I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Chapter 142 - Promised Day 1 Year Ago (3)

Chapter 141 – Promised Day 1 Year Ago (2)

Promised Day 1 Year Ago (2)

As I walked into the hallway, I was silent. It just suits Francias babbling talk.

The fresh sunlight warms the walls of the hallway. The corridor with open sides created a gentle atmosphere with the side exposed to the sun.

At the end of it, I looked down for a long time, not knowing that there was an unexpected person.

As I walked a little further, Francia pulled the hem of my robe, who was next to her.


It was only when I heard the call from Francia, who was very wary, that I could see right in front of me.

“Miss Iana.”

I slowly lifted my head.

There stood a man with a cold and sharp impression that was very foreign to the warm sunlight.

The cold eyes that seemed to freeze the surroundings just by standing still, and the transparent glasses that could not alleviate them. And a slim and large physique that doesnt go well with the glasses.

It was Lenag.

“Long time no see.”

His brown hair hung in the wind slowly swaying.

There was still an atmosphere standing on the edge on the day when it seemed like he would pull out the sword if I was wrong, and his faint smile was still there.

However, his face, which he had struggled to soften, gradually hardened.


As I walked, the chain made a blunt sound and hit the floor.


When it hit the floor one more time, a horizontal line appeared on Lenags face. Immediately, his face contorted in an awkward way.

“…Excuse me, Miss Iana, is that okay?”

Why? He had an unbelievable face. I couldnt understand why the world looked like it had collapsed.

“The chain?”

I patted Francia, who was wary of him, and responded indifferently. Lenag covered his lips with the back of his hand at my soft voice.

Then his eyes went wide.

“I, I.”

The fierce eyes that seemed like a needle wouldnt hit, and the bottom of the eyes were red. There, a single teardrop as thick as a pearl was dripping from there. It makes for a really pitiful look.

Im at a loss for words.

Why are you crying?

Francia next to me is pulling the hem of my clothes and whispering, is he crying?

I put my index finger to my lips. However, I was so embarrassed that I couldnt even think of a word.

I didnt know about anyone else, but I didnt know that this man would cry so badly.

Tears dripped down to the floor, drawing black circles. It had been a long time since my head stopped thinking in the middle of the day because it was painful and mournful.

“…what did your brother do?”

Why does his voice match so wonderfully? I felt like I was going to be drenched in tears for nothing.

It is said that it is a superb view when a handsome man cries. I wanted to wipe my face.

No, is it the hobby of the men around me to cry? Why… do you cry when you see me?

He bit his lip softly and then let it go.

“My God, I didnt send you out to see this…”

Although his face was sharp, he always had a soft voice, but his soft voice felt cold and hard.

No, it felt like a rigid person. He touched his cheek with a large, thick hand. Like someone who doesnt know what to do.

Then I opened my mouth slowly.

“No, uh… this isnt Lenags fault either.”

I called his name naturally, but he was startled. Lenag, right? Because I called his name at the end….

“Uh, then, Marquis.”

“I like the name.”

“Yes, Lenag….”

…You are still asserting yourself while crying.

“Im fine.”

If I had listened to that sound as soon as I was handcuffed or chained, it would have touched me no matter how much, but now that Ive gotten used to it, I didnt really care.

Because I didnt feel anything.

“I dont care.”

I just kicked my feet and laughed.

“I think so.”

I scratched my cheek and held out my hand. A hesitant hand brushed past his arm.

At that moment, Lenags expression seemed to have gotten more blurred.

“And its not Lenags fault.”

I couldnt see him for a while as he covered his eyes with his hands. The tears hanging from the tip of his chin were the only evidence he couldnt stop crying.

His white shirt was pulled taut.

“Youre not to blame? So dont think so.”

Its not really. He also saved my life.

“… Because of my negligence.”

His red eyes appeared as he gently lifted his hand. I was startled by the sharp eyes under the glasses, but rather…..

The falling tears robbed my eyes.

I need a handkerchief at times like this, but I didnt have that kind of attention to detail. I dont think Francia does.

Francia was rolling her eyes. It was a face full of awkwardness, but it was also full of curiosity.

Maybe it was because I saw her guardian deity a while ago, but the way she hides behind me and sticks her head out looks similar to this. A baby bear.

