“I must have done something that makes Claudia-sama angry and depressed.”

Perhaps it is because Millania is familiar with his best friend’s personality, she does not think much of what Violette said.
Even he does not understand what actually happened, yet he still grasps the situation when he thinks logically.

“I just wanted to do something because he has been down for a whole day, but it turned out it would be better to listen to him directly from it.”

“I’m sorry for not being able to help.”

“No, I should be the one apologizing for calling you when you’re going for lunch.
I wonder if there are still empty seats……”

“It’s fine, I intended to get a takeout right from the start.”

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She mixed a little lie, but it is still partly true.
She planned to eat at the cafeteria if there is an empty seat, but it has been a while since the last time she met Millania.
There is still enough time to have lunch, but takeout lunch would be the best choice if she wants to spend the day peacefully.
The dining hall is also quite large, but the number of seats is less than the size of the dining hall, so it does not feel cramped.
There are also more students who enjoy their lunch outside peacefully.

“Right now, other students should have been back to their classroom…..”

She looks outside indifferently, and suddenly Violette looks tense.
As she is surprised from what she sees, it also feels like her voices are stuck inside her throat.
From the window, there is nothing but beautifully arranged trees and flowers.
Nothing has changed since she first started attending academy, and nothing is strange.


In front of Millania, Violette shows an expression with a mix of surprise and confusion, and his voice sounded confused and worried.
Before he can ask the reason, Violette frowns her eyebrows harder.
As it seems she is troubled and surprised, her expression looks like she is something the most awful thing for the first time.

“I’m sorry, but I need to go somewhere.”

“Eh, but……”

“I shall excuse myself.”

Of course she would lower her head appropriately, but she does not give the answer, which might give her a minus point.
Considering the elegant and perfect Violette, for her unbehaving like this would seem unfit to her usual nature.
Violette leaves him without leaving any doubt, but when he looks outside, there is nothing strange from the direction she looked a while ago.

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There is nothing special aside from the beautiful and soothing scenery.
Millania is not that interested unless there is a beautiful woman over there.


He moves his gazes around since he senses something off at one point.
It’s not about the colors of flowers.
It is just the scenery feels like a flat painting since there are barely any people there.
There should be at least a single person in the courtyard.
That place is meant to be for relaxation, and there should be some people there because it is not only popular but also free to enter.
People would spend their free time elegantly as they gather around and talk.
However, Millania cannot seem to see any people there.

The courtyard is not that full of greenery, still it is hard to see the corner at first glance.
However, there are some people cornering someone to the wall with grumpy faces.
The surrounded person seems to resist, trying to say something, but that person is getting even more cornered.

He cannot hear anything, and he does not know about the circumstances.
Still, he knows that it is not a good situation.

“Don’t tell me……?”

He remembers the sight of Violette leaving him with a stern face.
He wonders if she saw this.
That was why she started running.


Without a second thought where she would be heading, Millania soon runs once he realizes.

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