Chapter 202

I released Chasers hand. Then I shook my head carelessly.

“No, it doesnt matter.”

As if it doesnt matter if he goes or not. And as my hand went down, his hand grabbed hold of mine.

“Iana, you can do anything.”


“Dont let me go.”

Chaser clasped my hands and whispered softly. A strong arm is wrapped around my waist. He bowed his head and whispered his voice directly into my ear.

“If you do that, I will be deceived by anything.”

It was a voice with a small laugh. At the same time, at the end of the laugh, there seemed to be a sigh.

“Ill listen to anything.”

I rolled my eyes slowly. It was over his shoulder and towards the subordinate. With a glance, Chaser reflexively opened his lips.


Chaser said without looking at the subordinate.

“Go first.”

He said so and slowly turned his head.

“Take the 1st Battalion.”

“Yes! Understood!”

The subordinate had a face that couldnt understand for a moment, but all the light of his doubts was erased by Chasers words. He greeted as if he had understood.

The 1st Battalion was the most outstanding of the knights under Chaser. In particular, they were unparalleled in the face of people. Because it was a bunch of wild dogs.

I took a deep breath as I had seen how they intercept and deal with intruders next to Chasers side. Will Jaire and Francias knights be okay? They will be fine.

Thump thump.

As if to soothe my quietly beating heart, I felt a gentle energy inside. This is Puddings energy. I smiled as if it was licking the back of my hand.

Thank you.

Then the door closed and only me and Chaser were left in the room.

I heard footsteps rushing outside. It was probably the knights who were waiting in front of my room.

Then the commotion subsided, and silence came.

My hand was still in Chasers hand. Somehow, the room feels more spacious than usual. His eyes crossed with mine.

“Is there anything you want?”

Chaser said something out of the ordinary.

What I want. What I wished for.

Oddly enough, Chaser and Ricdorian were asking me the same thing. However, when I talk about a wish that goes against my will, the reaction is different. Because Ricdorian was a man who listened while crying, whereas Chaser was a man who would listen to me selectively. And he was the man who made me gave up.

Years ago, when I decided to give up running and stay in the Domulit mansion, he asked.

My wish then was that I wanted to take a walk in the garden.

“Why. Will you bring me a bunch of worldly treasures?”

Then he piled up the mansion full of rare things that I would never see again.

“Theres nothing I cant do if you want.”

He said it was a gift to me.

“Did you put all my stuff in the basement?”

At that time, there was no way that I could not be unaware of the gentle voice that seemed to be trying to calm me down. Even now he was trying to comfort me like that.

“I put it. The warehouse.”

He tilted his head and smiled softly.

“So you can bring it whenever you want.”

Chaser gave me a lot of gifts, but most of them went back to the warehouse. It was because I didnt use it and was indifferent to it. And I confirmed that it is still the same today.

Everything is in the warehouse.

The same goes for the tiara. Fortunately, Ive been to the warehouse before. As long as it was within this mansion, I could go anywhere.

Chaser allowed me to go in and out of my own private room. As if it doesnt matter what I do if I stay here. Even if it was a place where Domulits secrets were piled up, hed be happy to give it to me if I wanted to.

Among the countless days that Chaser gave me presents, I remembered the day when he gave the Empress tiara.

The day when he rejoiced as he crowned me.

If everything stays the same, the plan will be fine. After checking everything, I slowly lifted my head.

All thats left.

Im going to knock this guy down. I pondered for a few days.

The stabbing place is the neck or the wrist.

There should be other places where the bloodline is exposed. I heard that putting it in a place with a thick layer of skin wont do any good. After much deliberation, I always found the exposed neck to be the easiest.

His wrists were always covered by his coat. So, what can I do to insert this syringe into this mans neck?

At first, I tried several times the moment this man was sleeping.

However, after all these failed attempts, I only came to know one thing. He doesnt relax even for a moment.

I exhaled lightly.


As I flicked my hand, Chaser bowed softly like a butterfly drawn to a flower. He and I became very close. As I was sitting on the sofa, I was locked up by him and I looked up.

I have no intention of pitying you, but…….

I slowly lowered my eyes.

I must have stayed in this mansion for too long.

He was a man who committed the never-before-seen crime of murdering his father, but suffered as much abuse and resentment left by his father as a legacy. An environment that cannot survive without becoming evil. I dont want to understand, but it sounds like I know the reason.

This is how it feels to know something you dont really want to know.

Cumbersome and annoying.

