After all, he usually had complex feelings for both of them.
Yet, Violette wasn’t aware of his discomfort, and even if Yulan noticed, he didn’t care.

This area had been attracting attention from the start, but everyone became even more curious with Yulan’s appearance.
Even so, only Yulan and Mirania noticed the crowds’ gaze.

There was a thin bizarre sense of tension that made everyone in the cafeteria held their breath.
Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to approach them.

“Hey Yulan, call me if you already get a seat… eh, what’s with this lineup?

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Even so, there was a lucky insensitive person who jumped in that place.

The person who appeared with a puzzled look was Gia, Yulan’s friend who Violette just met a few days ago.
Like his laid-back atmosphere, it seemed like he didn’t understand the situation between the four people with complicated relationship.
To be honest, Violette also wanted to ask what was happening here.

“Err, Gia… what is that?”

“Huh? Of course this is my lunch.”

“I’m not asking that…”

Gia casually answered, but what Violette wanted to hear was not that.

Since he came to the cafeteria, it was clear that he wanted to fill his stomach.
But Gia’s tray and the things on it were far from Violette’s common sense.

He had one tray in each hand.
Meaning, he was holding two trays.
There was a pile of wrapped bread there.
No, two piles.

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Violette really wanted to ask if he planned to eat all of them.

“You buy too many again… I don’t care if you can’t read it, okay?”

“This much is not a big deal.”

“I’m not worrying about your stomach, but the time.”

“It’s still fine, right? We’re just going to be a little late.”

“I’m saying that because it’s not fine, so make sure you won’t make us late.”

Gia took a seat and put the trays on the table.
The clanking sound was smaller than Violette had expected.
Probably since he was only eating breads, the tray was lighter than how it looked.

The weight didn’t really matter in filling a stomach, so the amount was still abnormal no matter how Violette looked at it.

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