annot be explained because he is in growth period.
He doesn’t eat that quickly.
It is about the amount, he eats too much that it’s destroying the point of buying takeouts.
He does not worry about it as much as it is everyday, but his pace tends to betray his expectations.
He hopes not to be late for class, but he starts forgetting that he is heading toward Violette’s class.
Given the time he was speaking with Gia, Violette is perhaps not in the classroom anymore.
It is not possible that she will bring a lunch, since it is pretty hard for him to imagine she would ask her servant to do so.
However, Marin would grant Violette’s wish no matter how, still it is not something that would happen since Violette herself does not realize how stubborn she is.
Then, that leaves the dining hall.
Depending on how crowded it is, she might pick takeouts, so he just needs to look the quiet locations where Violette might be.
He puts everything together inside his head.

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He is heading toward her now.
At least, he knows that much.
he is indeed worried, but he might need to come up with a proper reason to meet her.
However, topic about her family is one thing that should not be mentioned.
He needs to be careful, or he might hurt her.
He is strangely meticulous when it comes about Violette.

(……That reminds me, I haven’t seen them.)

The women whom he saw when he went to see Violette from middle school.
That woman always greets Yuran, but she is not a good hiding her malice.
Her unnatural high voice is harsh for ears, and her musk is so strong, which is unpleasant.
To think she keeps sticking to Violette, Violette might feel unbearably uncomfortable.
Wonder how many times he considered to push her away even though he cannot.
Did something happen in upper grade after Violette graduated? Even though they were always together almost everyday.

It is pleasure for him if they have split up, but no one can imagine she might not a good judge of character from staying with Violette too much.
She is a beautiful and gentle person, but she does not have good eyes to judge people.

(For now, it would be better if nothing happens, but…… no harm to stay vigilant.)

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This is for the best.
Even if it ends in vain, there is no need for Violette to think about it.
He will keep inside his mind.

Many things built together will soon separate.
He keeps walking around looking for the person he wants to meet without stopping and pass people many times.
However, none of them enters Yuran’s sight as they are just unnecessary pieces to look at.


“……What do you want?”

He stops walking when he hears someone calling his name.
Perhaps it was due to the fact he dislikes the attention he is receiving now.
He sees the person in question when he turns back.
There are many reasons why he wants to ignore, avoid, and so on.
However, right now, Yuran should deal with this.
He does not want to say it himself, but he is aware that the man in front of him is the most sickening whom he does not want to see and talk.

“—Prince Claudia.”

In any case, it would have been better he can act in according of the understanding of the situation, still it might have been even better if he sticks his neck.

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