provided by the organizers.”

“Well, that’s true but……”

“Vio-chan is hungry, right? You haven’t eaten anything since before.”


Violette cannot talk back, especially right after Yuran hit the point.
She hasn’t eaten anything right after she escaped from the commotion.
Right now, she is hungry because she just ate small portions all this time.
However, she thinks she can hold it in with drinking.
Regardless the amount of food eaten, you still need to eat enough food anyway.
Or something is going to growl so loudly from inside your stomach and attracting people’s attention.
Violette does not like being the center of the crowd, so she does not want to make a commotion because of that.

“I’ll pick some Vio-chan’s favorites.”

“……I’ll do it by myself, I can at least do that much.”

“Eh, but I’m sure I’m better at choosing your food though?”

“You should just pick your shares.”

“Hmm…… okay.”

The sight of Yuran puffing his cheeks is quite adorable.
Right now, he is the precious childhood friend Violette knows well.
Looking at his usual antics, she could not help but to laugh.

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“Even though you looked cool a little while ago.”


The strength of his arm, which had protected her, gave comfort just from being by his side.
Even when he pulled Violette’s waist, if anyone aside from Yuran did that, Violette would have felt uncomfortable.
She has noticed her childhood friend is not only cute but also cool.

“Thank you for…… protecting me.”


“Actually…… I was really glad.”

She understands that she is probably not qualified to say this after what she said to him.
However, this is really what Violette thinks.
It would not be fair if she does not tell this to pure-hearted Yuran.
His kindness and behavior really cheer up.
It is just like seeing a nostalgic dream she had not been able to see.
Violette feels sorry for bothering him, still she is certainly happy.
It did not feel comfortable or annoying for her, and those feelings are not wrong.
She should solve this accordingly one by one.
So, when he finally finds his important person, he would not waver and worry about her.

“Eh, ah…… your welcome……?”

“What was with those pauses?”

“No, it’s just…… you said it so suddenly.”

“Even I can still say thanks properly.”

“I didn’t mean that…….
but…… no, it’s nothing.”

If she rushes, it will just tire her and make her give up easily…… he lets out an exhausted.
When it has turned to this, it should not be surprising.
In the first place, it is important to say thanks, and it’s better to say thanks as much as you can.
Right now, her heart is in the process…… trying to correct everything.

“Somehow, I’m getting hungry too…… Take care.”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t eaten anything yet.”

“I have, but it was not enough to fill my stomach.
I’m hungry right now.”

“You’re forcing yourself again…… Then, Yuran should get his own meal in meal buffet while I’m going to dessert buffet.”

“Really? Are you coming with me?”

Because of her dress, Violette might be walking slower than Yuran.
It is not the sole reason, their legs are different because of their height difference, and she would not complain if she would get passed in a blink of an eye.

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However, Yuran does not move away from Violette’s behind.
He keeps his pace with her small strides even though it might be frustrating for him.

“Did you choose today’s dress by yourself?

“Eh…… yeah.
Of course.
What is it, so suddenly?”

Violette chooses her own clothing and accessories.
Even though she often discusses with Marin, she still does not let anyone to decide for her.
Back in the past, everything her mother has prepared was only for reminder of Auld.
Now she is aware of it, she has not been letting anyone to choose her clothings.
She thinks that Yuran should have known that long ago.

“It suits you.
So beautiful and cute.”


“Seeing such beautiful Vio-chan, there is no way I wouldn’t want to escort her, right?”

“……Thank you.”

After taking his hand, it feels easier to walk than before.
Even though, she has decided not to lean on him, but her childhood, Yuran is just too good at pampering Violette.

“What is available……? There doesn’t seem many delicious ones left.”

“Right now, let’s just eat everything that does not taste bad.”

“I wonder if dessert is filling enough.”

“It’s kind of inconvenient that I can’t eat sweets.”

“You can eat salty ones though.”

“I doubt there’ll be any, but there are lots of fruits here though.”

“……that will depend on the sugar contents, huh?”

Enjoying cute sweets and having relaxing conversation with her kind childhood friend.
Rather than crying after ruining the party, this is like a dream.
Still, there are still many things Violette need to care about, but she cannot do anything for now.
She is still conflicted because Claudia recognized Maryjun, and this situation might be bad for Violette in the future.
Right now, Violette has decided not to get involved with them since she has decided not to walk down the path of evil, but there are still hindrances need to overcome in the future.

As all, this is what Violette should do in order to get the peaceful life without being a bother to anyone.

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