didn’t really have to do that.

Violette was not necessary here.
At least for her parents, she worth as much as a decorative plant.
Maybe they didn’t even think she existed here.

Who would care about her, who was the equivalent of a talking figurine? Who would notice when she came home late? If they didn’t have dinner together, her father surely wouldn’t notice whether Violette had returned home or not.

There was repulsion due to the lack of recognition.
Probably, somewhere in Violette’s mind, she was still hoping that her father would care about her.
If so, it was just a dream that wouldn’t come true.

A broken thread could be tied again.
But from the beginning, she had no connection with her family.
The distance was even deeper than the hell, impossible to be filled.

Violette put the tender fish into her mouth and bit it.

Considering how the chef made the dinner following Violette’s favorite, it was supposed to be delicious.
And yet, she couldn’t taste it anymore.


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“Today’s dinner is also very delicious…”

After finishing her last bite, Maryjun giggled, happiness apparent in her expression.
As they enjoyed their tea after the meal, her parents nodded in satisfaction.
They most likely would praise the chef later on.

Most of the staffs had been changed, but the head of the chef had been working in this mansion since Violette’s mother was alive.
Naturally, Violette was happy that someone she was acquainted with got praised.
She had been neglecting them because she had known them for a long time.
Now that she thinks of it, she decided that she should also thank them later.

Surprisingly, the whole family were quick to break up once everyone finished their meal.
Violette’s father was busy, and he had his schedules full.
He only spared his time for breakfast and dinner.
Secretly, Violette thought that he should’ve started eating without waiting for her.
She wanted this to end immediately.

But Violette didn’t have the right to speak, so having such a thought was useless.
At least she was grateful that she didn’t have to stay together with them after they finished their meals.

Violette raised her hand lightly to the number of servants standing in a line behind her.
She didn’t say a word, but they knew that she was thanking them.
They had been accompanying Violette for a long time.
Naturally, they understood Violette’s awkward position.

Violette left the dining hall with Marin following her behind.
She didn’t talk to anyone, and no one talked to her at all.
It’s as if she wasn’t there from the beginning.
In this mansion, her existence was as light as air.
But now, she felt lighter when she was outside.
Was it because she had recovered, or was it just her being defiant?

“Shall we have a bubble bath today?”

“Eh… Why so sudden?”

“I just thought that it’d been a while.
I’ll wash your back.
And your hair too.”

“Oh my, that sounds tempting.”

It’s a full course of appreciation.”

It’s common for maids to help aristocrats bathe.
Mostly, they were hired exclusively for young children or beautiful lady.

But for Violette, she had been taking a bath alone for a long time.
She didn’t even remember when she started to bathe alone, but when Violette was old enough to understand what’s going on around her, she was soaking in the large bathtub alone.

Even if Violette’s mother slept with her a lot before, she never approached Violette when her daughter changed clothes or taking a bath.

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It didn’t change much even after Marin became her maid, but when Violette was exhausted or depressed enough that she wanted to sink into the bathtub, Marin would help her wash her hair and rinse her back.
They used to take a bath together when Violette’s mother secluded herself in her room and never came out.
But they couldn’t do that anymore.

Touching the palm of another person surprisingly made Violette relieved.
That’s why Marin worked out a plan to comfort Violette, even if they just had a few opportunities to do so.

“Fufu… Then I’ll have you do that, Marin.”

“Please leave it to me.
I know that you’ve been skipping your hair care recently.”

Violette could feel the tension on her shoulder slowly melting.
It’s like her sense returned to her.
Most of the reason was that she had escaped the circle of that happy family.
But without Marin’s kindness, Violette’s mind might have been spiralling into something dark.

Full of smiles, the atmosphere was warm.
More so than when Violette was with her family.
She opened her tender heart, thinking that no one would bother her anymore.


Other than the voice Violette heard from behind, she could hear her defenseless heart coming out of her chest.
The sounds of footsteps approaching Violette made her mood sour.

What happened?”

Violette slowly turned around, the soft smile on her face had disappeared behind her expressionless mask.
Still, Maryjun was smiling wide, a slight pink tinge on her cheeks.
The younger girl was probably shy.
Maryjun gave off the same protective feeling one felt when seeing little animals.
Honestly, Violette also thought that she was adorable.

“Um, do you have time now?”

Violette didn’t immediately answer her to show her slight resistance.
She wanted to turn her down.
But if her father knew that she was unkind to Maryjun, what kind of scolding would she have to face? Having experienced it before, she didn’t want to hear his selfish and proud reasoning again.

Too troublesome.

Do you need anything?”

“Then, umm… If you want to, can we have a chat now? Come to my room!”

Look now.
Violette knew Maryjun would say that.

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