I Reborn as Second Generations of Villains

Shin Hyerin\'s Change in Attitude

Kim Jaejoong remembers that, Soo Shin-Hye is the daughter of someone quite rich, so she is always brought home by her private driver. However, in those days Kim Jaejoong didn see a car that used to take him in approach. After some time, Kim Jaejoong witnessed that Soo Shin-Hye walked off campus instead.

That made Kim Jaejoong confused, because it wasn like it used to be. Kim Jaejoong didn know that today Soo Shin-Hye would be rescued by Park Jung-Woo, decided to follow him secretly to keep an eye on him.

Kim Jaejoong drove his Lamborghini Aventador, and followed Soo Shin-Hye from a distance. He didn want to miss the opportunity to change the plot, and distance himself from the wrong outcome.

Kim Jaejoong followed Soo Shin-Hye for some minutes. Moments later, there was a sedan coming from behind his car, he stopped just opposite Soo Shin-Hye..

At that moment, two men got out of the car. They immediately shoved Soo Shin-Hye in the car.

”Help… ”

”Help me… ”

Soo Shin-Hye fought back because she was on the verge of being forced into the car. Kim Jaejoong, who witnessed this, didn want to waste time and immediately moved towards the location.

Kim Jaejoong then, immediately drove away using his car that crashed in the car of the people.

”Bruakkk ”

The crash noise from both cars is unavoidable.

Kim Jaejoong immediately left his Lamborghini Aventador and rushed to the writers.

”Here! ” Kim Jaejoong immediately pulled his hand out of Soo Shin-Hye to hide behind his back.

”Jaejoong? ” Soo Shin-Hye was at once surprised and happy, because she was saved by Kim Jaejoong, the person she loved.

”Hey, you brat! Stay out of our business, you don know who to contact. ” One of the fat guys threatened Kim Jaejoong.

”Why should I know where you
e from, its not my business. My business is because you touched that woman. ” said Kim Jaejoong to look cool in the eyes of Soo Shin-Hye.

”Shit! We
e Black Hawk, don laugh at us, ” one of the men continued to threaten Kim Jaejoong.

”Black Hawk? I think I heard his name? ” said Kim Jaejoong.

”This is one of the four groups controlling the underground world of Seoul, ” Soo Shin-Hye told Kim Jaejoong.

”Ah…. ”

”I remember now, the Black Hawk organisation led by Kang Shi-Won, ” said Kim Jaejoong strongly.

”Ha ha ha ”

”Well, you know! ” Its too late to apologize, ” the two burly men laughed at Kim Jaejoong.

Soo Shin-Hye seemed frightened, even though she knew that Kim Jaejoong was Leaders son the underground group from Seoul, but she never found herself facing a street group like Black Hawk. Kim Jaejoong just smiled, he then used his cellphone to call someone.

”Hello, its me Kim Jaejoong, ”

”Ah. Young master, whats the need to call me ” said Kang Shi-Won.

”What are the names of you two? ” Kim Jaejoong asked the two bulky men in front of him.

”Hahaha, why should a dying man ask for a name ”, this man acted arrogantly.

”Just answer it, youll find out later, ” Kim Jaejoong replied.

”My name is Hwang Dong and his name is Taeyeon, ”

”Do you know these two names? ” said Kim Jaejoong to Kang Shi-Won.

”These two are my subordinates serving in the Gwangnak-Gu District, do they cause you any problems, sir? ” told Kang Shi Won.

They don just make problems. They even accept abductions in Seoul, you know the rules set by the leaders, Right ? ”

”Understood sir, forgive my men, ” said Kang Shi-Won shaking.

Come here, if you don want that report on the board tomorrow. Im close to the Korean National University. ” After I said Kim Jaejoong immediately hung up on the phone.

”whats wrong, I complained to your father. ” The two men were still laughing at Kim Jaejoong, and hadn realized the identity of the person they were dealing with.

Jaejoong, what is it, did you actually call your dad? Will he help us? ” Soo Shin-Hye asked, shaking in fear.

”If I call my father, we can be saved. My father is not a generous person, especially to his wicked son, ” smiled Kim Jaejoong, saying what Soo Shin-Hye thought was a terrible last sentence.

A Porch car appeared in the middle of it. The car, owned by Kang Shi-Won, he was the only one in Seoul who used the old car.

