I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Chapter 112 - I Was The Villains Younger Sister (3)

Chapter 111 – I Was The Villains Younger Sister (2)

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It was my brothers letter. He said hes coming to see me when Im out of prison. I thought it was a joke, but I didnt refuse his offer.

“Where are you?” I asked, looking around for signs of someone who could be my brother.

It was good to be out, but everything was so vast in front of the gate that I couldnt tell where to go. Then at that time, something caught my eye and I turned to look at my side.


The wind blew and the scent of flowers pervaded in the wind. It was like a strong, seductive scent that feels like it came from a garden that was in full bloom during the spring.

Do flowers bloom here in summer? I wondered.

I couldnt see clearly after because my hair was blown by the passing wind and was haphazardly sprawled on top of my head and blurred my vision. When I barely lifted my head to pull the strands away from my face and turned to face the front, a big shadow fell before my eyes and filled my vision.

“Iana.” The man standing in front of me suddenly spoke my name.

A sweet spring-sunny voice which I seemed to have heard in the recent past pierces my ears. Then, I slowly lifted my head higher and I met with the suns blinding light.

The backlight made me squint my eyes. I knew for sure there was a very big man in front of me. I could barely see the figure in front of me, when suddenly something huge came between us and I stared down at it.


No, it was a very large bouquet.

A huge bouquet of flowers that I cant even hold with both arms. It looked so heavy and large, it seemed to weigh heavily because of the suffocating scent it was buried with. One could tell there were so many flowers in it since it produced such a vivid scent.

The bouquet of flowers was full of roses. The bouquet even had an orange rose, orange roses that were quite rare.

“Wow…” I gaped as I stared at the precious flower.

Was this where the scent I perceived came from? Now, I heaved my eyes higher toward the hidden man, covered by the bouquet of flowers. I cant see his face. Perhaps, the unseen man noticed what I was doing because the bouquet was descending little by little.

And when the flowers completely had gone down, I saw for the first time the face of the man that was smiling tenderly at me.

“Welcome back, my lovely dongsaeng, who is as lovely as a flower.” It was a low, sweet baritone that rang around the base of the neck.

He had a very distinct tone, and his voice sounded reliable, as if he could take care of the most precious thing in the world. But I couldnt care less about the ecstatic voice.

I blinked my eyes wide…

Wait a minute, hold on!

His long bangs shook in front of my eyes, slightly covering his eyes. It was as dark as pitch black. Half up and half down, his hair looks great, but that was not what I was engrossed with.

My fingertips trembled wildly. Was this how people should feel whenever they sense something horrific?

The bloody-red eyes were staring at me and were softly bent.

Black hair, red eyes.

“Have you had a hard time coming back to me?” The man, boasting a slim silhouette like a black jaguar, leaned closer towards me.

“Ive been waiting for you.” He spoke.

A chillingly beautiful voice spread deep into my ears- as it passed it seemed to be carving itself inside the walls of the cavity.

No, no you were not…

The chill that started at my fingertips continued to spread and travel all over my body and wrapped itself around my shoulders. I quickly clenched the fabrics of my dress.

Sally said.


They said my family is like that. However, I couldnt turn away from the truth that was lying before my eyes.

His astonishingly, neatly hawked Kravat, his straight forehead, white nose, and even his tempting, enticing eye as if he would not tolerate a single fine wrinkle…as if he were a sculpture made by God, a perfectly-made handsome man that smiles only for me.

But the only black hair, red eyes, that I knew, was that one remaining beauty that seemed to fascinate people.

“…Chaser.” I stated.

“Yes.” He said then, smiled sweetly. “Congratulations on your release, my dongsaeng.”

Ring ring, ring the bell. I could hear the sound of the arrow of truth piercing through my heart. It was an unavoidable truth. It was a truth I had never expected. Out of all the characters of this story, why should I be siblings with Chaser?

“Wait. My Iana.”

I was the villains younger sister!

⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓ ⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓ ⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓

“Shall we go home?” He asked me gently, still showing his charming smile.

The second he gradually blinked his eyes and kissed me on the back of my hand, made me want to go back to my cell right away.

Ill just be a prisoner! Give me my prison uniform back! Give it back!

But like how he caught my hand without warning, the situation I was in continued to flow like running water and I was powerless to go against the tide that carried me.

When I came back to my senses, I was already riding in a carriage with eight different horses tied to it.

“I was hoping to bring you a better carriage, just in case you were uncomfortable…” He murmured, his eyes drooping sullenly.

“It doesnt seem enough for you.” With his needlessly pleasant voice mixed with gloom, I felt like I would become a bad person if I didnt listen to the warnings inside my heart.

But my head, on the contrary, was in a state of absurdity…it was engrossed at the sight of the carriage before us.

Wasnt a small eight-horse carriage ride like a big one?.

I wanted to ask, but I kept my mouth shut. I thought Id get a bigger answer if I asked. After that, I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Lets calm down for now.

Even if Im caught in a tigers den, Ill live as long as I am vigilant …then what do I do in the lair of this bloodstained tiger? Maybe the only way I can escape his clutches is for me to bleed out away from him.

I kept slipping into useless thoughts.

It was proof that I was out of my mind as of this moment. I carefully took deep breaths and slowly sorted out my thoughts.

Yes, I wanted to do something, somehow.

<However, the last time we talked about them, Countess Einte was a person from the South region.>

I remembered that moment when I was talking with Baron, who spoke confidently with his words, and with Sally. That was the moment we were trying to figure out to which family do I belong.

Those were Sallys words as well.

<It feels like Ianas burden to bear. Though for sure I expected it like there would be a great identity reveal.> Baron has these suspicions already, but I just steer clear of it.

Thats what I asked him, which was somewhat provoking.

And again, there he was, Baron who had the string aura of being a fraud.

As of this time, I have decided to recognize Baron as a professional swindler. I should have been suspicious back then. I shouldnt have relied wholly on that handkerchief to give me the information I needed to establish who my family was.

Thats right, Iana Einte. I recall I thought that the name combination was a bit odd..a little unbalanced.

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