Chapter 213.2

150.2 What was half hidden (1)

The Empress set her gaze in the distance. Its like I was in front of her, but she was putting her gaze on something else.

“I will not mention the fairy tale at length. Its going to be a long and boring story. I am not a storyteller.”

Well. I think people will become great audiences just by looking at this Sisters face. Because she used her eloquent beauty that catches peoples attention the more I see it. Was this what they call charisma?

“This is a story about an unknown God.”

Along with the saying that she was not good at being a storyteller, a mellow voice led me to the story.


There was a wise God in this world.

God loved all creation equally and kept the world at peace with those who helped God.

Thanks to that, the world has been in balance for a long time.

Then one day, God, who was watching the world, suddenly ran out of strength and welcomed death…….

But God has so much power that God couldnt be buried in the world God loved even after death.

The dead God got separated into fragments.

The fragments of God are scattered to other worlds, leaving only one fragment in the world that God looked after. Suddenly! One day, a covetedrose bloomed in the place where this single fragment was buried.

It was a small plant that was particularly prized when God was alive. However, because this rose was born from a fragment of God, it became the one and only rose that has never existed in the world.

And the four beings who loved God so much cried over the death of God……. The moment they saw the fragment of God that bloomed in the flower, they gave up their life, their glory and gave up their strength. They became the same flower.

Someones passionate love.

Someones protection and belief that they want to keep forever.

Someones memory of healing pain.

Someones…… obsession of loving intensely and leaving nothing else.

Everyone has become a silent plant.

Was the fragment of the dead God happy? It was unknown. The fragment that became the flower had no answer.

But one day, more time passed.

Miracles happen.

The day the fragment of God suddenly became human.

How did the other roses change?

They became humans as well!

And after that?

And……. There was one hidden story. There was a being who secretly loved God.

They loved, respected, and looked upon God from afar, but lacked the strength to become anything of Gods beings.

Even after God died, it didnt even become a flower.

However, their love for God remained inside, so they called themselves a rose. They missed this heart day by day, and one day it turned different.

Why do I have to love so much?

Thats right, it was calledjealousy.


“…… Did the hidden being become human in the same way?”

After listening to the story up there, I asked a question. The Empresss mellow voice stopped. She said she wasnt good at telling stories, and that she wouldnt talk much. Yet I felt like I was watching a play.


At the same time, I doubted that I had heard a well-crafted fiction. No, she said it was a fairytale. It just wasnt like a fairy tale.

“So. Are you saying this is all true?”

“Isnt it ridiculous?”

It felt like my head was throbbing, but I couldnt hold my head in front of the Empress. When the Empress asked with a smile, I just kept my lips shut.


“To be honest, I think I heard a great founding story.”

“Tell me more honestly.”

“Is God the first Emperor?”

“Unfortunately, not. The Imperial Family is not the main character.”

The Empresss voice sank a little low. I shook my head.

“Then, the last being that came out…… Was the Imperial Family?”

“Thats right.”

There has been a lot of history since then. This was to summarize only the core.

“The days when the first roses appeared were full of war and chaos. As time passed, the founder of the Imperial Family took over human power. They couldnt break the blind allegiance of other roses to the Blue Rose. It is not for nothing that the rose family still honors the Blue Rose as king.”

That was plausible. I had heard of it, the roses were beings who chased after God from the beginning and abandoned everything.

“Because the founder of the Imperial Family was the most human being, he could become the master of the Empire. The influence was limited to locking the Blue Rose in this land.

The Empress pressed her temple tightly.

“They themselves still harbors that longing for God, and they call themselvesthe Purple Rose.”

I felt that the Empresss voice had changed a little while ago. I thought it was an illusion, but……. It wasnt an illusion.

“It seems that the founder of the Imperial Family dreamed of eternity.”

The Empress took a deep breath. It was a breath mixed with many emotions and sorrow.

“They were in love with the Blue Rose, and then they became mad and jealous, and they dreamed of wanting to take her place.”

A twisted, eccentric, crooked smile hung on her graceful face.

“Maybe this is why this power left behind by the ancestors has colored the souls of humans who have had the Purple Rose from generation to generation. Leaving not a single descendant.”

This absurd story and the story about the rose that I knew seemed to make sounds as the teeth in the gears were turning.

“I called thiscontamination.”

The Empress slowly raised her hand. I witnessed the Empresss fingertips trembling. An unfamiliar feeling of insecurity overtook me. Why? The Empress was so kind to me, I couldnt understand what she meant. Is this the emotion Pudding felt before?

No. It was also different from that. My instincts were screaming so.

What I see now is a different being from the Empress a while ago. This was the ominous feeling I felt when I first met the Empress. Eventually, it seemed that a dark, shady purple whitish seal appeared around the Empress. It wasnt an illusion.

Something else is with the Empress.

The Empress had always covered one side of her face with her hair. Blow~. Even in the wind that had blown from somewhere, what had been firmly hidden was lifted by her hand and moved. The moment the scarred half of the face I had seen in the last audience was revealed, I swallowed my breath.

“I tried my best not to swallow my load.”

A face full of scars that were deeply scratched as if it had been scratched by an animal, a huge diagonal line running from the temple to the corners of the eyes and the tip of the lips.

“I only found out after ascending to the throne. As time goes on, the load will become more contaminating.”

“What is it?”

She smiled with this scar on her face. It was a cold smile.

“…… What exactly is that contamination?”

Her eyes revealed a deep, dark light.

“Before that, there is something you need to hear. In the power that I possess, there is a soul that was once a purple rose.”


At that moment, I saw a strange blue tinged with purple eyes that I thought had been a brilliant light.

“Simply put, the souls of the previous Emperors. The souls, who have been swayed by this power and possessed by terrible jealousy, are clinging together without rest even after death.”

Her eyes rolled and turned towards me. I felt a chill.

“Thanks to that, the Emperor of the Empire, can make judgments and schemes and was wiser and more sensible than anyone else,.”

She tilted her head and smiled with her beautiful face. It was mesmerizing, as if possessing people, but with a gaze filled with madness.

“At the same time, it makes it easier to go crazy.”

Her long hair runs down like a curtain.

“If I hadnt ruined my face so as not to go crazy, I would have been a mad tyrant over the Blue Rose.”

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