l stone fountain in the midst of it.

Considering the time, only a few people were standing around there, talking for a while before returning to the classroom.

Like those people, Yulan and Violette sat down on one of the benches installed there.
The sound of the water fountain filled the space, making sure that no one would listen to their conversation.
It was a natural soundproof area since Violette could only hear Yulan’s voice who sat next to her.

Yulan didn’t let go of her hand, but she could see that her shoulders were slightly hanging down in dejection.



“…Have you calmed down?”

“I’m perfectly calm, though?”

A calm people can also run mindlessly like that, huh.”

“Ahaha, sorry.”

“It’s not a laughing matter.”

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Yulan laughed with his eyebrows hunched, the stiff and cool trace that appeared in his face before completely disappeared.
Violette knew well that he didn’t regret what he did at all.
Yulan only regretted that he had made Violette bewildered.
They were not childhood friends for nothing.

She didn’t want to make him go back and apologize to Claudia, but she had been racking her brain on whether she should make Yulan improve his behavior a little bit.
Since Yulan seemed to have his own reasons, Violette didn’t want to thoughtlessly judge his conversation with other people.
Above all, her words might become a splendid boomerang, worsening the situation, and hurt herself.

“I’m sorry for involving you.”

“…It’s me who has involved you.”

It’s her fault for choosing that seat even after knowing that Claudia was in the canteen.
She knew that Yulan was kind enough to split her from Claudia.
Otherwise, Yulan wouldn’t approach them.
He most probably would either skillfully avoid Claudia or get through him.
It’s impossible that he didn’t have the experience and skill to do so.

Currently, Violette was very aware of the danger of where she was standing.
She was also sure that she understood Yulan’s anxiety.
And it’s all linked to her.
She knew the best that wrong actions could lead to distrust even if it wasn’t a crime.
Just because her one-year crime had completely disappeared, what Violette should reflect on wasn’t just on her crime.

She didn’t want to let bygones be bygones.
It would be too easy for her.
She didn’t want to personally attack Claudia as well, stirring up his distrust even more.
All of this was something Violette must bear on her back, and she should compensate for it without anyone knowing.

“Don’t look like that.
If you want to reflect on your actions, you shouldn’t do it for me, but for Claudia-sama, right?”

“I don’t regret what I did to him at all.”

“Even if you do, you don’t have to say it.”

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Violette sighed.
She didn’t have any intention to question about Claudia and Yulan’s compatibility, but their cold war hadn’t calmed down over the years.
Rather, there were times when she wondered whether their relationship had worsened or not.

She didn’t want to force them to get along with each other, considering how it wasn’t something that could be established with force.
Still, she also felt a little strange that Yulan, who basically preferred not to fight, showed his hostility towards the prince so clearly like that.

Was there something between them more than she knew?


“What’s wrong?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

Violette wanted to ask, but she knew Yulan wouldn’t be honest.
He was frank, but from her experiences, he would turn obstinate when Claudia was concerned.

And above all, what could she do even after knowing about it?”

“Just don’t do anything rash, okay?”


Yulan squinted and looked happy, but he never nodded.

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