Chapter 220

Guardian Deity of the Blue Rose

I felt something full inside my body. A blue haze rippled around like a wave. It felt as if I had regained a part of my body I had forgotten, as if I had filled a hole that had been left open.

I cant believe I have this kind of power.

I had only regained very little of my power. My guardian deity was still bound and sealed. But now I feel it clearly. Where did I lose it……. where should I go.

“Pudding, come here.”

Pudding jumped into my arms. Of course, it made its body smaller just before it was in my arms. I hugged the shrunken beast tightly. Even if I didnt say it, perhaps it felt my feelings, Pudding turned red and disappeared inside me. I clenched my hand and opened it.

The guardian deity is not here. Now it was clear where I should go.

I will go there.

When I closed and opened my eyes, I was standing in a completely different space.

The scenery of a huge hall spread out in front of me.

People filled the hall. The sound of weapons clashing non-stop and groans could be heard everywhere.

Overall, people in black were oppressing those in white and blue from three sides.

Of course, those in white and blue clothes fighting with their backs to the entrance were Francia and Ricdorians knights.

The smell of burning and something sharp pierced my nostrils from all directions. The tangy smell here was probably blood. I turned my head unknowingly and met the gaze that was staring at me tenaciously.

“Hello, Brother.”

Not far from the platform. Chaser, who was holding a sword against Ricdorian, retreated.

There was one thing Jaire and the Roses warned of. The Black Roses powers are enchantment, and maybe there are people who have been brainwashed in the cathedral. As said, there were people in this hall holding and wielding farm equipment, kitchen knives and shovels with their eyes out of focus.

They are probably permanent residents who have disappeared from the city. I smiled bitterly and lifted my head again. In the meantime, Chasers eyes were fixed on me persistently.

His eyes went wide open in surprise, and it slowly returned to its original position. Chaser pulled back his sword and stepped back. It was an agile movement unlike the relaxed smile. The empty-eyed people filled the void he had left.

“Welcome, Iana.”

He greeted me in his usual voice. But I could tell. That there is confusion in this voice.

I quickly skimmed the situation.

Everything was messed up in a short amount of time. At least Ricdorian and Francia in the distance were all in good shape, but they all looked tired.

Perhaps the fight to subdue people without getting hurt was very difficult. The hall was still filled with the sound of weapons. Only Ricdorian and a few around Chaser stopped fighting.


The moans coming from here and there were actually coming from the knights. Those who were brainwashed didnt even know they were in pain, and they didnt even moan.

I was looking down from the top of the stairs, and without hesitation, I jumped into the middle of the fight.


It was almost two stories high, but looking like I was used to it, I floated my feet with a blue energy. Ricdorian tried to run to me. He approached me, lightly defeating those in his path with a sword covered in red energy.

“Why are you here…….”

“I cant see you hurt anymore.”

Perhaps, his voice was asking, why did I come this way without hiding. I reached out and kissed Ricdorians cheek tenderly.

“Good job, really.”

I already know the situation, so why risk getting hurt further? I turned my head and took a step. Every step I take, the more I feel tied up. My guardian deity was breathing very close.

Even at this moment, the pair of eyes fixed on me didnt seem to go at any moment. It is Chasers eyes standing among the people.

The distance between the villain and me was not far. Because Ricdorian was at the forefront to protect everyone.

I stopped my feet.

“Its here isnt it?”

Chaser let out a low breath at my words.

“…… As expected, it looks like I cant hide it.”

His words were full of regret.

“It would have been safe if you had stayed as you are.”

I laughed bitterly.

“Your way of keeping things tied up is going to get boring now.”

“Iana, you dont know.”

“What do you mean I dont know?”

Ricdorian, who suddenly approached me, stood as if protecting me, and pointed his sword. I gently stroked his shoulder.

“Ricdorian, no matter what happens from now on, dont move.”

Whispering softly so that only he could hear it, I stepped forward in front of Ricdorian. Quickly, I put the dagger in my hand. It was told by Jaire that it was for self-defense, and it was small but sharp and could cut anything. I casually brought it to my neck and drove my hand down.

At the same time, my hand was grabbed. When I looked up, there was a man holding my hand and breathing heavily.

Chasers eyes fluttered wildly.

“You, what are you doing?”

A low-pitched voice came out like a threat. Even at this moment, it was an enchanting voice that seemed to seduce me, but I just smiled.

Did he know? How quickly he ran to me in this short amount of time. And the fact that he ran to this place where the enemy was all around.

“I think its you who really doesnt know.”

