to the point that she thought that a molehill was a mountain.
It was definitely benevolentce, gentle and beautiful in the middle of equality.

For someone who faced so much adversity in childhood, Marin felt like it was nothing but something that made her nauseous enough to vomit.

Marin desperately held her hands so that she wouldn’t show discomfort in her expression.
Her palms had already gone beyond pain and lost their sensation, but if she relaxed her strength, she felt like she was going to hit someone.

Marin gazed at the back of her important master who was sitting diagonally in front of her.
She wanted to hug that back right now and take her out of this room.
She didn’t want these guys to even be at the edge of Violette’s field of vision.

But if she did that, these fools would definitely keep herself away from Violette.
It was still alright if she was removed from being her personal maid, but if she was chased out of the mansion, that girl would really become alone.
And these fools would greedily devour her heart.

Since Marin couldn’t tolerate that, she desperately transformed her thoughts into concern for Violette.

Violette’s proper posture was not different from usual.
She was the same girl who was more beautiful than anyone, more wonderful than anyone.

That’s why, her heart was hurting.

Marin knew that for Violette, this much was nothing.
It would be painful and sad, but she was accustomed to it.

Just as Marin thought, Violette had gotten used to this.
No matter what kind of existence she was among them all, she didn’t feel anything other than the reality.
Even if they told her that she was a stranger, she would answer with, “Right?”, or rather become convinced by that statement.

Violette continued to eat silently, wiped her clean mouth in front of her empty plate and stood up from her seat after making a vague reason.


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“You are not alone.
Revise your freedom up until now and take care of your younger sister a little bit more.”

“…I will take that into my mind.”

Violette slowly lowered her head and took Marin out of the dining room.

She struggled with the desire to lift her skirt and start running and the desire to stop right now, and eventually reached her room with slower steps than usual.


A crying-like sound reached her ear.
It was Marin, but not her normal voice.
Her voice was shaking and gloomy like she was about to cry.
Violette wondered what happened to her indifferent tone and turned back, only to find Marin’s expression also looked like she was about to cry, the same as her voice.

“Viole… sama.”


“Vio…, sa…,”

“Thank you, Marin… I’m fine.”

Every time Marin clenched her teeth to avoid crying, her words disappeared gradually.

Was she feeling sad or painful, or angry enough to make her want to cry? Surely, all of those feelings were circulating in Marin’s heart, flowing through her blood.

Marin was usually so cool that she showed almost no emotions.
Violette laughed after seeing such a servant was feeling hurt for her.
Actually, it was hard to call it a smile, and she definitely couldn’t laugh at all.

Still, the remaining little white emotions left that had not been swallowed up inside her darkened heart turned into an energy to smile to her affection for Marin.

While telling Marin… and also herself that she was fine, Violette stroked her head even if she was already taller than herself.

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Her father told her that she was not alone.

Her head felt like it was boiling.
In an instant, her heart became black.

She wanted to scream loudly and tell him to die.

At that moment, Violette’s head was filled with resentment of anger, to the point that she was likely to repeat her mistakes.

She couldn’t forgive those words.

How long did she wish for those words, that she was not alone? How many times did her heart recover because of those words?

Marin and Yulan comforted her, telling her that over and over again.

She was alone all the time.
She was alone in the loneliness.

She had reached out her hand again and again to try and cut through the sky in this large house.
Even though she already knew that no one would hold her hand back, even without needing anyone to say it, she cried, calling for someone who didn’t even have a name.
One day, she also forgot to cry, and gave up even calling.

It was Marin who stayed by her side.
It was Yulan who was there together with her.
Those two people told her that she wouldn’t be alone.

Those words were very, very important words that saved the lonely and hopeless Violette.

Violette wanted to throw a plate at him, telling him that he spoke those great words just because of the circumstances.
That his likes were unfit for those words.

She was really glad that there was nothing beside her that she could throw at that time.
She was really relieved that she remembered herself in her previous life before she swore at him, and those thoughts strangely cleared the corner of her head.

The feelings that had risen to her head dispersed as soon as she comforted Marin.
Heat returned to her cold fingertips.
However, saying her mood had returned to what it was before would be an exaggeration.

She knew that getting angry was pointless.
Even if she became emotional, nothing would be changed.

She wouldn’t be forgiven for throwing things, because that was not acceptable.

What was entangling her whole body was a constraint that kept her from escaping this place, and it was also a chain that told them not to get any closer than this to her.

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