anyone’s composure.
To Marin, Maryjun is the enemy who hurt her cherished one, but to Violette, she is just the duke’s second daughter.
If Maryjun can at least understand what is behind Marin’s attitude, she would have realized that she cannot survive in this house without having any skill to read the situation.”

“……It’s already time for breakfast, and I thought it would be nice for both onee-sama and I could eat the same thing.”

A slight sharp pain can be felt even though there is no scar.
The way Maryjun shows her obvious disappointment.
In addition the way she hides her mouth with her hand only highlight her feeling.

“It can’t be helped! Let’s have a taste of each other’s food.”

Her naivety is just like a child’s.
She is too honest.
She is really straightforward talking something like that even though she does not mean it.
Violette knows herself that what Maryjun’s thoughts are wonderful, and Violette cannot deny those facts.
As Maryjun said, she just wants to share meals Violette.
It is a nice thing to do with family members.

However, her honesty is just cruel.


“……Violette-sama, it’s time to go.”

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“……yeah, thank you.”

Violette smiles at Marin, who gave her a helping hand, but Marin doesn’t return her smile back.
Even she says not to worry inside her heart, still no one could hear it.
However, there is no need to say it out loud, and this is the only way to change the subject away from Maryjun after all.

It’s fine.
No one is hurt.
It is not necessary to hurt.

Violette is amazed by Maryjun’s naivety to believe in her family members, and Violette is not that naïve enough to reacts to every nonsense she spouted.
Previously, she would have refused Marin’s help, but Violette understands Marin’s concern this time.
All those delicate, sensitive, and annoying emotions were left on that prison.

(…… I know.)

She has experienced of failure before.
Right now, she can accept the truth without any resistance this time, and she does not feel any anger accepting it.

(She is forgiven, I guess.)

It is not wrong to say what you think and to do something you want.
If you say it, someone would besure to grant it.
It’s normal for human to wish something.
That is why, if Violette grows up normally, she would not have wished for something that twisted.

Violette now knows that what she wished would not come true.
She cannot even grasp that even it is there.
Just merely wishing is already useless.
Right now, she is aware how meaningless it is to pursue something that will not even come true.

It is rather surprising that she needs to restart her own life to admit what she wished turned out to be meaningless.
Vaguely, she feels that her childhood plays a big role on that situation.
She thinks that there would not be as effective punishment as this feeling of regret.
Right now, she can reconsider her mistake and worthlessness.

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“……Violette-sama, if that’s fine, how about having your breakfast in your room?”

“Thank you, Marin…… but I’m alright.”

She said so with a soft and sad voice.
That proposal sounds pleasing, and it is really attractive, but Violette needs to think about what will happen, even they are only troublesome developments.
She can do it to her step-sister, but it will be troublesome if she does so to her father.

“I’m actually looking forward for today’s breakfast.
I wonder how delicious it is.”

Violette’s share is the only one different from the menu.
At glance, it looks the same, but you can see Marin’s thought from the details.
Like, they are in smaller portions, and everything Violette dislikes is substituted with her favorites in addition with the cute arrangement.
As someone who has been serving Violette’s food all the time, this loving admirer would not miss even a little when it comes to this.

“……Yes, please look forward to it today as well.”

“Hehee, I have to thank the chef.”

Nothing can beat delicious meals.
No matter how hard it is to breathe here, such a thing is forgotten when she meets the delicious meal.
Right now, what Violette can do for her father is…… to be a cameo in this family setup for Maryjun whom her father loves.
She just need to stay quiet as she watches those three smiling so happily.”

“Onee-sama, let’s hurry!”

“Yeah, I’m going.”

Accepting Maryjun’s hand, Violette tries to pace herself.
Step by step, she starts to feel nothing because she is imagining about today’s breakfast to distract herself from reality.

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