sed to it…… by now…)

 She has gotten so used to it that she can forget their unreasonable logic with a sigh.
She is not even angry anymore.
She is well aware that she has become much more energy-efficient person because of her one-time failure.

“I wonder how …… Yulan did.”

 Violette has no concerns or expectations regarding her half-sister, and for many reasons she is not interested even a little bit.

 On the other hand, she knows that she shouldn’t be worried about Yulan, but she is worried for him.
He is a childhood friend who is like a younger brother to her, and although they are only one year apart in age, it is almost a habit for her to act like a big sister.

 Yulan is on Marijune’s class.
He has the talent to absorb and utilize a lot of things quickly.
He is not a genius like Marijune, but he is the type of person who knows exactly what he is capable of.
Whatever the case may be, he is still an excellent person.

 Still, the reason why her worry comes first instead of reassurance is probably because somewhere in her heart, she still treats Yulan like a child.
The little boy who she was protecting behind her back has grown up to be a fine young man.
Still, to Violette, he is still a cute and adorable little brother, far more important to her than her family.

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 She chuckled at her own feelings, as if she were an overprotective mother.

“I did my best, and I’m sure I did well, but ……”

 Violette can’t quite imagine what level that her result is.

 Come to think of it, last time, she never once asked Yulan about his test results …… She couldn’t afford to.
Marijune had shattered all kinds of pride she had, and her father scorned and scolded her without any reason.
Denial of her existence is a given, and he tells her to work hard even though he has a habit of not recognizing her efforts.
The contradictions were so severe that she didn’t understand what he meant, but she guess it was a reasonable logic for her father.
How could she endure such unreasonableness for a year? She wonders if the result of a year’s worth of resentment was a huge eruption that ended her up in prison in her previous life.

 Perhaps it was because her mental exhaustion was too much that she had no time or space to care about Yulan.
In fact, she thinks she was the one who made him worry a lot.
It was he who had been worried about her back then.

 Violette gave up everything, but if she could afford to think about Yulan as a result, then that was enough of a return for her.

(Oh, I should thank you both……)

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 Thanks to Claudia and Mirania, Violette was able to achieve more than she was capable of.
She is willing to thank Yulan again for asking them to help her, but she must further add her thanks to the two of them for taking care of her and Marijune.

 Violette doesn’t have any intention to take her sister’s place, but she honestly doesn’t think that Marijune can repay her properly …….
It’s not she is saying that she(Marijune) doesn’t have manners, but her(Marijune) values are still more like those of a commoner.
She is sure that she(Marijune) intends to improve, but she can’t afford to fail in the hands of a prince.

 And if she(Marijune) did something wrong, it would be Violette who would be scolded.

 Not from Claudia and the others, but from that blind father of hers.
Her father, who wants nothing but love for Marijune, might even put the blame for her ignorance on Violette.

(Let’s ask Marin to prepare something for them as thanks.)

 Since their tastes are unclear, she would like to give them something as acceptable as possible.
Sweets would be the most standard, then she can ask the head chef.
Claudia and the others liked the tea leaves that she recommended and praised so highly, so she will have to ask him about other necessary ingredients as well.

 But first, she would have to endure her father’s irrational remarks.

 Violette stopped thinking about it, realizing that the fact that she no longer felt disgusted or angry about it was not because of her growth but degeneration.

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