t Gia understood that.

Yulan, the indifferent man that looked soft, devoted his mind and soul to Violette, pampering her like a princess.

The first time Gia met Violette was when his friendship with Yulan was about to reach the third year.


Just as I thought.
She’s really a princess.

Violette seen from up close was the embodiment of “beauty” that many people called to mind.
Even her dull-colored hair and eyes changed into a mysterious charm within her.

As a prince, Gia had seen a lot of princesses.
Plus, he didn’t have a strong pickiness in personal appearance.
Yet nonetheless, his first impression on Violette was “an unbelievable beauty.”

Gia didn’t think that Yulan only valued her because of her appearance, but that should be the reason he was overprotective on her.
After all, beauty had as much potential to ruin the person who possessed it other than giving them benefits.

Just by looking at the current Yulan, his overprotectiveness was more prominent than usual.
It was a lot easier to understand that he was in a bad mood.

“How is it? Delicious?”

“Stop minding me so much… But it’s delicious.”

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Violette couldn’t see any fragment of negative traits within the person in front of her.
Even so, not only Gia, but Claudia and the others could see that there was a boundary line of weather in Yulan.

On one side, he was like a gentle and calm world.
On the other side, he was like a downpour with thunders, raining world.

How could one person give off such an opposite mood? Gia also felt grief towards himself for knowing someone called Yulan.

And just as much, he found his ‘friend’ unexpected.

Basically, Yulan was always impartial towards everyone, with only Violette as the exception.
With the so-called favor, he was especially gentle and soft only to Violette.
Other than that, he was indifferent, laughing just to match his company.

Such a cold man had allowed some space in his heart to Gia to some extent.
With that character, Yulan should be acting gentle as long as he was not interested in his opponent.
And yet, he was clearly unhappy now.

Was it directed towards Claudia? Or probably Mirania, who Claudia wasn’t familiar with… Looking at his reaction, Claudia should be the correct answer.

Gia took another bite after taking a quick glance at Yulan who was smiling to Violette.
Gia also noticed that Yulan was eating a lot slower, considering how they often ate together.
Yulan’s meals on his place didn’t seem to decrease at all.
Somehow, Gia even thought that this man would take more time than him even if his loaves of bread were probably too much for him to handle.

Hmm… Something probably happened between these guys.

The croissant he stuffed in his cheeks had a crunchy texture.
His country also had abundant food, but since this country was large, they had a lot of talented people and ingredients here.

What happened between Yulan and Claudia would definitely become apparent once he looked it up.
Since one was a noble and the other one was a royal, they basically had no privacy within their country.
There was misapprehension that the higher your status was, the more your human rights would be protected, but then nobles and the royal family had many things to hide.
When it came to their privacy, everyone could easily expose them easily, and there was no use of stopping the citizens to do so.
It didn’t matter if the person concerned was a high school student, a newborn baby, a man or a woman.
Their status only protected their position, not the individual.

So Gia was sure that he would find abundant facts and lies regarding the relationship of these two people… but he wasn’t willing to do that.
He didn’t have any reason to do so.

He wouldn’t say that he was completely not interested, but he didn’t really want to know it unless Yulan took initiative to speak, and he didn’t need to know it too.

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Gia felt pity for Claudia who Yulan recognized as a bother, but he could also say that Claudia should have a big role within Yulan, considering how his friend showed pure hostility, not just ignoring him or responding him appropriately.

In any case, there was only one reason why Yulan’s heart was disturbed.

“Vio-san also has it rough, eh.”


“What happened to you suddenly? Did you eat too much and your head went crazy?”

“No way… Rather, how can you say that? You haven’t finished eating yet, Yulan.”

“My lunch quantity and time is the average.”

What a lie.
Not only Gia, but Violette also noticed that Yulan kept watching her since from some time ago, not moving his hands at all.
Violette had been warning him many times since then, but Yulan only smiled to gloss over it.
Apparently, Violette was also soft on Yulan.

When Violette smiled, Yulan’s heart danced in happiness.
Looking at them, Claudia averted his eyes and made a face as if he had swallowed a bug.
After taking a glance at the prince, Yulan smiled at Violette again without paying him any mind.

It was always because of Violette that Yulan’s heart was moved.

I hope nothing is going to happen…

One of Gia’s few friends, the princess, and someone he could call as his acquaintance, the prince.
He wondered if they could reach a happy ending where nobody was hurt?

Unlike his usual character, Gia wished for the future that he couldn’t even imagine.

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