Chapter 212

Enemy or friend?

Just two days after that.

It was not difficult to meet the Empress. Upon hearing the news that we were bringing the tiara, the magic circle to the Imperial Palace was immediately opened. Even so, it was still a long distance, but it was not difficult to move because Jaire was here. So, me and Ricdorian entered secretly.

– I feel a bad vibe, Nyan.

Pudding whispered from inside me. Those remarks made me flinch and did not walk. After returning to Hernim Castle, Pudding was not with me for a while and walked around Hernim Castle on its own.

At least, while Ricdorian and I were doing things, Pudding wasnt inside of me. So when he came inside after a long time, it felt like a lump in the throat and talked more than the other days.

A bad vibe? Tell me more.

– I dont know, Nyan, it feels bad, as if I fell into the muddy ground after the rain. Nyan!

For the three-year-old guardian deity, Pudding had a good vocabulary, but there was still a limit to expressing what it experienced. I gave it a little thought and said to Ricdorian, who was walking next to me.

Somethings strange with Pudding, I whispered in his ear, so the servant walking in front of us would not have heard it. Even if they had heard it, they could guess nothing from these words.

The more I think about it, I think the name Pudding was a good choice.

– I dont think so at all, Nyan!

While listening to murmurs about its name for a moment, we reached the audience room. This time too, because we came in secret, it wasnt a big room.

The door opened, and a small hall greeted us. Of course, the name may be small, but as it was a place in this huge imperial castle, it was so spacious that it could not be compared with a normal parlor.

Whoosh! Kiiik!

The first thing that greeted us after opening the door was not the Empress voice or the servants, but the cry of a bat. The bat I saw during my last audience was sitting on the ceiling just above the door and crying.

…… Is it a doorbell?

I thought indifferently as it let out a cry.

– Whats a doorbell, Nyan?

There is such a thing.

Unlike the last time the servant announced our visit, the attendant only let us in and closed the door again. I looked around the hall only after the door was closed. No one was there. No, if there was one, it was an old man with a beard that I had seen in the last audience. He looked at us and bowed slightly. It seemed like he did it to Ricdorian rather than me.


As soon as the elegant yet hoarse voice called out, the bat quickly flew up and landed in one place. It was on a white wrist.

“Youre here?”

The veil lifted by itself, and the owner of the imperial castle who was sitting there appeared.

“Its amazing that well be reunited so quickly.”

She greeted us sitting on a large throne. Her long hair that covered one of her eyes still made her overwhelming. But after seeing Marshmels letter, I couldnt see her like before.

The Imperial Family deceived me by pretending that they do have a record ofblue roses in their hand.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

I grabbed my robe and bowed deeply. Then Ricdorian greeted her. Many things were omitted from his brief greeting.

“Raise your head.”

When I lifted my head, I saw the Empress smiling slowly.

“Yes, this time again, youre being cheeky. Hernim?”

“I dont know what you didnt like about my greeting. My respect is the same as ever, so I dare you will understand it.”

Ricdorian bowed his head as he spoke. Then he lifted his head and took a step forward. Rather than getting closer to the Empress, it was as if he was going to protect me.

“Its fun.”

Instead of being offended, the Empress rubbed her fingertips under her chin.

“You are being so cheeky because you have good reasons for doing so. Right?”

“Is there any possibility?”

“Of course you should. If you know how hard it has been for me to cut Domulits request.”

“What suggestions did Domulit have?”

“They said they would give the Rosnan coal mine as a gift to the Imperial Family. You should know that the offer that I had been eyeing for years was so difficult to cut off.”

It means that Chaser was constantly proposing to negotiate something with the Empress. I could tell what he was hoping for.

“Are you looking to get the point right away? I like you like that, Grand Duke.”

“It is an honor.”

“Oh, of course, Im not saying I want you to sit next to me, so rest assured.”

The Empress pointed to the seat next to her. Ricdorian did not laugh at the joke that she had no intention of marrying him.

“Okay, lets keep it simple. Did you bring it?”

“Yes. I brought it.”

She already knew everything because we reported it through communication magic, but the question still came out.


The Empresss tiara was in my hands. To be exact, in my box. I opened the box. In the sturdy jewelry box, the tiara was revealed. The Empress, who had been surprised for a moment, quickly closed her mouth. One of her eyes was covered with her long hair today, so it was difficult to recognize her expression.

“Its real.”

The Empress judged in one word, and then, as she stretched out her hand, a purple haze lifted the tiara. In the blink of an eye, the tiara was in the Empress hands.