“I think we should talk about something else…”

To refresh the atmosphere, I comforted him, patted his arm and turned around.

“Why are you here, Im surprised.”

Contrary to the fact that he was Chasers right arm in the book, he was a person who I had not been able to see for the past year or so. I thought he was busy.

He himself is a Marquis and in charge of the management of the cell, so why dont he send subordinates instead of coming and going?

Whether my efforts worked, or whether it was hypothetical, Lenag took his hand away.

The slightly reddened skin was impressive. As he took off his glasses to wipe the pool of water, I looked at his half-dropped eyes and took a deep breath.

… It looks really scary and sharp.

It was as if a sword had been made into a human. A masterpiece that is so sharp that no one can touch it.

There are tears in the eyes of such a person, so this is….

“I came here for business with your brother.”

As soon as Lenag raised his gaze, I quickly avoided his gaze. Im afraid he would find out what I was thinking about while watching me even though he cant hear me.

Hmmm, Im not unscrupulous.

I just coughed and vented for nothing. Lenag looked at me like that and said a word.

“I could send my men, but I wanted to come in person.”

“Yes? Oh, yes.”

I nodded. Prison is comfortable, but sometimes frustrating. I understand.

“But he wasnt in the mansion.”

There I paused. Chaser isnt in the mansion?

“Hes not?”

“Yes, they said he went out, but I was told it would take a few days.”

So it seems that it was the butler and the little warlock who greeted Lenag. I could tell by the stories I heard one after another.

Is Chaser going out?

I remembered his regular outing. Hes been out around this time for a long time, so this time… its faster than other months.

I pressed my lower lip with my index finger and thumb and then removed it.

If Francia was to run away, now was thered flag.

If you miss this, you have to wait another month.”

And there may be something else next month. The future could not be left unknown.


As I was about to open my mouth, a hand reached out in front of me.

“Miss Iana, would you like to go outside with me?”

…. What? I blinked my eyes at the sudden sound.

“Ill help you get out of here.”

The mans face, with the tears stopped, was infinitely serious. Yes, even though he spoke softly, he was a polite and gentle man.

“Youve already done it once. Twice is not difficult.”

That one time seemed to refer to accepting me in the prison and providing convenience there.

I was puzzled.

The suggestion you made for me thinking about this is really good, and Im grateful… If the convenience in the prison was my brothers order or request.

How about now?


I knew it was not the time to ask such a question. Still, the candid words popped out.


Lenag was a little perplexed. Soon, a softer voice came back, softer than before the crying.

“Because Im your fiance.”


Surprise erupted from the voice.

Who? Whos what? Maybe I was too surprised, he made a more surprised face.

“Since when?”

“…thats right, since your brother suggested it. I took the offer at once, but…”


“Is there a problem?”

It reminded me. I remembered

I remembered that I had paid for this books side story as well.

Obviously, the supporting actor in the book, Lenag, cooperated with the villain, Chaser. The reason for this doesnt appear in the main story, but its because Lenag loved Chasers unnamed younger sibling.

Yes. It was on the side.

“Did you get engaged?”

At the same time as the forgotten facts floated to the surface, my insides became more complicated.

Why did I even think of this now? I could no longer see this mans hand as before.

I also understood the slightly strange proposal and excessive convenience in the cell.

“No, its not.”

Even the face that shed tears as he looked at me now.

Were you engaged? This is because of my memory.

“…I appreciate the offer, but Ill turn it down. Its not because I dont like you. Lenag doesnt have to sacrifice.

“Its not a sacrifice.”

I was weak against these daytime tickles. Regardless of the feelings I had for this man, the gaze upon me seemed to tickle the back of my neck. Because he was far from me

“Its natural for you to be with me in the future.”

“Ah, yes…”

As soon as I realized this mans tickling heart, I couldnt help but feel itchy cheeks.

But I quickly changed my expression. As long as I knew that Lenag wasnt on Chasers side, but mine.

He felt Francia hiding behind me and sticking her head out.

“Then please help this child, not me.”


He was the most reliable ally when he was on my side. There is nothing as reassuring as when the bad guy was on my side.

“Yes, helping this child is helping me. Please take this friend out.”

He must have heard my voice resounding again and again. But there was no reaction.


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