taking it seriously today since she was responsible for helping her, and that was her personality, but she had thought it would feel more awkward… never had she expected that there’d be such a relaxed atmosphere.

Violette was confused by several different and unexpected things piling on top of each other.

“Vio-chan, are you tired? Are you okay?”


“Let’s take a short break.”

Closing her book with a thud, Mirania met Claudia’s eyes, and the two seemed to be communicating with a nod each without words.

Mirania,  standing up next to Claudia, put the books in one hand and put her other on Yulan’s shoulder instead of Claudia’s.
Compared to Yulan’s suspicious gaze, she kept an unreadable smile on her face.

“Yulan, could you help me a little?”


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“I thought I’d buy something while on my way to the library.
I can’t let Violette carry my things, and I can’t just leave the both of you here, you see.”

The student council room could only be used by other Student council members.
There wouldn’t be a problem if they went to the bathroom, but going to the library and taking a detour before coming back would be problematic.

Excluding Claudia, who should stay, and Violette, being a girl, there was only Yulan left.

“You know her taste, and since you have a better grasp of it than me… come on.”


For a moment, his sharp eyes pierced Mirania.
It became worse when Mirania brushed it off with a smile.

Mirania didn’t rush Yulan who wasn’t moving and kept his expression, but it was uncomfortable just watching them.
Especially for Claudia, who couldn’t ignore it even if it wasn’t directed at her.

A light voice drifted, dissolving the tense mood that had hung in the air.

“It’s alright to go, Yulan.”

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“It’s also good to get some fresh air.”

“…Okay, I got it.”

The stiff mood dissolved at Violette’s words.
As if it hadn’t been there from the beginning.
Mirania wondered if the furrowed eyebrows he had seen were illusions, or even if he had developed a split personality.

“Then, let's go.”

“Ah… the both of you, properly take a break, alright?”

“I know.”

“Take care.”

The moment when her line of sight left Yulan and when the door closed with a thud.

Violette didn’t notice that all feelings left Yulan’s face.

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