When the car stopped, Kang Shi-Won stepped off the car. He put his usual scary face, and that was enough to make Soo Shin-Hye shiver in horror. Kang Shi-Won then walked toward the two men who were standing right beside his car.

”Brother Won, why do you bother coming here, will you take care of the boy yourself, ” said one of the men who were there.

Without saying much about it, Kang Shi-Won immediately struck one of the men present.

”Brack ”

”Argh ”

”Why did you strike us, Mr. Kang? ” Did we have a mistake, ” said one of the men was hit by Kang Shi-Won.

”You have gone so far, not knowing your mistakes, ” Kang Shi-Won could no longer contain his emotions and continued to beat his two men.

Kang Shi-Won commanded the other men to hold both men.

”Ill tell you about your mistakes. Your first mistake, you committed an illegal act forbidden by a major leader in Seoul, ” said Kang Shi-Won.

Hearing that, the male leader was speechless because, they had violated the rules that had been set long ago.

”Second, you made a very fatal mistake which not even I can bear. The person you call a child, he is the only son of the main leader of Seoul City, he is Mr. Kim Jaejoong, ” said Kang Shi-Won with a tone of emotion to his two men.

After unleashing all his rage, Kang Shi-Won asked his subordinates to send for the two men. Kang Shi-Won then, headed towards Kim Jaejoong to apologize.

”Monsieur, I took care of them both. Please, sir, be prepared to forgive my neglect in the supervision of my subordinates, ” Kang Shi-Won confronted Kim Jaejoong while saluting his body.

”Its not for me to decide if you are pardoned or not. Apologise to that girl and ask whether she forgives them or not.

Remember, when she says no, then there won be room for you, and all the limbs of the Black Falcon in this world, ” Kim Jaejoong insisted on the intonation of his voice, he wanted to insist that they have to apologise to Soo Shin-Hye.

”Theres no need to be like this Jaejoong, ” said Soo Shin-Hye who was still scared.

”No, no ”

”Shin-Hye, They must be taught a lesson, in order that they respect other human beings. If we allow and tolerate their actions, we are concerned that there may be more victims in the future. ” Kim Jaejoong attempted to calm Soo Shin-hye by explaining the significance of his actions.

”Young master is right, miss, we made a big error. On behalf of the entire Black Hawk organization, please accept my apologies. I promise it won happen another day, ” Kang Shi-Won apologized as he handed Soo Shin-hye a business card.

He said to Soo Shin-hye that if one of his subordinates did something wrong in the future, she could call hid directly.

Furthermore, Kang Shi-Won is also a safe place for Soo Shin-hye wherever it is in the Seoul administrative zone.

”Well, when its all over, you can go home. Remember what you said earlier. ” Said Kim Jaejoong.

As a result, Kang Shi-Won and his men left Kim Jaejoong and Soo Shin-hye.


”Boss, do you feel different with the young master today? ” said a subordinate from Kang Shi-Won.

”What is the difference? ” asked Kang Shi-Won.

”In a moment, I apologize for being. While I don see Mr. Kim Jaejoong very often, however, his aura and pressure today are very different than before. He gives off at his age the same aura as a grand chief, ”

You are right, I also felt a huge pressure when I spoke to the young master. He was no longer the arrogant young master, and played with the wealth of the great leader. However, he was already a very fierce predator early on. ” Say Kang Shi-Won.

”Huffft ” Kang Shi-Won sighed for a moment.

”After all, a dragon should also give rise to a dragon. Our young master is no longer a small serpent and a dragon takes care of it. But it became a dragon ready to force its enemies, ”


”Thank you Jaejoong, you saved my life, ” said Soo Shin-hye with blush.

”Never mind. we are friends, it is just that if I see you then I help you, ” Kim Jaejoong told Soo Shin-hye.

Hearing this, Soo Shin-hye blushed again.

”Thank you ”

”Well, time is running out, its dangerous to let a girl go home alone. Get on Ill take you home, ” Kim Jaejoong took Soo Shin-hye home in his Lamborghini Aventador.

Soo Shin-hye immediately sat next to Kim Jaejoong driving the car. Along the way, Kim Jaejoong saw that Soo Shin-hye was smiling to herself and constantly swaying her body left and right.

”Miss Shin Hye, whats the matter with you? Does this chair feel uncomfortable? ” asked Kim Jaejoong.

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