If Violette stayed there, she might get in the way of Maryjun’s thoughts.
Thinking so, Violette turned away from Maryjun.
After she walked for a while, the scenery completely changed back into a bright courtyard which didn’t have much people, just like when she first arrived here.

There were not many people, meaning… there was someone else there.

“Welcome back.”


Yulan leaned against the wall while he waved his hand to Violette.
Yulan was laughing cheerfully and his eyes, which were sparkling with the sunlight reflecting upon them, seemed to melt even more sweetly than usual.

Yulan approached Violette with long strides, and he stood in front of her in no time.
He touched her hair with his soft and warm hand.

“Your hair is cold.”

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“Ah… Maybe it was because I was standing in the shadows of the school.”

Now that she recalled it, because the sun doesn’t reach that place, it made the air a little chilly.
Although it wasn’t that cold to drastically changed her body temperature, but hair, which didn’t have nerves or blood vessels, immediately lost its heat.

Yulan’s hand was a little hot.
Violette didn’t know how long he had been standing here for, but it should be long enough for the heat to reach the tip of his fingers.

He probably also heard the conversation between the Vahan sisters.

Violette should be more careful, even if this place was not popular, they were still talking in an open place.
It’s not like it was Yulan’s responsibility to watch out for other people, and yet…



What are you doing at this kind of place?”

“I was looking for you, Vio-chan.
Let’s go and have our lunch now!”

It seemed like Yulan was aware that Violette realized what he did, but he pretended to play dumb, so Violette just accepted it and contented herself with this situation.

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The distance between the two was just like the usual.
Yulan’s laughing face was still cute no matter how much he had grown up.

Violette wondered when she realized that Yulan’s steps were always walking alongside her and had always stayed right by her side.
It might have been after a long time since Yulan’s height exceeded hers.
He was a head taller than her and because the length of their legs were also different, his walking pace was surely faster than Violette’s.
Still, everytime Violette looked next to her, Yulan would surely be there.

“There’s not much time left, though… You didn’t eat first?”

“I want to eat with you after all.”

“We didn’t make any promises, right? So you should prioritize yourself and eat your lunch first.”

“Got it, I will make sure I can find you faster next time!”

“That’s not what I meant…”

Violette puffed her cheeks out a little, making her appear defenceless.
Perhaps it was because she was just in a place filled with tension, and it might have affected her mind even more than she thought.

Even though there was her younger sister before her who’s from a different mother yet still blood-related, the one who Violette could actually act as an older sister to was a complete stranger, a friend that she treated like her younger brother who could always ease the tension out of her shoulders.
It was similar to when Violette was with Marin, the feeling of security was like being wrapped in sea bubbles.

That’s why she didn’t notice it.

A sharp look directed towards Yulan was hidden behind those golden locks.

And Maryjun whose cheeks turned red as she stared at the back of the departing Violette.

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