“…… Its finally back in my hands.”

The Empress rubbed the tiara. As I was looking at it, I suddenly remembered.

<...... Looks like its needed again this time.>

Chaser asked if it was needed again this time. It was strange. What Chaser means bythis time is after he returns. If thats the case, it means that it was needed before he returned.

Why did he need it? What if Iana needed that? Where would he use it? My stream of thoughts stretched out far.

For a long time, the Black Rose was obsessed with everything about the Blue Rose. To the extent that all information about the Blue Rose is reserved exclusively for the family.

A thought flashed over me. It was a question.

If so, is that something related to the Blue Rose?

As it was a word from Chaser, it might be without a logical basis, I concluded that it might be so. Just then, the Empress raised her head.

“Then can I think of it as granting permission to Kambrakam?”

“Ill allow you.”

The long-awaited permission was given. Yes, now was the time to put Ricdorians life first, not that bizarre question. It was when I swallowed my doubts and shook my head.

“But there was one more thing that I was going to give. Was it about the Blue Rose? I think it was.”

Her sneaky words let me know that she remembered everything, but she only hinted at it. Like negotiating for it.

She looked right at me and turned back to Ricdorian.

“I will only talk about this with the Blue Rose alone.”

With me? I bowed my head slightly and narrowed my eyes. This was a different reaction from the last audience. Even then, the Empress paid attention to who I was, but not this kind of excessive attention.

Did something happen that made her react differently from that time and gave me a private audience? Or has achange happened that made her interested in me?

“You didnt answer.”

The purple eyes with the same color as mine, but with a completely different atmosphere, seemed to say that she had no intention of accepting an opposition.

“… Excuse me, but that seems difficult.”

Ricdorians back obscured my vision.

“I know what the roses think of the Blue Rose. Either way, I am the owner of the land you are treading on. Are you going to ignore me now?”

“I dont think that what Ive given to preserve that land is by no means small.”

“Therefore? If you dont back down, are you going to be at odds with me? Thats fun, Grand Duke. I can raise Domulits hand even now.”

“Your Majesty.”

I took Ricdorians hand.

“I am not feeling well right now. The Grand Duke is concerned about my body and my health.”

It was not good to quarrel with the Imperial Family here. After all, she was the master of this Empire, and she was the one who gave permission to enter and leave Kambrakam. I blinked my eyes slowly. In a calm gaze. While staring indifferently.

“Unlike His Excellency, who breaks the bones of an ordinary person like a branch of a willow tree, my body is infinitely weak and cannot withstand the outside air for a long time.”


I dont like to come forward, but I remember what Chaser told me. The story about the difficulty of the Imperial Family leaning on one side. So now it will be important to keep her mind from turning to Chaser. She will be difficult as an enemy.

“Thats why my brother kept me in the mansion.”

Of course, there were other reasons why Chaser imprisoned me, but he probably wouldnt have confided to the Empress because of his personality. Unsurprisingly, the Empress slowly nodded her head.

“Hmm, if thats the case. I personally understand that the Grand Duke is sensitive.”

“Thank you.”

“Your body must be different from other roses.”

“… Thats right.”

I dont know if Blue Roses are actually fragile. But the Empress thinks Chasers reasons were reasonable. After all, Chaser didnt even tell the Empress about me.

“Nevertheless, I want to talk to you.”

“With all due respect, but is that a story that will guarantee my safety?”

“You are a fierce Lady.”

She laughed out loud in amusement. Then she nodded.

“I swear by everything I have. The story will only be done in 5 minutes. When the story is over, you will safely leave this room. Would this be enough?”

For some reason, the Empress seemed to show an indisputable kindness. I decided to give this a try once.


I called him.

“After we finish, lets eat pudding together.”

Ricdorian flinched. He seemed to have noticed that I had Pudding in me now. If the Empress posed a danger, I will always be able to deal with it.

Eventually, Ricdorian made a concession and took a step. Creak, the servant opened the door.

“Are you nervous?”

“Im nervous to have a private audience..”

“You dont look nervous for saying that. Right.”

“I usually dont have any expressions.”

“Is that so?”

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

Although Ricdorian had not retreated, the Empress burst into laughter as if delighted with my words.

“I would be lying if I said no.”

Ricdorians steps stopped. He looked up at the Empress quietly. A dangerous light flashed through his eyes.

Its like he wont let the Empress go if she touches me the wrong way.

Is she an enemy or a friend?

What the hell is she up to?

Kiiik, the door is closed.

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