I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Chapter 177 - Between The Usual Male And Female Lead

Chapter 176 – The Instinct Of All Roses (2)

The Instinct of All Roses (2)

When a beautiful woman looks at me in front of me and smiles broadly, my emotions are immeasurable and I am very happy.

“Yes, I was a bit surprised.”

“Hehehe. Ive grown up!”

A hand in a white glove grabbed my hand and shook it.

Inside the round, good-natured eyes, there were Pie Eye and Odd Eye, which still had silver on one side and green and silver on the other side, giving them a mysterious color.

The darkened eyes gave off a mysterious feeling.

It went well with the pure white outfit she wore now.

Its even sacred.

I can see that the two of them felt a little similar in the book. Both of them were pure and elegant, as if they had been carefully crafted by God, and there was something incomparable about them.

The present place where I met her was none other than my room. To be precise, it is a small parlor attached to my room.

Next to Francia, Ricdorian with his arms crossed was clearly showingIm dissatisfied with a cold face.

Next to the other side, a handsome man I had never seen was sweating profusely as he looked at Ricdorian.

Who is it?

I turned my eyes away from the person I never saw before and turned to Francia.

“I was very surprised.”

I wondered if the beans I picked up were the seeds from Jack and the Beanstalk for a moment.

Now she looked like me or a little bigger.

Looking at it this way, she gives the impression of being active and mature.

“But Im glad youre healthy. You look a lot better.”

Its not just that shes gotten bigger and more beautiful. She looked a lot more lively now than she did back then, when she was thin and sharp.

When I sat down on the sofa first, Francia ran over and sat down next to me.

“Sister, sister. You dont know how desperately I asked for permission to come here.”

She wrinkled the bridge of her nose and put her arms around me.

“The owner of this place didnt want to let you in, right?”

Ricdorian saw this and narrowed his eyes.

As he watched, instead of sitting across from me, he walked towards the door, folded his arms, and glanced at this side.

“I promised to show you when I find it.”

Like surveillance.

And the unfamiliar handsome man rolled his eyes and naturally went to the back of the sofa and stood up.

Judging by the weak impression and skinny physique, he doesnt seem like an escort.

“Hey, who is that?”

“Ah, the Pope.”

I did not nod and paused.

… Pope?

“Ill explain it slowly, sister.”

When Francia smiled and nodded to the man, he nodded quickly, opened the door and walked out.

Now in the room are me, Ricdorian, and Francia. There were only three people.

No, what have you been doing for the past four years, the Pope, no, more than that. Like a pet….

No. It just seemed disrespectful to the handsome man. I quickly shook my head and decided to think of something else for once.

Then, suddenly, I had a strange idea. Come to think of it, it was Lenag who helped her a few years ago when I let Francia run away.

Maybe Francia has a way to get in touch with Lenag?

So that I can only tell him about my news.

I wanted to deliver the news without going through Chaser. That Im fine, Im doing fine.

With that thought in mind, Francia opened her mouth already.

“Sister, I heard youre the Blue Rose?”

It was a home run-class fastball from the start. What kind of story starts in the middle of the mountain?

I smiled and widened my eyes as she threw the nuclear bomb.

“Remember that I said Father and I had something we were looking for? Thats… the Blue Rose.”

I didnt know she would be this close. Francia raised her lips softly.

But then she nodded her head calmly.

It looks like this side already knew this. Well. I wondered if I would have known if I had become an assistant for Ricdorian.

At this point, I wondered if it was information that everyone except me knew. It doesnt matter though….

At the same time, I thought it was good.

Even if not, Im starting to get curious too.

“Because the word came out, speaking of which.”

About the Blue Rose, I knew nothing.

I was reluctant to ask about Ricdorian and with Chaser, the story came naturally, and I didnt have a chance to see him again, but I wanted to ask if I ever met him again.

“What kind of rose is the Blue Rose, and what powers does it have?”

Francia rolled her eyes. The place where her sharp expression touched was where Ricdorian was.

“Hey, Grand Duke. Did you not explain properly?”

