I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Chapter 113 - I Was The Villains Younger Sister (4)

Chapter 112 – I Was The Villains Younger Sister (3)

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Im on the verge of self-destruction. I wanted to hurt myself. How could I let this happen?

I shook my face trying to erase these thoughts. Even though I was overreacting, I could not help but let myself drown in self-regret. I really wanted to hit, punch, or kick myself violently or throw myself in a pit. If only I could do that, I would. But… its hopeless.

As of the moment, one of the things that I regret was leaving. Im no longer Jairs reporter, if thats what youd call what I used to do. Sometimes it makes me think of the times when I get to talk about things with him, even though all he did was give me orders or even suspect me of keeping secrets from him. After all, Jair was good to me. Most of all, Im no longer Ricdorians caretaker and trainer. I regret leaving the young man and the comfortable life I had in prison.

I cant believe anything could be worse than what I had in that prison. This might be it. This might be the “worse thing”.

My fists trembled as these thoughts ran through my head.

I swept my face down roughly. I wanted to sigh deeply, but I couldnt. It felt as if I couldnt even breathe because there was a man staring at me. His eyes were so cold–as if those icy orbs could see right through me.

Chaser Rube Domulit.

Hes the black rose of the empire, and the Duke of the Great Family that competes with the Hel… and the greatest villain of the book.

The man stooped his eyes and smiled affectionately as if he was ready to give me everything that I needed. His smile brought chills down my spine. I could feel my lips tremble.

“Do you need anything?” He asked.

“…huh?” I muttered, confused.

With his long legs crossed, he held one arm against the armrest of the chair, his head resting. I thought that the oblique angle I was seeing as of the moment, was a piece of art. He was one hell of a sight despite the cold aura hes portraying.

“Ive been thinking about what you need.” He said and cocked his head to the other side. “Well, do you want me to change the carriage in the middle of the trip?” He added.

Carriage? Why would he mention the carriage out of nowhere? I could feel my face turn into a complete “what?” expression, but he continued to talk.

“After all, twenty horses drive…” Chaser was really determined to explain it to me.

“No, no, no.” I hurriedly opened my mouth, stopping him from speaking further.

Twenty? Why do you need twenty horses? Just for one carriage? Thats such a waste of energy, and seriously unnecessary.

“No need.” I added further, making sure that he will forget that proposal.

“Really?” Chaser smiled and I could tell that he was an amazingly gorgeous human being.

“Then shall I open the hood for you?” He asked.

…why would you open the hood of the carriage?

“Oh, thats right. This time of the year got cold. Im sorry.” He said, still smiling at me.

Did I hear him correctly? Did he say sorry? My eyes rolled over. Im not used to it. Hes not the kind of person who would apologize.

“I have forgotten the fact that it is summer. So, would you like to have the coachman run next to you so you wouldnt get bored?”

“…why is the coachman driving next to you?” I asked when I noticed a knight seated just beside him.

“Well then, lets see him do a stunt.” Chaser stated.

“A stunt?” I asked. “Can he ride a horse upside down?”

…Whats wrong with the knight? Somethings not right here.

I felt a sense of repulsion as if I had been bossed around by Chaser, whom I seemed to have no feeling of inferiority.

“Dont do it. I think youre bothering the knight for nothing.” I told Chaser and saw his expression changed into a tight smirk.

“Youve said that before.” He said.

Something about what Chaser said made me realize that the previous Iana was a woman with a proper mind. I was pleased to learn that Iana had an upright soul.

If it werent for what he said, I would have imagined a villainous brother and sister laughing at

the poor knight doing stunts…and wouldnt that be because he said something nonsense?

“Well, you didnt laugh a lot no matter what they showed you.” Chaser stated.

“I dont think anyone would laugh at it.” I shot back at him.

“Thats right, you said that, too.” Chaser smiled gladly.

Finally, the true personality of the true Iana became clearer to me. Soon, he closed his eyes. I could tell hes awake by the way hes breathing.

“Oh, well, do you want me to breath out fire?” He said, jokingly.

“…lets just go.” I brushed my face down again.

This man and the Chaser I knew from the book seem like a different person. Yes, it looked like hes someone else. Because he felt somewhat odd.

Whats going on here? Did I do something that changed the entire book?

The biggest villain in the book, Chaser, was a half-crazy human and cold-blooded villain who could put a knife in his smiling face. Not a man who is so kind and unspoken.

“Not that one? Then what else do you need?” Chaser asked once again.

When will he ever stop asking me what I want?

“Please… I dont need anything. Nothing.” I didnt know what to say at all.

What do I need here anyway?

When I glanced inside the carriage there were flowers that had filled the floor. It was what he gave me a little while ago.

In addition, there were cushions. The chair was so comfortable and spacious that I thought I could lie down whenever I wanted to.

“I see.” Chaser glanced down. As his gaze went down, his long and black eyelashes fluttered softly. Theyre so visible despite the scarcity of illumination inside the carriage.

This man is one hell of a view. His face is a painted perfection. Its the kind of face any man would want to possess. Its also something someone would not get tired to look at. His loose flicker made me squeeze my hand. Hes so handsome.

If he was ever a real person in real life, and not just a man from a book, its like God really mixed up all the perfect ingredients to come up with such a pretty and seductive face. But I could sense a tinge of sadness from his eyes whenever he lowered them. What must be the reason behind it, then? Hmm.

I cant get used to it. I cant. Ive only been here for a little while and it seemed like I could memorize every delicate detail of his appearance. This is not normal.

“Then what do you need?” Chaser asked one more time.

“…none.” I immediately answered.

“None?” He asked then I nodded slowly.

“Come to think of it, I dont think its a good idea.” He whispered in a small ecstatic voice that was well-harmonized with his slick face.

Whats not good about it?

“If I had asked the knight to do a stunt, then your eyes would only look at him. Well…” He gently rubbed his chin with a sullen face.

I could not understand how this man could turn so gloomy just because I refused to torture a knight?! If he doesnt look at it as torture, well its improper… to make fun of someone.

He should have known a thing or two about “being in someone elses shoes”. Well, hes a privileged rascal after all, who has never such thought in mind.

The journey still went on and we seemed to be passing by a rough and bumpy road. There was a long silence between Chaser and I and the lumps caused uncomforting vibrations to the moving carriage.

From across where I was sitting, I could see Chasers closed eyes beneath the hanging little tips of his hair. The moment he opened them, the red eyed subtly curved in a delicate manner as he breathed.

“You must not have been in a good mood.” He rubbed his chin once again and spoke slowly. It was a voice of agony. Then he raised his head and looked at me.

“Its hard. I want to give you something good. But you keep on saying you dont need anything again, and again.” He continued to say.

The previous Iana must have been very sharp in her refusal.

“But Im used to it.” He smiled convincingly. The curving eye tail once again created a breathtaking feeling.

“Its all right. Because its you. Ill enjoy this.” He conversed. It was a very sweet voice, but I couldnt tell how the voice kept me from being relaxed.

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