he definition of ‘a man with gentle manners’.

Just before leaving the salon, Violette heard a voice calling her from behind.



“I’m sorry for suddenly asking you to help me today… Thank you.”


Claudia immediately turned away, but she could see that his white skin turned red in the bright room.
Claudia’s ears were bright red.

On the corner of Violette’s head, she thought that today was surely full of surprises.
It was all unexpected, but such a day wasn’t that bad either.

“…I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

It was Violette who correctly read Violette’s complexion and called her here.

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For Claudia, he was asking her because he had too much work.
But for Violette, the prince was like spider silk that took her away from her pain.

It’s her who should thank him.

Violette bowed to Claudia and left the room, leaving the prince who didn’t understand why she thanked him.


Two footsteps with different clumps echoed in the corridor.
The surroundings were quiet, giving the illusion that no one else was in the academy.
But of course that wasn’t true.
At least Claudia was still in the salon.
However, due to the size of the academy, their footsteps sounded faint, giving the sense of remoteness.
Even so, some academy staffs most probably should be around here if they looked for them.

Not only Violette, but Mirania might have also judged that feeling awkward without having any conversation was somewhat better than struggling to chat in harmony.

Even if Mirania had adjusted his pace, but the difference in their steps made him take the lead.
Violette followed behind him, distracting herself by focusing at the front.

To be honest, she was nervous about being alone with Mirania, in a different sense from when she was with Claudia.

For Mirania, Violette was a selfish noble lady who tormented his close friend.
He didn’t know how did her feelings towards him end.
Claudia seemed to be aware of Mirania’s confusion, but the prince especially wouldn’t talk about his love affairs without thinking, no matter how close they were.

Above all, Violette didn’t confess to Claudia, and Claudia didn’t reject her.

They continued to walk in silence for another few minutes.

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When they approached the school gate and saw a carriage that parked there, Violette’s shoulders gradually relaxed.
Honestly, she didn’t like this tension to continue for too long.
It wasn’t painfully awkward, but like something heavier than gravity was choking her.

“Um, you can just send me here.”

“That’s your carriage?”


“Then I’ll go back.
Be careful on your way home.”

After receiving her baggage, Violette bowed and turned her back to Mirania who waved his hand.

It was a pain to go home, but she didn’t feel good staying with Mirania like this.
Perhaps, the most reassuring part of this day was when she was in the carriage on the way to the school.

I hope no one will comment about me going home late.

Even though she could say that she helped the student council, she didn’t want to voice anything unnecessary.
Not to say, Claudia and Maryjun were acquainted.

However, her parents most probably didn’t have any interest in what she was doing.
They definitely wouldn’t notice whether she was going home later than usual, or even not going home anymore.
Violette didn’t have any complaints since she didn’t care about them too, but if Maryjun became excessively worried, she had to make an excuse.

Maryjun was Violette’s only family member who cared about her, trying to involve her to the happy circle family.
But Violette couldn’t properly accept her kindness.
It wasn’t Violette or Maryjun’s fault, but their bad environment.

As she made assumptions on what would happen once she was home, Violette watched the slowly flowing scenery.
She sighed, quiet enough that the coachman didn’t notice a thing.

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