cannot be jealous since I know Violette-sama also has it hard.”

“……I’m happy that you understand me so well.”

It cannot be help that she remembers her own experiences that she doesn’t want to remember.
Whenever she came to social party, she had been always the one getting all the attention.
Most of those attentions were directed toward her body.
Back then, she didn’t understand what those meant behind those stares piercing through her skin.

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Now, she needs to keep on low profile to avoid any unnecessary attentions.
It would be better if there are no incidents…… but there is no harm from doing so since she cannot expect what will happen later knowing full well that ideals cannot be reality.

“……From now, that girl will be appearing, huh?”


That girl she meant is no other but the only Maryjun.
She has no idea since when…… but at least she knows that previous Violette caused a lot of disputes due to her oppositions, but she doesn’t know how things will turn out this time.
Then, Violette takes her first bite of the tea snacks.

She kept pointing out that Maryjun was merely the daughter of lowly concubine every time Maryjun speaks to the person Violette loved.
She hurt Maryjun by stating the fact without taking accounts of Maryjun’s feelings.

(I’m getting headache just from remembering……)

Love was said to be blind, and she believes whoever stated those words was correct.
She lost all her reasons when it came down to Maryjun.
Even she is a child of concubine, but that does not change the fact that her blood came from Vahan family.
Violette is still not convinced, but Maryjun is undoubtedly also a “Daughter of Duke Vahan.”

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(Now that I think about it…… I guess I really inherited my mother’s blood.)

She shared the same trait of her mother; she dedicated her life for love without looking paying minds to circumstances.
In the end, it was Maryjun who inherited her father’s talent instead of Violette.
What Violette has are her father’s peerless beauty and her mother obsessiveness.
Taking the latter trait into consideration, one could say it’s due to God’s mischief.
Of course, previously she made blunders for following her heart, but she would follow reasons in mind.

“I, Marin, am on Violette-sama’s side.”

“……Thank you, but you don’t have to worry about it.
We don’t have to do anything since father will be the one handling everything.”

She does not need to do anything, and she does not want to get in Maryjun’s way.
However, knowing that the commotions will be caused not only by Violette themselves, it is not wise to be absent where other people are saying something.
Saying that it is not for Marin to worry, Violette keeps pondering a lot.

“I wish it goes smoothly without problem, but……”

Her wish resembling to a prayer to God sinks down into Violette’s heart without anyone knowing.

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