When Ricdorian didnt answer, she made an expression that frowned even more.

But when she came back to me, she was smiling brightly again.

“It seems that the Grand Duke did not explain anything because he was holding sister and not putting her in public.”


“Rozenia, keep in mind that you are only allowed one hour.”

“Oh, yes. Yes, yes.”

Francia waved her hand as if in annoyance and looked at me. Then she smiled softly.

“Well, its only natural, because Ive been desperately looking for sister, not the Blue Rose from the beginning.”

There was no match between the tone and words.

“But I think I would have done that too. Because I did.”

Francia grabbed my hand tightly. The grown-up beauty collapsed towards me.

“Whether sister is the Blue Rose or not, I would have gone looking for you.”

She pretended to show her muscles by bending her arms like bodybuilders do.

“I have worked hard to break this castles gates.”

Somehow, I think its true that shes become more active and courageous than in the past. Its been a while, but maybe its just because she looks younger?

Even now, when she has matured, she only looks cute.

She smiled and nodded.

“Back to what you asked.”

“Its okay to talk comfortably. Its not like we said goodbye the last time, was it?”

“Is that okay?”

Of course, then, when I answered that, Francias face bloomed like a bud.

Then she slowly rose from her seat, squatted in front of me, and took my hands in her hands.

“Then talking about this.”

This time she held me like I held her hands the day we first met.

“Sister, did I tell you a little while ago that it was the Blue Rose that I searched for with Father?”

“Yes it was.”

“Sister, we exist for sister.”

I paused. Gradually the smile faded away from Francias face, and seriousness took over.

“All roses exist with a desire to follow sister after awakening.”

Different colored eyes turned to me.

It seemed as if a rose pattern had been drawn on her silver eyes and then erased.

“I have been looking for sister.”

“…are you looking for me?”

“Yes. The reason the Black Rose hid sister so tightly was that he wanted to monopolize you.”

There was a thorn in the voice that was explaining softly.

“Like an instinct.”

Francias face with the fierceness as her childhood was vivid.

“Maybe it was because he wanted to watch you dry up alone in the monopoly.”

The sound of grinding teeth permeated her voice. However, this too softened the moment I saw it for a while.

“…thats how youre such an object that draws obsession.”

She didnt mean to say it so wildly. She said and she made a look of helplessness for a moment.

It wasnt something she couldnt understand because she knew what I had been through in Domulit in the past.

“Sister is the center of all roses, and the instinct of all roses is to search for the Blue Rose.”

Francias hand gently grabbed me. Her hand felt like a rose vine.

“Because you are our king.”

At that moment, I looked at Ricdorian without realizing it. Did I look like I was looking for an answer?

What is this nonsense?

King? Isnt that absurd? It was crazy.

But in my head, the mural I saw in the cell passed by.

A Blue Rose in the center surrounded by roses. It was now the moment when this position was understood.

At the same time, traces of the empty spaces pass by as if someone dug it up.

The traces aside, it was confusing.

“By the way. Ordinary roses have a faint sensation of feeling a rose before awakening. So, its immature, so I dont know it even if I was right in front of me!”

Without giving me a chance to respond, Francia spoke quickly.

“So my feelings for sister are separate, all right?”

As Francia held the mature face, she explained succinctly. Although she had matured, she was still like a little puppy whining, perhaps because of her big eyes.

I thought it would be stable if Ricdorian coldly said no to it here. I dont think thats going to happen…. I wasnt used to it that much. King. Everything was unfamiliar.

Then what about Ricdorian?

It was instinct. As I focused on him, Ricdorian nodded slowly. Then he opened his well-shaped lips.

“Thats right. Worship and love are different. Iana.”

It was a voice full of anxiety and sorrow.

“Its true that I feel it faintly before awakening. And unlike other roses, its because I lost my guardian deity at a young age. I didnt have the instinct to find the Blue Rose.”

At first glance, it seemed to be added to avoid any misunderstanding.

“I had no idea.”

Soon there was confidence in that voice.

“Even when I didnt know you were the Blue Rose, I loved you and made you my companion.”

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