The reason this man tried to tie me up was probably so that I wouldnt be endangered in this battle.

“Its a twisted love, you too.”

The symbol of the Black Rose isobsession. Was it his fault that he was not right from the root? But everything he did made him cross the river of no return.

“Im sorry, Brother.”


“I dont want to listen to you anymore.”

Tip, tap. Red drops of blood fell to the ground.

“I didnt even expect anything from you.”

Words that were never brought out in the end. I dont think I should say that I felt sorry too. I was afraid that this might have been my brainwashing while living with him, so I pressed it again and again. I didnt want to give even a small gap in my heart. But it doesnt seem to matter now. I can let it go without regret.

I left the dagger as it was and passed by Chaser. Chaser didnt do anything with his eyes wide open. Like someone who is tied to my words.

“You dont seem to have it in your body, do you?”

I glanced away and saw Chasers eyes narrowing.

I glanced at his body carelessly.

I know because it is by my side.

What kind of power?

How to use it.

“Everyone, stop.”

Everyone stopped moving along with my voice that came out like a song.

“I didnt recognize your plan so I took a shot. So I was fooled.”

I looked up at the ceiling and smiled.

“Actually, the whole hall was a sealing place, wasnt it?”

A huge blue energy appeared above my head, forming an indescribably beautiful figure. Beneath the waves, a figure fills this gigantic hall.

A huge whale appeared.

The guardian deity of the Blue Rose that has been sealed for a long time. Chains were wrapped around the whales huge body. However, it was only a short time before the chain appeared.

Crash! Crumble!

The chains began to crack and shattered into pieces. The scattered chain fragments crumbled and fell like black starlight. As the black starlight poured in, I raised my eyes and looked at my guardian deity.


A deep, low-pitched sound reverberated throughout the hall. It was the guardian deitys pleasant singing voice of. I also felt the liberation, joy, and happiness of the guardian deity.

I knew instinctively.

This seal was to be released when I met my guardian deity. Thats why Chaser wanted to avoid me facing this guardian deity until the very end.

“You knew I wouldnt be here after all.”

Really, that man had a knack for fighting.

I thought he knew me as much as I knew him. In fact, it may have been me who was even more aware of him. But what about now? As long as the seal is lifted, it is no longer relevant.

Everyone was awakened from the brainwashing by the blue wave emanating from the whale. The inside of the hall was filled with the voices of the confused residents in an instant.

“Oh my God.”

It would have been nice if it had a happy ending like this, but……. this person was called the final villain of this novel.

“Its amazing. I dont think its going to get ruined this far…….”

I did not know. He covered his face and muttered.

Ricdorian raised his sword again. As Chasers knights lowered their posture, Hernims knights raised their swords.

“But, Iana.”

Even in this situation when everything went back to its proper place, the man did not stop smiling until the end.

“Ill be in trouble if you think that its over.”

At the same time, a terrifying black energy emanated from him. It was a huge energy that was incomparable to any other time. I hardened my face when I found the blue color through this black energy.

Chaser turned back time with the power of the previousIana, and it seemed that he could use the power of the Blue Rose as well.

I dont know if its just part of it or all.

I took a deep breath.

In fact, if Chaser brainwash again those who had awakened, things would be unfavorable. Whatever he does, I will block it, and as long as there is a gap, Ricdorian will play an active part.

The power of the Red Rose to crush and destroy like a beast. Those who defended justice were overwhelmingly at a disadvantage in this battle not to injure ordinary people.

I smirked even in this unfavorable situation.

When I see this, the villain gets it very comfortably. How could I not have anticipated such a situation?

“The timing must be right.”

I even had the composure to watch Chasers actions with Ricdorian. It was around the time when the black energy filled the floor of this hall.


The hall vibrated violently. Did the ground rumble? Its not. The air was ringing. Then a loud voice came from the sky.

[“I asked for permission for the sacred festival that was promised a long time ago, to be held here once again!”]

Light came from the sky. Because it was blocked by the ceiling, I could only see through the window.

Light poured through the stained glass window, and a heavy voice was heard. In a way, it was a sacred sight with the voices of heaven that believers would be amazed by.

[“The 786th Rose Festival has been approved.”]

Fortunately, Lenag got his timing right.

I laughed out loud.

[“According to the sacred rule, all roses will move to the original realm.”]

At the same time, me, Chaser, Ricdorian, and Francias bodies were wrapped in a great light. I parted my lips as I smiled brightly.

“Oh dear, we dont have anything to fight about. Right?”

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