ather than referring him as a mysterious beauty, it is more correct he is a dashing man that will look beautiful in any types of clothes.
Millania Deolle, he is a third year student of this academy and also the vice president of the student council.
He is Prince Claudia’s close friend.
The current Violette cannot help but to keep her guard up.

“Greetings…… It’s really has been a while.”

However, she has reasons why she cannot keep up her guard up.
Millania is the eldest son of a fellow count, so they often meet together as fellow nobles.
Most students in academy funnily tend to know each other well since they mostly grew up in the same social circles.
Noble society is small no matter where it is.
Prince Claudia is hard to get along with, but Millania is popular because of his appearance, and it does not take long to get along with Millania due to his personality.
Also, it is imaginable how he got along with Violette, who is infamous because of her family name and appearance.
However, to be called out at this time…… What a good development indeed.

“Going for a lunch? I don’t see the usual girls though.”


She cannot understand what he meant by those girls, but then she realizes.
Usually, there are always many people surrounding Violette before.
It has not been long since those days.
Only recently…… Those girls always surrounded Violette since the first day she entered the school until the second year, and that makes one year.
It was only before Violette’s mother passed away, and Maryjun came to her house.
Currently, those girls who gather around Violette are being quiet after being thrown away.

(Now that I think about it…… no one would dare to approach me because of the rumor.)

She never refers those girls as friends since they tend to be problematic even now.
When she thinks carefully, those girls tended to gather together around her like spiders.
She knew that their topic of interest presently is about the rumor that Violette getting a step-mother, but she could easily convince them that she did not care about it.
She just wants to take it easy.

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It is not unusual for a traitor to exist among her friends, but Violette from before forgot that fact, and she was being irrational.
Perhaps, how people see her is also included with the pity of losing her friends, not only the rumors.
She did not know before, but before she sympathized herself for losing her a friend…… Her dark history is getting painful and even more painful.

“Well…… I think I won’t be taking to them again in the future.”


“They don’t find interest in me anymore.”

Rather than “anymore”, it is something that has not happened yet.
That time when she was still hungry for love, everything she did was justified, even though those were bad things covered with logic.
She has both influence and beauty, but she never cared about those because she was not loved.
She realizes that she was a trash that pretended to love.
She knows now she would ruin herself if she repeats those actions.
If you eat trash, you’ll ruin your stomach, it was her own fault for not understanding the common sense.

“I think Milla-sama should have known, right? Rumors…… about my family.”

“Well, that’s……”

“However, it is not as bad as it sounds.”

To those girls, Violette’s values are her beauty, her presences, and her family attention.
They would like to take advantage of those benefits, and to a certain sense, isn’t she the same as an accessory?
Even she is beautiful, it is normal for it to be thrown away once it loses its values.
It is not something to be praised, but if Violette hasn’t realized it, she would become an unfortunate loser.

“Anyway, do you need something from me?”

Both of them are not in the relationship where they can talk freely.
Even though they are acquainted since they were little, they never become friend.
Violette was disliked because of her personality she obtained from growing up in a twisted family environment.
When asked, Millania expression looks clouded.

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“Did something happen with Claudia since the previous tea party?”

“……Why didn’t you ask from the person himself?”

“Well, it is because he didn’t want to say anything about it.”

So, what is his aim from asking Violette? The only person that can mediate between Violette and Claudia is Millania.

“But, he looks really worrying.
So…… I think you know something about it.”

She doesn’t like what she’s hearing now.
She cannot come up with a good answer just like before.
She doesn’t want to speak so much regarding of what happened in the other day’s tea party.
She just wants to forget it if she can.


“……Well then, let me rephrase the question.”

Seems Millania notices Violette’s darkened and uneasy expression.
After a few seconds, he relaxes as he tilts his neck.

“Back then, did something happen with  Yuran?”


Translator’s note:

ミラニア・デオール = MILLANIA DEOLLE 

To be honest, I don’t know how should I write his name with alphabet, but it definitely sounds like a girl’s name? Well, if there’s any correction, please tell me.

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