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They arrive to a corner of the schoolyard after few minutes walking from the classroom.
She did not have a hard time to find somewhere quiet since the academy was built much bigger compared to the number of the students.
In the schoolyard decorated beautifully with a fountain and flower beds, it looks like a courtyard of an amazing garden of a private residence.
More importantly is that students do not often come here.
Voices can be heard from afar, but they are not clear enough to grasp what they say.
In other words, no one would be able to hear this conversation.

“I guess, here should be fine.”

“Sorry, I was……”

“It’s fine.
You are worried about me, aren’t you?”



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Seeing him frowning like that is probably the reason why Violette sees him like a younger brother no matter how much he has grown.
Perhaps that her impression makes his taller body looks smaller to her.
After noticing Yuran’s concerns for Violette, she cannot complain or blame his feeling.

“Actually, the rumors Yuran has heard are all true.
I don’t know about the details, but…… it’s true that I got a new mother and a little sister.”

“So…… the transfer student is that little sister?”


“Oh, I see.”

She understands the reason behind Yuran’s bitter expression and sudden low voice, even though she won’t say anything.
Yuran perhaps has known from his father that Violette’s mother has passed away.
It might be very hard for Violette, who was the closest person, more than anyone.
Even they are friends from different houses, he is still distressed by how distorted the relationship between Violette and her mother is.
Thus, it’s obvious that Violette is having a hard time.
As a childhood friend, he can notice any slight change of Violette’s heart that even her own father cannot notice.
Since this doesn’t concern him, Yuran has nothing to say about it since taking concubine and remarriage are considered legal and normal.

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Worried that her parents are going to leave Violette alone, thus Yuran rushed to the upperclassmen classroom.
Even for Yuran who understands Violette the most, there are still things he does not know.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Yuran.”

She smiles gently and takes Yuran’s rough hands.
It has been really a long while, and now Violette cannot wrap his hand unless she uses her both hands.

“I am fine.
It’s not like the rumors are that harmless.
Rather than me, my step-sister will have tougher times.”

It was only recently that Vahan house got a second wife, in addition, Violette also got a step-sister, it’s imaginable what will happen next, and it’ll be a big thing.
Cold treatments toward Violette are not particularly uncomfortable, but it’s also is sad that the pitiful Violette doesn’t receive any symphaty when she would need the most.
If anyone would suffer from these rumors, it would be Maryjun instead of Violette.
Students can understand the nature of adults, but their purity still remains, and that’s what makes adolescences are so mysterious.
Even though she doesn’t want to get involved, she feels sorry and feels like she needs to ask Yuran for help as Maryjun’s classmate.
Violette thinks that, the rumors soon will die down after few days.
Even though Violette is one of few people with objective stances, but everything will depends on people’s bias in the end.

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“So, it’s true……”

For Yuran, who is very worried about pained Violette, her smile is able to bring his peace of mind for him.
She doesn’t seem to be forcing herself, but still it is not related with what is “on her mind.”
Now the situation has been cleared up.
Yuran thinks that his worry was only for nothing.

However, it seems there has been something on his mind all this time.
Yuran thinks that Violette seems to be different than before……

His prediction is correct to a certain sense, but Yuran would never dream that his childhood friend in front of him was once imprisoned.
It is impossible to manipulate time, but if it’s the work of the God, then nothing would be impossible in the first place.

“If Vio-chan is fine, then I’m glad.”

In the first place, he doesn’t know the actual reason of his discomfort.
It’s useless to think about in, especially if Violette is fine, then it’s alright……
Violette also smiles at Yuran for giving her a relieved expression.
It was not her intention to make her childhood friend worried.

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“Let us go back.
I feel sorry for those are waiting.”

“Ah…… I’m sorry for taking up your time.
I wonder if they’re worried.”

“Hehee, should we apologize together?”


It has already been around 20 minutes since the school is over, and it’s usually the time for us to get on our carriages and leave the school.
There are not many cases where students are asked to help afterschool, so rarely students would go home late.
Even though, it’s just two of them, but they must not make the drivers wait as noble children.
If there’s an important appointment, it will bring troubles merely because 20-minute delay.
There won’t be any complain toward the employer if there are no appointments, but it’s better to apologize by means of considerations.
In the end, both Yuran and Violette are not scolded.
However, for some reasons, Violette feels a bit uncomfortable when she is asked how she did at school if there is any problem today on her way home.
However, since she cannot come up with anything, so she just answers, “It was alright.”
As soon she gets home, she immediately asks to have her dinner delivered to her room.

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