It was like a thin piano string wrapped around my wrist to know the circumstances in which this man was forced to grow up. Its thin and transparent, so you dont feel it when its loose, but its only when its taut that you suddenly notice its presence. Just like now.

I have no intention of stopping him from doing so, but I cant help but let my heart weaken a bit. Time leaves a trace. I wonder if this man even thought about it this far.

Then I opened my lips and spoke quietly.

“Is the Blue Rose obligated to pay attention to all the roses?”

Chaser blinked his eyes in surprise for a moment, then lowered his head and smiled.

“It is not obligatory. If you dont do that, one will go crazy.”

Rustle. His fine black hair fluttered in front of me.

“The one that didnt get attention.”

Chaser pressed his lips together with his thumb and rubbed it like stretching.

“Do you know why the Yellow Rose has the flower language of betrayal?”

A soft voice lightly tells an old story.

“For a long time…… they almost never got a choice.”

Thinking of the figure of a man with long long hair, Lenag, I flinched.

“They became traitors the moment they stole the Blue Rose once. Since they were the ones who made loyalty their purpose in life, they didnt even protest. By the way, the guardian deity is also a snake, so it was good to be misunderstood.”

Chaser added a word with a smile.

“Well, it wasnt just a misunderstanding, as most of them hide their snake-like nature behind it. The Yellow Rose of this era was just a particularly unusual man.”


“Yes. I cant help but let go of him because he was only looking at you.”

I slapped his hand that was approaching my cheek and raised my eyes.

“If he became a traitor with just one bad deed, how about the Black Rose?”

It was to point out the atrocities done by the Black Rose. Chaser replied calmly with a smile.

“The Black Rose is the most impatient.”

“If you dont be loved, will you die?”


The smile faded from his eyes for a moment. Serious gazes overlapped in the air.

“If you dont love me.”

Chaser whispered as he bowed his head.

“I think Im going to die.”

I thought for a long time.

There is no moment when this man relaxes.

Yes, if so. There was only one way.


Illll have to make himself relax. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him tight.

“Ill give it to you.”


He didnt have time to answer. Because I closed Chasers mouth. With my lips. His eyes widened. For the first time, I saw the red eyes that were wide open as if they were about to tear apart.

He felt a soft touch on his lips and wrapped his hand behind my neck. I stretched out my hand straight back.

The number of syringes Jaire gave me was three.

It was in case of failure…….

Jaire knew it too.

If I fail even once, thats the end of it. That there will be no more opportunities. Isnt that what hunting is all about? From the moment we set this beastly man as our goal, we both knew it.

If we dont eat him, well get eaten.

So, just before the last move, Jaire said he was sorry after saying goodbye. The life of his master must have been more important than me. I didnt mean to blame him. It was the plan I insisted on despite the strong opposition of the roses.


I dont want to fail.

Feeling that Chasers body was still not relaxed, I pulled my lips apart slightly.

Neither he nor I closed our eyes.

“Its as you say. I dont know how to love and to be loved.”

I narrowed his eyes as Chaser would.


Like mocking him.

“Ill give it to you at least once.”

While imitating his arrogance. My fallen lips overlap again. This time, too, was the moment when he stood still, observing him and judging the opportunity.

“…… Heup!”

My vision was completely turned. I just blinked my eyes wide.

Suddenly, the posture was reversed and I sat between Chasers legs. He grabbed my waist and looked down at me.

I felt his tight thighs on my buttocks.

When our eyes met, he gave a languid smile.

Fortunately, my hand was still outstretched and the syringe hidden in my sleeve remained undetected. However, my lips were blocked and I could not speak.

His eyes slowly curve deeper and deeper. Eyes shining dangerously between the eyelids. The red eyes were as good as those of a beast.

Because it grabbed me tightly as if all his desires had been released.

Chaser closed his eyes. Its as if he was going to ignore everything from now on.

His kiss was skillful and gentle, unlike Ricdorians clumsy but raw kiss. Even I, who had no idea, was so moved that I flinched.

He found a surprisingly sensitive place and touched it. I shifted my gaze while holding back my eyes from closing in on what I was looking for.

No more need to hide.

The syringe came out of my sleeve.

Without delay, I put it around his neck. Our lips parted and then overlapped again.

I thought Chaser would pull the syringe or jump up and throw me, or at least look at me with angry eyes. This moment was the most important. A cold sweat fills my hands.

However, Chasers behavior was completely different from what I expected.

Chaser grabbed one of my hands and thrust the syringe deeper.

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