Originally, Violette doesn’t have any ill-feeling towards Claudia.
But she also understands that the prince doesn’t have a good impression on her, so she decides not to get involved with him more than necessary.
Also, she doesn’t want to make another strange gossip around her.
It will be troublesome once someone gets the wrong idea.
She’s convinced that it would be wise for her to keep a distance from him.

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However, in this case, she wants to extend her time in the academy as much as possible.

After Violette nods to Claudia’s request, they head to Claudia’s workplace, which is naturally…
the salon that they have visited before.

If they sit facing each other before, only Violette sits down this time.
Claudia disappears into the student council room in the back of the room, only telling her to wait for a while.

Meanwhile, the butler who seems to be in charge of the salon prepares the drink and refreshments, but she’s not sure if she’s invited as a guest here today.
Naturally, she won’t dare to let the warm tea turn cold, but Violette isn't sure how she should act since Claudia’s invitation comes out of nowhere.

However, her worries turn up to be groundless.
Claudia returns with piles of documents in one hand, not looking like he has nothing to do at all.

“Sorry for making you wait… You can act a little more casual, I don’t mind.”

“Then… I’ll accept your kind offer.”

Claudia probably thinks that Violette is nervous, judging from her stretched back and the untouched tea set.
It’s true that she hasn’t mentally prepared herself much, but she’s not particularly nervous.

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But it’s a fact that she’s consciously sitting up straight.
She may seem antsy, but actually she’s feeling pretty relaxed.
When she extends her hand to the cup, it’s still warm enough.

Once Violette takes a sip, Claudia has sat across her, his legs crossed.
Since they meet up for something trivial this time, the prince is acting more casual than the last time they’re here.

With a rustling sound, Claudia spreads the stack of paper on the desk.
The stack doesn’t look that overwhelming, but judging from the sounds, it seems like a certain number of sheets has been clipped.

“I’m sorry for asking you to do this all the sudden.
We’re entering a busy period, but we don’t have enough manpower.”

I’m glad to help.”

Rather, Violette thinks she should be the one thanking him.
Even if Claudia is not lying about the lack of manpower, most of the reason why he suddenly invited her, an outsider, must be due to her attitude.

“Look through this, fix the typos, and… if the numbers are too astronomical, tell me.”

“I understand.”

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Violette looks through the papers, a fountain pen with red ink in one hand.

Apparently, Claudia is also going to do his work here.
He’s looking through the same A4 paper.
But unlike Violette, Claudia is clearly busy.
He’s writing a lot of things using black ink, filling the blank paper, and checking on her from time on time.

By the way, why is there no other student council member?


“Um, there’s no one else here?”

“Mira already left since he has to do something else.”

“…I mean, members other than Mira-sama.”

“After the seniors graduated, we haven’t decided anything yet.”

Most of the student council members Violette knew were in their third year.
When Violette was still in her first year, there’s no one in her grade who joined the student council.
When she was in her second year, only Claudia and Mirania joined it.
It was understandable that the number of members would decrease every new school term.

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“But student council should’ve accepted new members at this time, right…?”

Every year, the third-year students selected candidates while they were still attending the school.
Most times, they would start handing over their tasks before they graduate.
Even if the third-year students were delaying it, they should’ve accepted new members as soon as the new semester began.

As an outsider, Violette didn’t know much about the student council’s internal conditions, but the new members should be learning to get used to the student council’s tasks during this busy period.

And yet, there were only two people managing the whole thing right now… Even Violette could see that this was impossible.

“The selection criteria this year are strict.”

“Ah… I see.”

The prince became the student council president this year.
Naturally, everyone would pay more attention to this matter more than usual.
Considering how the amount of work had increased, Claudia would have to increase the quality of members required to handle the tasks.

“First of all, they need to be someone who will do their job without busying themselves over me.”

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“That should be a precondition, shouldn’t it…”

Doing their job shouldn’t be the requirement, right? You could even say that it’s a necessary skill one must possess to contend for joining the student council.

Violette was amazed, but then she recalled what she had done to Claudia so far.
Once she was convinced, she felt somewhat apologetic.

If Violette had joined the student council right now, she would only focus only on getting Claudia’s attention and do her job half-assedly… no, that’s still better.
She might even do her tasks poorly and became a nuisance instead.

There was definitely a lot of that kind of people.
And those who wished to work seriously got dispirited from such extreme people, getting pushed out to the radar.

Somehow… I’m sorry.

Violette didn’t do anything, but she used to be that kind of person too.
As she apologized in her heart, she decided to do her best in her task.
Not because she felt bad, but because the prince had entrusted it to her.

Even if she only had to confirm the data, she still had to take it seriously.

Violette gripped the fountain pen and reached out to take another sheet of the document.

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