Chapter 210.1

Dont hold it in

It was a clean, yet dreary, obsessive voice. But I didnt hate this. Because I know where it came from now.

I just stared at him blankly.

It took me a while. I couldnt spit out the words that were lingering in my throat.

So it was after a little more time that I could speak again. Until then, Ricdorian was still waiting for my reply. Hes like the waiting stone and would wait forever.

“…… youre foolish.”

These words came out first. Because his words made me laugh out loud.

I felt it from the first time I saw him, but his soft, clean silver hair and highly pure blue eyes made him noble and holy. He never got along with the underground, the night, and the darkness.

However, the man with his cheeks blushing at me and smiling languidly right now looked better with the moon and night behind him than anyone else. Since when did he become a person more suited to the night than the day?

Did the darkness in his chest make him fit into the night? I was caught up in some kind of unnecessary sentiment.

“Although I am generally indifferent to people, and most of the time, things that happened dont matter to me.”

I softly added a confession.

“I know I shouldnt say things like that.”

“It doesnt matter. If youre comfortable with me.”

Ricdorian smiled shyly. Thats not wrong though. When I couldnt erase my expression, he smiled even more deeply.

“Is Iana uncomfortable? Because I take it too easily?”

He raised his hand a little more. His rough fingertips rub against my thighs. I held back the moaning this time again.

He put his lips on my lap. Rather, it seems that he was happy and glad to see me now.

“Please feel more uncomfortable.”

“Huht, Ri…… cdorian”

“Please keep thinking of me like that.”

Without realizing it, I ducked down and grabbed his head. He laughed and a breeze came from his lips on my lap. It was clearly him that had a reddish face, but I still couldnt tell which personality it was.

“Iana, please answer me.”

He urged for an answer. No, it was close to a request. But I didnt know if his lips were going to leave my knees.


The skirt, which had risen even further, flew up and down like the ends of a curtain and swayed. He carefully grabbed my white thighs and rubbed them with his fingertips.

“The love is mine, right?”


“Youre only going to tell me that you love me, right?”

“…… yes.”

Eventually, I exhaled a hot breath and nodded. I dont know if he saw my nod though.

His eyes were fixed in one place.

Youre looking at it carefully.

A red tattoo was visible on the inside of my bare thigh. It was a tattoo of a rose in full bloom. Since the place was hidden, I couldnt see well except when I was washing or changing clothes.

Watching what he was doing, I felt my body heat rising even more. Thats how much he couldnt take his eyes off my tattoo.

If I leave it like this, its like he will just stare at it.

“Its pretty.”

He mumbled with his eyes half-closed. There was an exhilarating breath from him.


The rough fingertips found the exact location of the tattoo and stroked it. I bit my lip at the soft touch.

It was the first time I knew that this place was so sensitive. It was a completely different sensation from touching it while taking a shower.

“Iana, dont hold it in.”

Ricdorian said as if he noticed me. Then he slowly lowered his face and brought his mouth closer. Haa, a low breath hit my underwear. I automatically tensed up my thighs.

“Please dont hold back, okay?”

“Wh, what?”

He looked up and I looked down.


Grabbing the back of his head and lowering my head, my hair runs down like a curtain over his head. It was still swinging in the wind. The sweet scent of roses brushed the tip of my nose.

He laughed softly through my hair. Then he lowered his head and kissed my tattoo again.

“If you allow it, just like this…… I want to spend the night with you.”

He whispered softly with his lips buried. There was a shyness that could not be concealed in his ferocious voice. It was no longer necessary to engrave the red rose now. Because his tattoo was already in a very secret place. As if it was settled in my heart.

Still, to ask this question……. It must have been a representation of the desire that fluttered in that red-hot face. I grabbed his cheeks and lifted him up.


My voice leaked out a little.

“So wicked. You.”

Flutter. The innocent eyes were curved. But even as he smiled, I could feel him looking into my eyes.

“…… Dont you want it?”

Thats why I realized that it wasnt that his personality had changed, but he was on the rational side. I smiled softly.

“No. Its not that I dont want it. I think you always know only one thing about throwing fastballs.”

“I dont know bad words or bad things.”

I think so. Seeing him in front of the Emperor or with Chaser, he was a cool and dignified Grand Duke.

“I like this look the most. I just want you to show this look of yourself again.”

“What does it look like?”

“An honest look.”

He leaned on my hand and closed his eyes. His long eyelashes trembled.

“…… Even if I get rejected, Ill cry and beg at your feet again.”

“…… .”

“Its also my wish that I dont want to hurt you anymore.”

He grabbed my wrist with one hand and let it go. As if asking if it was any different from the Black Rose that used to chain me. I bowed my head and smiled.

I stroked his cheek.

“Hmm. I see.”


“I didnt like it because it was different. I liked it because it was you.”

Then he raised his head and looked like he was about to cry.

“You cry a lot.”

“You hat…….”

“I dont hate it. Is it because I dont have tears?”

I wiped the tears that tumbled down with my thumb.

“Is it strange to say that I like to see your face when youre crying because of me? Am I a pervert?”

In the end, would it be strange to say that the face that has turned red because of the tears that flowed out was so pretty?

“Your crying face is so pretty.”

But still, I said frankly. Ricdorian jumped up and lifted me straight up.


I asked him, but meekly surrendered myself to his solid body and let him do what he was doing. He and I were in the parlor, but right next to the parlor was a small bedroom.

It was a typical noble mansion structure. He laid me down on the comfy bed, clasped his hand with mine and untangled it.

As soon as he put me down on the bed, I couldnt reach out my hand any more because I was nervous.

“…… is it okay?”

I smiled at the gentle voice that came as if asking for permission, then sat back down. Then, I gathered my long hair and hung it over one shoulder and turned my head halfway.

“What should I do?”

I heard him holding his breath.

“I have a lot of buttons.”

I raised my hand and swiped the button behind my back.

“Undress me.”

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