have to be strong.”

I squeezed his hand one last time and let go of it. The beast version of him cried all the more mournfully as he looked at my hand helplessly.

“I wish you could speak right now since this will be our last. But perhaps it is better this way for the both of us.” I dont know what to say even if I say something I dont know if it will make it easier for him either.

“Lastly, Ill give you advice.” I have no great will aside from this one.

What are you going to do with your restraint or how you want to change your life for the better?

I was not as bad as a villain, nor was I as good as a saint.

And so, I sat on the sidelines knowing that this moderate affection would poison him. Nevertheless, by not apologizing for this, I will atone for it instead of easing my heart up.

“Leave only good memories. Forget about the parting.” I added.

I wont see you again.

I smiled and gently held his cheek. The cheeks of the beastly man were now tearstained.

“At the end of the day, dont trust me.” Look, I gave him too much affection and ran away like this. Wasnt I cruel?

“Dont believe in the shallowness of the heart. Because its selfish. Just like me.” I told him one last time.

I lowered my gaze and prepared to leave.

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