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What should he do now that it comes to this?

Indeed he cannot just ignore considering their difference in status.
Reluctant, he can only smile and bow his head before the dignified prince of this country.
However, he understands very well that Claudia was solely want to talk with him normally regardless of their complex statuses as a noble and a prince.

“Oh my, never would I have expected that Prince Claudia would call out to me…… how surprising indeed.”

For Yuran speaking to him so politely like that, even Claudia would notice how Yuran sees him as a bother.

Knowing it’s not something to talk in open hallways like here, they move the conversation to more appropriate location.
It is quite an easy feat in this pointlessly huge academy.


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“……Stop with that smile.”


“I didn’t come to see you as the prince.
I merely want to have a talk……”

“……Haah, fine.”

Yuran does not have any time to spare since he needs to get his lunch and find Violette.
Yuran hasn’t had his lunch yet, but more importantly, it has been getting more difficult to predict Violette’s actions.
He can just skip his lunch, but Violette would not agree to that.

“If it’s about last time, there’s nothing for us to talk about your words.”

“…… I kept thinking about what you said.”

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“My, isn’t that an honor? So, did my word piss you off?”

“Wrong……! I reflected properly about that……”

His expression matches his desperate voice of his as he faces the ground.
Claudia is a natural charismatic leader that can handle any types of situations.
However, that charisma seems to be nonexistent before Yuran.

Yuran doesn’t mind seeing pained Claudia, or it’s more like he doesn’t even care whether Claudia is in pain or not.

“Last time, the thing you pointed out…… that outsiders shouldn’t get involved, and those people should deal with the problems by themselves.”

Yuran thinks that Claudia might have been misunderstood what he said before.
Still, regardless what Claudia thinks.
Yuran merely wants to end this conversation as quickly as possible.
It’s better to cut off all useless remarks.

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“Yeah, I did say so.
What about it?”

Claudia should not think deeply about it.
It was something that Yuran said in order to get away quickly.
Still, partly of the reason was because how angry he was regarding how Violette was treated.
Still, it is not something for Claudia to think deeply about.

“I want to understand, but…… no matter how much I thought, I couldn’t find the answer.”

Yuran is not surprised considering their differences of perspectives.
Claudia’s desire to protect, values, actions, and conducts are greatly different.
Yuran can guess that Claudia values: justice.
To fight the evil, protecting the good.
Protecting a harmless girl who was bullied by others.
Yuran does not criticize his value, however his action was the thing Yuran cannot agree with.

“It’s not like you need to understand.
It was just my personal  opinion.
There is no a correct answer how people should act.
I may be right or even wrong.”

“Still, I want to understand why.”

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Gazed by the same colored eyes as his, even with the differences of shape and eyelashes, to Yuran, it is something unpleasant like watching his own self in front of the mirror.

Claudia’s attitude unwavering attitude is indeed beautiful, yet irritating.

“Tell me…… why was I mistaken?”

Claudia could actually ignore and not get involved with Yuran since Yuran is not fond of him, yet he still approached him to understand Yuran better.

Moreover, Yuran is more frustrated at himself for getting too agitated.

“……So annoying.”


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