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Violette knows that Yuran is standing behind her.
Thanks for her nickname Yuran always uses, she knows it is him without seeing, but she cannot figure out the reason why.
She has told him to wait for her, and he doesn’t seem to carry the plate she asked to hold.
Perhaps he put it somewhere else, but wonder if it is actually necessary.

“Yu-Yuran……why are you?”

Yuran is the type of person who will act without thinking especially when it comes to Violette.
However, that does not mean that his impulse is an annoyance, it is merely that he would get irritated because it involves his friend.
When it comes about his perceptiveness, he is someone that can appropriately take actions.
Violette presumes that even Yuran might have understood the situation from far away, thus he decided to take the appropriate measure.

“You were so slow, so I’ve come to pick you up.”


His warm smile and his hand touching Violette’s back are the opposite of the tense cold air he gives out.
He does not put force into it, he just touches her back gently.
He should not have bothered to pick Violette up.

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Violette might have wanted to say it, but she is grateful for Yuran’s presence, so she just swallows the words.
Even though it is just a gentle touch on her shoulder, she can feel that she can breathe easier than before.

“They have added some baked sweets just now, let’s go before they turn cold.”

“Go…… you mean…..?”

Violette cannot so suddenly nod to Yuran’s words, she is still speechless.
Honestly speaking, she really wants to take Yuran’s hand and leave this situation as soon as possible.
However, she is not in the position to do so.
Even Yuran understands better.
He smiles at Violette nonchalantly.
It seems the other two people notice Yuran’s presence.
Claudia’s eyes do not seem to expect it.

“Yu-ran…… since when you……”

“I just got here, and I just came here to pick her up, so you don’t have to mind me.”

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Claudia stops Yuran from taking and escorting Violette away for himself.

“Wait a moment…… we’re not done here.”

“…… I know, that’s why we, the outsiders will stay away.”

Outsiders…… it seems that does not only refer to Yuran but also Violette.
Yuran’s voice sounds cold as it seems he is angry.
It feels like the gentle smile, he showed a while ago, seeming like a lie.


Her voice is swallowed by the atmosphere, and no one could hear that whisper.
Yuran she knows is not the kind of person who would make such voices.
Yuran she knows is a person who has warm expression and tone like a sun.
He is a caring person that she wants to pamper despite his big stature.
Right now, Yuran is like a different person.

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His hand that touches Violette’s waist, forcefully pulls Violette toward him.
It looks rough, but she does not feel pain.
It feels like he treats her carefully as he is touching a piece of fragile glasswork.
Right now, Yuran is not the Yuran Violette knows.
However, all his actions still show his kindness toward Violette.

“Who did you mean by an outsider? Violette is—“

“She is an outsider.
She has nothing to do with this mess.”

That is a correct statement, and it is also a fact that everyone here, even Violette herself has forgotten.
Maryjun is the victim.
Those ladies are the perpetrators.
Claudia was merely happened to be there to judge the situation from his own standpoint.
But, what about Violette?
What was those ladies’ intention? The perpetrator gave out a name, and they also make their own motive, however, neither those are true nor justified since Violette has not done or said anything.
Even if they want to harm someone for Violette’s sake, they should be the one responsible for their own actions, not Violette.

“For not letting Violette-sama to say anything, and condemning that she is at fault…… What a great accusation, as expected of Prince Claudia.”

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“W-wait, Yuran……”

It seems Claudia has clearly received the malice coming from Yuran.
Even though he knows that he is at fault, he cannot find anything to say back with that upset expression.
Considering he had the upperhand just now, Yuran’s action just turned the table.
It is clear now that he cannot do anything now the situation has been turned around by Yuran.

“Anyway, outsiders will just get in the way regardless the disturbances.
They should have solved the problems appropriately, not with malice.”

No one understands what he meant by that.
However, there was no hint of coldness or disdain from before, there was only seriousness covered with indifference.

No disagreement can be heard after.

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