“What do you… expect from me?”

Marin had nothing, and she could do nothing.
Even if Marin saw that sight in her dreams and woke up in fright because of that, she wasn’t someone who could bring Violette out of that hell.

She had a narrow heart and lacked power, to the point that she felt jealous at Violette who she should give praise as her benefactor.

Marin couldn’t understand what did Violette want from her helpless self.

“…Those eyes.”


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“It’s because I thought those eyes were beautiful.”

Violette said so as she looked straight at Marin’s eyes.

Marin’s red eyes.
They were the proof of betrayal that influenced Marin’s life.

She hated her own eyes.

Marin couldn’t ignore the fact that she had been abandoned no matter what, and if her parents came to pick her up now, it was impossible for her to say that she had attachment to them.
She would only have distrust and disgust towards them.

But sometimes, when she looked at the families that came to the church, parents and their children that passed by on the road, and a house with lit light, she would wonder.

If these eyes were not red.
If they were the unproblematic color which was the same as her father and mother’s, would her life have changed?

“I was not good with red eyes.
They made me feel like my mother was watching me.”

Violette’s mother asked for love to Violette, seeing her daughter as her husband.
Why did Marin think that Bellerose was even more dirty than her mother who had relationship with someone other than her husband, even though Bellerose’s love was wholehearted, not unfaithful at all?

Marin remembered the side profile of those face that had lost her sanity, and the nausea of that day came back.

“That’s why, I was surprised when I saw Marin’s eyes… I never knew that they were such a beautiful color.”

Violette got up from the bench and stood in front of Marin who was beside her.
Violette’s fingertips stretched out slowly, touching Marin’s eyes through the gap of her bangs.

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A girl with the same eyes as Violette’s mother had collapsed behind Violette’s house.

What she felt at those dimly opened red light was not her usual discomfort that felt like someone was licking her neck.
They were the bright red sunset, a color that started the countdown to her liberation.
For Violette’s mother, it might be a parting to let go of the love of her life, but for Violette, it was the moment of hope that ended her lie.

“It’s because it’s a very bright and beautiful red.
I was unconsciously captivated by them.”

Violette used to think that the color or stickiness like the heated iron was red.
Her mother’s obsession and blind faith seemed like they had entangled throughout Violette’s body, accompanied by the breathlessness as if her neck was slowly choked.

She wondered if one day she would also get dragged in at those madness.

“That’s why, I wanted you to stay with me.
Because when I looked at Marin’s eyes, I can believe that it’s not always the same.”

Not the same.
What kind of thoughts did Violette have when she said that? Did she mean that even if Marin and Bellerose had the same red eyes, they were two different people?

Or did she mean that even if Bellerose was her mother, they were not the same?

“Do you think that it’s a stupid reason?

Other people would be amazed and laugh at the absurd reason of a ten years old child who hired someone because she only thought that those eyes were beautiful, wouldn’t they?

“But… For me, it’s so important that my world has changed.
I can feel at ease that I won’t get caught in those red eyes when I look at Marin.”

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