Claudia and Mirania had normal amount of meals, with both a main dish and side dishes on their trays.
Violette had one plate… with only a sandwich on it.
He wasn’t seeing wrong, right?

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Although there were differences between men and women, Claudia thought that the amount was too little for a healthy teen.

“It’s not strange to eat less since I’m a girl.”

“I… understand that.
I’m sorry for saying that.”

Even if he was saying that out of desperation, he realized that it was an overbearing excuse.
They might’ve eaten less, but diets were popular among some girls… Whether it was necessary for Violette or not, of course there were possibilities that she was careful of her body shape and intentionally reduced the amount of her food.

Either way, strangers of opposite sex like Claudia shouldn’t have used that topic in a conversation.

“No… it’s not like I intentionally eat less, but this amount is just right so that I could eat the desserts.”

Violette was aware that she was eating less now.
Rather, she chose to do this.

Her stomach was not small enough to fill with a sandwich alone.
However, the reason she had a small portion was so that she could eat delicious desserts after the meal.
Originally, she was the type of person that preferred sweets over meals, so this was her current arrangement.
Although Yulan didn’t show a good expression at this, she could arrange her meals on her own for lunch at the school, so he never scolded her for this.

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“So Miss Violette likes sweets?”

“Yes, well… People often tell me that it doesn’t suit me.”

Violette smiled in understanding at Mirania, who looked surprised.
Of course, that was not the smile Claudia saw she gave to Yulan, but it was a smile that was the most appropriate for this situation.

Violette started eating, ending the conversation.

Her white fingertips grabbed the roasted bread and both the lettuce and the melted cheese disappeared into her mouth.
Her small bite took longer than Claudia’s, and her cheeks moved slightly when she swallowed.
When she was taking another bite, he saw the glimpse of her white teeth and red tongue through the gaps between her bright lips.

Claudia’s brain started to imagine things as it pleased.

“…I don’t think it doesn’t suit you.”


“I think it will look good.
Sweet cakes and chocolates… and surely other things too.”

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Because Claudia suddenly called her out, Violette had a spasm in her throat since she was swallowing while chewing.
Her body was noticeably under strain, and he felt apologetic, even though alarms inside his head had been telling him to stop talking.

Mirania who sat next to him was surprised at Claudia’s remarks and stopped eating.

“It’s because your eating posture is very… beautiful.”

He imagined it.
Her hands while cutting meals, her fingertips picking up sweets, her mouth sucking in the sweetness, and the tip of her tongue feeling it.
Overflowing emotions, broadly smiling expression.

Surely, it would suit her.



Claudia realized that his remark was problematic because Violette had an unusual expression.
She stared at him blankly, without even keeping her appearance.
It was like a pigeon receiving a blow from a peashooter.

Her eyes were opened even wider, unable to understand rather than being surprised.
She hadn’t shown any discomfort yet, but that was because she still hadn’t taken in the meanings of his words.

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He couldn’t complain if she felt unpleasant having someone gaze at her eating manner impolitely.
Even if he complimented her, it was important to know whether she would receive it well, or it would affect their relationship greatly.

There was no good will between Claudia and Violette.

He was the prince that was once forced with her annoying attachment, and she was the noble lady that was forcing herself on him.
Then Claudia’s words could be taken in a good direction, but the problem here would be if it fabricated and captured emotions beyond those words.
For example… she might perceive that Claudia was fond of Violette.

He immediately tossed away that possibility the moment it appeared.
Although Claudia himself hadn’t completely trusted her, he already knew that something had changed within Violette.

Then, what about another possibility?

If Violette regarded his previous statement as a weird thing, she would feel hurt with the unpleasant feelings coming from the words that came from his mouth, even though she clearly wouldn’t show it since the company was a prince.

Claudia couldn’t even withdraw it now, since he couldn’t find any good excuse.
He cursed himself for doing something unusual, feeling the wrinkles between his eyebrows.
People said that praising women was Mirania’s specialty, but being a poor imitator would only wring his own neck.

He thought that he had to apologize even if he couldn’t specify why.
But just a second before he opened his mouth, Violette spoke.

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“What’s that…”

Violette pressed her mouth and… laughed, telling him that it wouldn’t be a reason.
She hung her eyebrows down and she looked more confused than happy, but it was still a kind of smile.

It was far from the defenseless smile that Claudia saw before, which he would never forget even if days had passed.
It was no wonder, since her emotions and relationships with him was completely different.

Still, the fact that she was laughing resonated in Claudia’s eyes.
And it grasped his heart.

That smile was the manifestation of Violette’s heart filled with her emotions, not the fake smile or pasted expression.

“But, thank you very much.
I’m… happy to hear that.”

Her cheeks slightly reddened, her eyes loosened for a moment.

Claudia desperately pushed back against something that filled his heart and wanted to be spit out.
The silent voice emphasized that more than this was no good.

Before his dry throat could make a noise, a shadow hung on their table.

“Vio-chan, can I sit here?”

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