ad was glistening with sweat that has not yet dried.

 Violette was afraid.
She was afraid of something, something she couldn’t still find.
An act that should have passed away was still clinging to Violette, and she could not get rid of it.

(That girl would be…… with Yulan.)

 Next to Yulan, Marijune’s smiles adorably.
The two people standing side by side were not looking out of place.
They will probably continue to smile and talk to each other and even become …… friends easily.
This image was what haunting Violette.

 The place where she was supposed to be until yesterday is now shared.

“Oh! Ah……,”

 The legs of the chair that she was sitting scratched on the floor, and an unpleasant sound echoed in the room.
The mirror stand shook in reaction to the vigorous standing up, but the solid construction of the mirror stand was settled without showing any sign of falling.

 The only thing that didn’t settle was Violette’s heart.

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 A crushing, uncomfortable feeling was brewing in her chest, and the nausea was accompanying it.
The contents of her stomach were still waiting to be digested, and there was no sign of back-flow through her esophagus, but she reflexively covered her mouth, as if something was about to overflow.

 Slowly, Violette took time to regulate her disordered breathing.
She inhaled heavily through the gap between her blocked fingers and exhaled a little at a time.
She took the time to breathe in and breathe out, slowly and patiently, to calm her brain, which had been dyed with something she was unaware of, just to normalize her consciousness.

 She doesn’t know how long she did that.
Seconds, minutes, maybe much shorter than she thought.
Violette didn’t even have the energy left to be conscious of time anymore.

 It was such a shock and …… a tremendous disappointment.

(Did I want to …… monopoly Yulan?)

 The reason for the fear she felt, the reason she was so insecure.

 Violette was afraid that Yulan would be with Marijuan.
That she would left her and think that Marijune was better than her, like what her family thinks.
Just the thought of it made her want to scream.

 Violette didn’t want to see Yulan with Marijune.
She would never be able to bear it, neither would she ever forgive Marijune for this.


 The scream that had never made a sound was crushed into a bite and traveled through her body.
The fear of Marijune that had been there a moment ago was drowned out, and all that remained was a sense of disappointment in herself.

 Violette absolutely did not want to hold on to it.
She swore she would never make a mistake again.
The desire that started it all and painted the ending, she would never walk that same path.

 Violette’s world was so distorted and corrupted because she wanted to monopolize love and happiness.

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 She must have realized.
She knew that her greed would not make anyone happy, not even herself.

 That was why she decided to devote her life to devotion to God.

(Of all people, ……)

 The hand that had been covering her mouth found itself on her forehead, roughly scraping up her hair, and an unpleasant sound followed from her mouth.

 Yulan had always been an important childhood friend who she had always adored ever since they first met.
A boy who is like a cute little brother.
Violette thought she was happy just watching him grow up little by little.

 She never thought that she didn’t want him to be taken away from her.

…… Sorry, Yulan.

 Violette herself didn’t understand the meaning of the apology that no one, not even her, could reach.

T/N: Hi everyone! I’m translating a new novel.
It’s a Chinese novel with a very interesting plot.
Please check the novel out, I think you all would like it.

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